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Game. Animation. Touchless SDK Posted on Codeplex. Touchless SDK Posted on Codeplex By Jeffrey Schwartz10/17/08 Software that started as a project by a Columbia University computer science student to eliminate the need for multiple hardware-based touch interfaces is now available for download on Microsoft's Codeplex site.

Touchless SDK Posted on Codeplex

The Touchless SDK was designed by Michael Wasserman, now a member of Microsoft's Office 14 development team, to let programmers use a webcam as a graphical input device. With the SDK the webcam can track the movement of a physical object defined by an individual. A video demonstrating the Touchless concept is available on the Codeplex site. Reaction_version5.swf (كائن application/x-shockwave-flash) Fancy Pants Adventures. Update!

Fancy Pants Adventures

Yeah this is probably about a year too late, but apparently I've never updated the version on Newgrounds. This has a lot of fixes carried over from World 2, and some re-timing code, so for the first time ever, if you have a fast enough computer, the game will run at 30 fps, instead of around 20. FINALLY. Warning! You must have Flash Player 8 installed! Nudist Trampolining. View All Demotivators®