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Cool Architectural Alternatives For Living Without Air Conditioning. With the heatwave sweeping the country, an urban air conditioning addiction is also on the rise.

Cool Architectural Alternatives For Living Without Air Conditioning

For those of us lucky enough to have it at work or at home, the generated air is an easy (if pricey) comfort that often leaves us avoiding the foreign realm of the outdoors. However, air conditioning wasn't always there for us to fall back on so easily. Believe it or not, architecture can help us alleviate some of the heat. The advent of the air conditioner not only meant less sweat; it also changed the very way that we live, and the buildings we live, work, and play in. Cool porches and deep eaves were unnecessary, walls could be thinner, high ceiling and attics were a waste of space, and development could generally spread into increasingly hot climates. Prior to this luxury though, if you weren't submerged in water, buildings actually needed to pitch in with the job of cooling during the summer. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Hot air rises. On Diseño - Projects: Alhóndiga Library-media. The old Alhóndiga building in Bilbao, the work of the architect Ricardo Bastida, has now been rehabilitated according to a project by de designer Philippe Starck and includes among its different public uses this media library featuring an ambitious programme that represents an evolution of the classic library typology.

On Diseño - Projects: Alhóndiga Library-media

The Mediateca building has three storeys of regular height and ends in the general roof of the fourth floor or terrace. The standard floor plan of the media library develops over a rectangle measuring approximately 30 x 38, slightly twisted away from the axes that define the conserved building. In any case the three storeys are completely independent from the conserved building, both in their structure and in the level of the floors, with a coordination that makes a connection possible on the first floor via an almost horizontal walkway and a connection on the second floor with a walkway of steps. Arnulfplatz Regensburg : FLORIAN STEINBÄCHER. Lepel & Lepel - Architektur, Innenarchitektur - Köln: Projekte. Nevšedně romantický dům. MetaCityAteliér Ivana Kroupy naložil kamión a zamířil do Benátek. Národní galerie, jež připravuje instalaci v pavilonu České a Slovenské republiky, se rozhodla pro oslovení architektů jiným způsobem, než jak tomu bylo doposud.

MetaCityAteliér Ivana Kroupy naložil kamión a zamířil do Benátek

V minulých ročnících se státy v expozicích společného pavilonu pravidelně střídaly. Hledání rovnováhy - IVAN KROUPA. House Müller Gritsch / AFGH. Architects: AFGH Location: CH-5600 Lenzburg, AG, Switzerland Project year: 2005-2006 Construction year: 2006-2007 Client: Barbara Müller, Stefan Gritsch Commissioner: the City of Almere, the Netherlands, DMO NME, Hans Warrink Planners: Peter Camenzind AG, wood prefab Budget: 580.000 CHF (US $564.477) Constructed Area: 232 sqm Photographs: Valentin Jeck House Müller Gritsch in Lenzburg.

House Müller Gritsch / AFGH

The artist couple Barbara Müller and Stefan Gritsch lived for 25 years in the former carpenter’s workshop shed of Barbara Müller’s father. The sale of the building offered the couple the possibility to construct a new house in the yard of the building complex, on condition that the building costs did not exceed the funds raised from the sale. ARKKIVAHTI. Margherita spiluttini architekturfotografie. Welkom - Bouwservice. Fearon Hay Architects. Starý statek proměnili v perlu. Osvícení úředníci byli požehnáním. Podnikatel Mick Newton narazil před deseti lety na neobvyklou venkovskou farmu, která už pár let zela prázdnotou.

Starý statek proměnili v perlu. Osvícení úředníci byli požehnáním

Nejprve s koupí váhal, ale přesvědčila ho poloha v malé vesničce Dowdeswell, ležící na strategickém místě, jen pár kilometrů od měst Cheltenham a Gloucester. ERIKSEN SKAJAA ARKITEKTER. FAR frohn&rojas. Cultural Centre Léonce-Georges by Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arquitectes. A small town in eastern France has been given a cultural boost via a new multi-functional hall, evolving the local vernacular with indigenous materials and new geometries.

Cultural Centre Léonce-Georges by Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arquitectes

Barcelona-based Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arquitectes transformed an existing L-shaped orthogonal farmhouse in Chauffailles, adding a new centre that encourages community interaction and industry. The new building is constructed of timber and braced by light steel frames. The natural, soft material palette of locally-sourced douglas fir creates a sense continuity, comfortably fitting into its surrounding rural landscape and adjacent farmhouse.

Angled roof planes and large folding, openable walls create opportunities for light to enter large internal spaces. Tilted, triangular skylights allow natural light to spotlight the stage below. urban news [almost] daily. Tiny Off-Grid Cabin in Maine is Completely Self-Sustaining. A project 30 years in the making, this tiny off-grid retreat on a coastal island in Maine is almost entirely self-sufficient.

Tiny Off-Grid Cabin in Maine is Completely Self-Sustaining

Designed and built by Alex Porter for her father, the project features a shed roof and is wrapped in a distinctive blue-grey corrugated skin. Diller scofidio + renfro. Voltaire Building @ Paris Diderot University. The latest addition to the Paris Diderot University campus is a slender tower.

