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Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly have continually matured over the years and serve as viable alternatives for Flash content. Also, major browser vendors are integrating these open standards into their browsers and deprecating most other plug-ins (like Flash Player). See Flash Player EOL announcements from Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. By providing more than three years’ advance notice, Adobe believes that there has been sufficient time for developers, designers, businesses, and other parties to migrate Flash content to new standards. The EOL timing was in coordination with some of the major browser vendors.

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Tiny Off-Grid Cabin in Maine is Completely Self-Sustaining A project 30 years in the making, this tiny off-grid retreat on a coastal island in Maine is almost entirely self-sufficient. Designed and built by Alex Porter for her father, the project features a shed roof and is wrapped in a distinctive blue-grey corrugated skin. Dwell recently profiled the home, which is the only solar-powered retreat on the isolated island – its sustainable power source actually makes life a lot more leisurely, as the family does not need to schlep in fuel to run a noisy generator. They didn’t give anything up, as they have all the conveniences of a regular home — but with a view you don’t get in an everyday residence.

Competitions - Joonas Ala-Karvia I believe that taking part in different design or architectural competitions every once in a while is a fine way to seek fresh ideas, improve and test one's ways of doing or trying new and different, candid approaches. These are some of the competitions I've managed to take part in so far. Proposal for the Aalto University Builders of the Future memorial competition - honorary mention The mission was to design a memorial for the donators of Aalto University. Voltaire Building @ Paris Diderot University The latest addition to the Paris Diderot University campus is a slender tower. The Voltaire building was strategically positioned to respect its neighbor – an old flour market. A small gap between the two preserves their senses of identity while allowing them to coexist. The flour market is a low-lying horizontal structure, while the Voltaire is an slim, feminine, elongated tower. ‘The signal-like extension stands out of its context by means of its evolving shape,’ says architect Tom Darmon of Antonini Darmon Architects. ‘It’s a sensitive, delicate object, treated simply to avoid rivalry with the strong presence of the flour market.’

Cultural Centre Léonce-Georges by Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arquitectes A small town in eastern France has been given a cultural boost via a new multi-functional hall, evolving the local vernacular with indigenous materials and new geometries. Barcelona-based Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arquitectes transformed an existing L-shaped orthogonal farmhouse in Chauffailles, adding a new centre that encourages community interaction and industry. The new building is constructed of timber and braced by light steel frames. The natural, soft material palette of locally-sourced douglas fir creates a sense continuity, comfortably fitting into its surrounding rural landscape and adjacent farmhouse. Angled roof planes and large folding, openable walls create opportunities for light to enter large internal spaces.

Calabar International Convention Center The multi-functional and flexible building will also offer the citizens of Calabar a new cultural centre that will provide the setting for concerts, film festivals and exhibitions. The Calabar International Convention Centre consists of four adjoining, sculptural volumes. The building is situated on top of a hill and has a panoramic view from the foyer. On the one side, the location on the middle of the hill creates a natural amphitheatre with a room for several thousand people. On the other side, you have a spectacular view of the river delta. The volumes are cast in concrete and appear as sharply cut. AR Design Studio - Modern Grade II Listed Design:. AR Design Studio .: Scheme: Private Internal and External Alterations, Hampshire. Commencement: June 2012. Completion: March 2013. Photographer:

Helsinki Central Library, We arechitecture + jaja architects Unique to the culture of Finland is the importance of its beautiful landscape. The site’s connection to the Töölönlahti area presents an opportunity to connect a cultural building to this cultural value. Just as the diversity and character of the Finnish landscape creates a unique national identity, we envision the Central Library’s unique context as an opportunity to create a narrative between landscape and library. House Müller Gritsch / AFGH Architects: AFGH Location: CH-5600 Lenzburg, AG, Switzerland Project year: 2005-2006 Construction year: 2006-2007 Client: Barbara Müller, Stefan Gritsch Commissioner: the City of Almere, the Netherlands, DMO NME, Hans Warrink Planners: Peter Camenzind AG, wood prefab Budget: 580.000 CHF (US $564.477) Constructed Area: 232 sqm Photographs: Valentin Jeck House Müller Gritsch in Lenzburg. The artist couple Barbara Müller and Stefan Gritsch lived for 25 years in the former carpenter’s workshop shed of Barbara Müller’s father. The sale of the building offered the couple the possibility to construct a new house in the yard of the building complex, on condition that the building costs did not exceed the funds raised from the sale. The only feasible way to realise the substantial spatial program involved at the set price of CHF. 580,000 was to design the house in prefabricated wooden elements.

