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Facebook Twitter Wayne County & the Electric Chairs. Career[edit] Jools Holland had his first studio session with the group in 1976.

Wayne County & the Electric Chairs

None of County's albums were ever released in her native country of the United States, except for three songs on the very early punk compilation, Max's Kansas City. They were supported by The Police during their 1977 tour of Holland, and brought Henry Padovani in on rhythm guitar after he was booted from the group.[1] Greg Van Cook left the band and was replaced by Elliot Michaels. After two albums with this new lineup, Storm the Gates of Heaven and Things Your Mother Never Told You, Wayne County & the Electric Chairs split in two, with Elliot Michaels following County in his solo career. Padovani, Haller, and Johnson recorded a final single, "So Many Ways", as simply The Electric Chairs, before management problems forced them to disband completely.[2] During this period, Padovani and Haller took turns on lead vocals.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - Storm the Gates of Heaven 1978. "Are You Man Enough... to be a Woman ???

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - Storm the Gates of Heaven 1978

" Vinyl rip of this Classic!!! Punk Lp from N.Y. City Queen and the electrified crew. Great follow up to their legendary debut album. Continuing stories of underground exploration in morality, normality, religion, sex, politics and Rock'n'Roll. Cry of Angels. Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. From PoliceWiki After coming to England in early 1977 Wayne County played concerts under his own name before the band was officially named Wayne County & The Electric Chairs in late April 1977.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

Original drummer Chris Dust was not allowed to re-enter the country after Wayne's Dutch tour with The Police in March 1977. He was replaced by JJ Johnson. For an American tour in mid-1977 JJ Johnson was replaced by Bryson Graham. Shortly after leaving The Police Henry Padovani joined Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. The band continued as the Electric Chairs after Wayne County left in 1979. Wayne County - vocals Val Haller - bass Greg van Cook - guitar Elliot Michaels - guitar Chris Dust - drums JJ Johnson - drums Bryson Graham - drums Henry Padovani - guitar This section needs more information. Studio albums source: J.J. The Dead Boys. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

The Dead Boys

The Dead Boys était un groupe punk rock formé à Cleveland, Ohio, États-Unis en 1975. Débuts[modifier | modifier le code] The Dead Boys est formé à partir de Rocket from the Tombs, une formation protopunk peu connue, mais qui eut son importance dans l'évolution de la musique punk. Originaire de Cleveland, les Dead Boys quittent l'Ohio pour rejoindre New York en 1976. C'est Joey Ramone qui les invite, leur trouve un appartement et les introduit dans le célèbre CBGB, le quartier général de la scène punk new-yorkaise, tenu par le patron, Hilly Kristal[1]. L'existence des Dead Boys fut éphémère : les pressions effectuées par la compagnie de disques Sire Records pour que le groupe change son allure et son style musical contribuèrent à la décision de saborder le groupe en 1979, après deux albums à peine. Après les Dead Boys[modifier | modifier le code] Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

The Voidoids are considered to have pioneered the punk look and studded appearance which became commonplace around the time of the Sex Pistols.[1] Discography[edit] Albums[edit] EPs[edit] "Time" & "Don't Die" (Richard Hell & the Voidoids (Part III)) b/w "That's All I Know (Right Now)" & "Love Comes In Spurts" (The Neon Boys) (1980 Shake Records SHK 101 EP) Singles and EP's[edit]

Richard Hell and the Voidoids

The Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers, also known as Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers to distinguish them from Tom Petty's band, also known as The Heartbreakers, were an American Punk Rock band, formed in New York in May, 1975.

The Heartbreakers

The band spearheaded the first wave of punk rock. History[edit] In 1976, Hell left the group--actually, Thunders walked out on the line-up, due to Hell's attempts to impose his will on the band and on their performances, and Lure and Nolan followed, so in effect the band left Hell. Richard Hell was replaced by Billy Rath. Hell then went on to form his own band, with his name prominent in the band name: Richard Hell and the Voidoids. After their initial break up, the band reformed occasionally to play at New York clubs.

Johnny Thunders died in 1991. Blondie. The group toured and performed throughout the world[9] during the following years, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.[10] Blondie has sold 40 million records worldwide[11][12] and is still active today.


The band's ninth studio album, Panic of Girls, was released in 2011,[13] with their tenth, Ghosts of Download, to be released in 2014. The single reached number 2 in Australia, while the album reached the Australian top twenty in October 1977, and a subsequent double-A release of "X-Offender" and "Rip Her to Shreds" was also popular. A successful Australian tour followed in December, though it was marred by an incident in Brisbane when disappointed fans almost rioted after Harry cancelled a performance due to illness.[23] "Heart of Glass" was released in early 1979 and the disco-infused[1][2] track topped the UK charts in February 1979 and the U.S. charts in April 1979.

Max's Kansas City. Max's Kansas City was a nightclub and restaurant at 213 Park Avenue South, in New York City, which became a gathering spot for musicians, poets, artists and politicians in the 1960s and 1970s.

Max's Kansas City

It was opened by Mickey Ruskin (1933–1983) in December 1965. History[edit] Max's I[edit] It was also a favorite hangout of Andy Warhol and his entourage, who dominated the back room. Ramones. The Ramones were an American rock band that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974.


Johnny Ramone Rates Each of the Band's Albums. LES RAMONES.