Voltaire Building @ Paris Diderot University

Stefano Mirti Twitter. Casa en Avintes - Rehabilitación de una casa centenaria. A casa localizada na Vila de Avintes, do início do séc.

Casa en Avintes - Rehabilitación de una casa centenaria

XX, foi encontrada em estado de degradação avançado. Architecture. Brask & Leonhardt Arkitekter MAA/DA. Just K by Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen. The roof and upper walls of a house in Tübingen, Germany, are covered in rubber, like a fisherman's hat pulled low over his eyes.

Just K by Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen

Designed by German studio Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen, the five-storey Just K house has walls that pitch in and out to maintain views from neighbouring houses to a nearby castle. The raised seams that line the house are welded together and allow rainwater to naturally drain from the walls. As the family grows, the house could be split into two separate residences with entrances on the basement floor and at first floor level, accessed by an outdoor staircase. Rooms are warmed and cooled by passive house technology, where hot air is drawn up through the building by a ground-air heat exchanger, and solar panels on the south elevation provide additional electricity.

An open plan living room with a raised living area platform occupies the ground floor, while two floors of bedrooms and an attic living room are located above. Junpei nousaku architects: small house in shinjuku. First image 'small house in shinjuku' by junpei nousaku architects, shinjuku, tokyo, japan all images courtesy of junpei nousaku architects japanese firm junpei nousaku architects have completed the 'small house in shinjuku', a single family dwelling in a high density district in tokyo, japan. the design opposes the commonly used techniques in urban residential areas to enclose the interiors with solid walls for privacy and to place bathrooms or parking on the ground level due to limited natural daylight. this structure places the living room side by side with the street, opening to its immediate surroundings with large windows. an atrium spanning the full height of the three-storey building forms an airy space, introducing natural daylight through a band of clerestory windows at the roofline.

(left) living area (right) ground level entry atrium spans the full height of the three-storey structure first floor loft view from second floor loft. Habitatio_2. Cphark's Photostream. Casa Paz / Arturo Franco, Fabrice van Teslaar. © Carlos Fernández Piñar Arquitectos: Arturo Franco, Fabrice van Teslaar Ubicación: Calle del Rio, 591. urbe. Rio Cofio. Vårt Nya Hem - Inredning & Livsstil - Hem. Aqua Living Modern House Experience by David Mutal Architect - Modern Homes Interior Design and Decorating Ideas on Decodir. Home » Homes Design » Aqua Living Modern House Experience by David Mutal Architect The house is designed as an alternate route that contact with the garden and the inner experience of space, this sequence is organized along an axis “bone” of movement and light that leads to the various spaces of the house. These 620 square meters spaces have different proportion in different ways relate to the outside with a view wider or closed, more or less light depending on what happens inside.

Turku City Library. Turku City Library The new city library in Turku is located at the historical centre of the city. The building is the latest addition to a block with the old library and several other historically valuable buildings. The historical and cultural value of the site presented a great challenge for the planning of the new building. POJMY TEORIE ARCHITEKTURY. Kolektiv: Všeobecná encyklopedie, díl 8, Diderot, Praha, 1999.

Barns Ennobled. Walking through the door of Ochre Barn, it is impossible to avoid an almost cartoonlike intake of breath. The sheer scale of Carl Turner and Mary Martin’s former agricultural building is certainly a surprise, but it’s the use of materials that provokes the most reaction among visitors. Scott brown architect. Hledat Googlem. December 2010. 1. Egyptian boat builders use natural bend of trees to cut boat beams, using log's grain for maximum strength. Past Futures. Past Futures Architecture Five decades after the pioneering Japanese architecture group Metabolism was founded, Amelia Groom considers their legacy on the occasion of a major touring survey. Dream Works. Dream Works Architecture Design.

Architecture. Architecture Architecture Looking Back. Zesnulý Karel Hubáček nebyl jen architektem Ještědu, podívejte se i na jeho další stavby. Dřevěná rozhledna na břehu mytického jezera Seljord připomíná periskop. Rozhledna u jezera Seljord. : Urbánní krajiny. SANAA : kazuyo sejima + ryue nishizawa. Oct 29, 2005.


Concepts. Contemporary. Dům v lese. Stromy zůstaly nedotčeny a příroda se stala součástí bydlení. Fossil Inc - 8-K - For 9/11/07 - EX-99.1. (NE)PŘEDNÁŠKA IVANA KROUPY V NoD - ProStory: Huť architektury. Rozhovor s Ivanem Kroupou — proStory: Postavy domů. Studentské prezentace. Informační systém abART - dokument: Povolání: Architekt[ka] / Profession: [Woman] Architect. Dennis Hambeukers: information-design/brand-architecture/color-space. Research, Inspiration, Observation, Musings. Kai’s Notes on Architecture. Reading Assignments S06.pdf. Back issues. Architecture eBook Collection [39 PDFs] Index of /data/media/bp250/08s2/tech3/submit. Interactive Architecture - Home. Dennis Hambeukers. Travel Norway. The Architectural Way. « Norwegian Wood Cabin hotel Askland.