Riverview House - Baldasso Cortese Riverview House Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Situated on a prominent CBD site at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street, this striking urban renewal project comprises upgrades to building envelope, retail areas and commercial interiors. The strong contemporary exterior design solution integrates repairs to concrete facades, aluminum spandrels and acrylic surface coatings to create a colorful geometric pattern. At ground level, the retail street environment has been completely transformed with smaller, strongly branded, modern retail outlets. Just K by Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen The roof and upper walls of a house in Tübingen, Germany, are covered in rubber, like a fisherman's hat pulled low over his eyes. Designed by German studio Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen, the five-storey Just K house has walls that pitch in and out to maintain views from neighbouring houses to a nearby castle. The raised seams that line the house are welded together and allow rainwater to naturally drain from the walls. As the family grows, the house could be split into two separate residences with entrances on the basement floor and at first floor level, accessed by an outdoor staircase.

NEXT Architects - NEXT projects The Elastic Perspective Type: Folly Location: Carnisselande Client: Municipality Barendrecht Team: Marijn Schenk, Bart Reuser, Michel Schreinemachers with Joost Lemmens, Marieke Spits, Anne Ricard, Agata Piet Material: steel Construction: ABT adviesbureau voor Bouwtechniek Start building: december 2012 Completion: june 2013 Status: Completed 2013-10-04 The Impossible Stair - Officially Open 2009-03-18 Impossible stair for Carnisselande The design consists of a circular stair which leads the visitor up to a height that allows an unhindered view of the horizon. The path makes a continuous movement and thereby draws on the context of the heavy infrastructural surroundings of ring road and tram track.

junpei nousaku architects: small house in shinjuku first image 'small house in shinjuku' by junpei nousaku architects, shinjuku, tokyo, japan all images courtesy of junpei nousaku architects japanese firm junpei nousaku architects have completed the 'small house in shinjuku', a single family dwelling in a high density district in tokyo, japan. the design opposes the commonly used techniques in urban residential areas to enclose the interiors with solid walls for privacy and to place bathrooms or parking on the ground level due to limited natural daylight. this structure places the living room side by side with the street, opening to its immediate surroundings with large windows. an atrium spanning the full height of the three-storey building forms an airy space, introducing natural daylight through a band of clerestory windows at the roofline. (left) living area (right) ground level entry atrium spans the full height of the three-storey structure

STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECTS THE NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM OF ART Kansas City, MO, United States, 1999-June 9, 2007 PROGRAM: museum addition and renovation CLIENT: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art SIZE: 165,000 sfCONSTRUCTION COST: $85,900,000 STATUS: completed This competition winning addition is composed of five interconnected structures as opposed to a single massive expansion. Traversing from the existing building across its sculpture park, the five built "lenses" form new spaces and angles of vision.

Aqua Living Modern House Experience by David Mutal Architect - Modern Homes Interior Design and Decorating Ideas on Decodir Home » Homes Design » Aqua Living Modern House Experience by David Mutal Architect The house is designed as an alternate route that contact with the garden and the inner experience of space, this sequence is organized along an axis “bone” of movement and light that leads to the various spaces of the house. These 620 square meters spaces have different proportion in different ways relate to the outside with a view wider or closed, more or less light depending on what happens inside. On this tour there are two objects / spaces that articulate the experience. The first is the living space that is close to projecting an existing tree. This amount of wood and iron appears closed from the entrance framing the view on the garden from the entrance and it is rediscovered by other hand from the floor.

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