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Page de démarrage de Mozilla Firefox. Most expensive possible hack for getting Panasonic 3D glasses to work with Samsung 3D TV - Blog - How to Repair a Plasma TV. How To Set Power Up Input Default to AV rather than TV on Panasonic HD LCD or Plasma Televisions using TV Hotel Mode. Here is the Hotel mode Menu (above). Before you use it note options such as Button Lock and Remote Lock – Do not select these or you will create a huge problem. Remember you need both the side buttons and the Remote to get into Hotel Mode! Now you can select the power up input (initial INPUT in the Menu) to anything you like including AV1 (typically used for Cable or Satellite Box).

You also need to turn Hotel Mode on before pressing the EXIT button. The only problem I now have is that the TV will no longer automatically switch to AV2 when I turn on my DVD player so I have to switch manually via the remote. I assume this is a 'feature' of Hotel Mode. I suspect hotel mode allows TVs to be set up so the public can't fiddle with them. If you read the comments below, you'll find people from all over the world have found this useful. So there you have it. Panasonic GH2 hack for V1.11 firmware is out! Saturday, 18 February, 2012 20:12 Vitaliy Kiselev has just released a new version of the GH2 hack, PTools v3.64d for the new Panasonic V1.11 firmware. The latest version of PTools also supports the GF2, adds more AVCHD related patches and brings improvements to certain existing GH2 patches. It is good to see Panasonic allowing further hacking and not battering down the hatches on their new firmware update. 1080/25p is still in a 1080i wrapper with the hack but bitrates can be increased, which is good news for PAL shooters.

All the other patches are ported to the new firmware and should work. The latest firmware also includes enhanced noise reduction. It will take time for any new features of the hack to be developed since testers need to delve deeper into V1.11 – it is a continually evolving process of discovery. It is yet again an interesting time for the GH2. Stay tuned for a hands-on look at the new hack. Built-in hex editor unlocks plasma TV features. Une application pour commander sa TV Samsung. LG TV Remote - Applications Android et Tests. [Caution] This application is compatible only with LG Smart TVs which are released in 2011. Application("LG TV Remote") for smart TV Models released in 2012(not listed in supported models) has been uploaded.

When a smart phone and LG TV are connected via router, after a simple pairing process, LG TV may be controlled conveniently with the smart phone similar to a regular or a Magic Motion remote controller. [Network Settings on TV]- To get started, connect your LG TV through wired/wireless router to TV LAN port.- Go to Home Dash Board [SETUP] -> [NETWORK] -> Configure settings in [Network Setting]. [Network Settings on Android Phone]- [Settings] -> Configure Settings in [Wireless & networks]. ** Please ensure that the Smart Phone is connected to the same network as that of your LG TV.

Except for Model Code Starts with LK Promotional Video- Produits - Ecrans Plats Viera - Présentation - VIERA Remote App -France. TizzBird F30 en test. Un vrai disque dur multimédia Android. Sommaire Voici donc arrivé à mon petit labo de test le fameux Valueplus TizzBird F30 dont je vous parlé il y à quelques jours. Pour faire court, ce produit est un vrai disque dur multimédia haute définition pouvant lire en local ou réseau la quasi-totalité des formats vidéo/audio et image du marché.

C’est également une Box TV Android Tout comme nos Smartphones et tablettes tactiles, le TizzBird F30 est à même de lancer des applications Android que ce soit des jeux, des utilitaires et applications et bien sûr de la navigation Internet. Ce type de produit rends ridicule les fonctions intégrées dans nos TV connectées en raison de la richesse de l’Android Market. Un emballage de qualité La première perception que l’on a d’un appareil passe par son emballage. Tizzbird F30, l’emballage Les sérigraphies et explications se veulent didactiques et complètes (et en français), ce qui est nécessaire pour faire comprendre au consommateur ce qu’il est en train d’acheter.

Tizzbird F30, les accessoires. MK802 - Android Computer | VS | ZERO Devices Z802. Box Google TV Android 4.0 1080p, 800MHz Cortex-A9 4USB avec HDMI/YUV et wifi. Google TV Box Android 4.0 1080p, 800MHz Cortex-A9 avec HDMI/YUV et wifi. Encore plus evolutif avec 4xUSB 2.0, 1xHDMI, 1x SD/MMC/MS slot carte ,1xYUV, 1x JACK 3.5 stéréo, 1xRJ45..... 1.

Amlogic 8726-M, 800MHz Cortex-A9, Android 4.0 OS 2.1080P media+3D GPU2. DDRⅡ512MB RAM, 2GB Flash 3.Android 4.0.3 Multilangue 4.Wi-Fi, Ethernet & Connected PC Camera 5.Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder 6. 7.HDMI1.3 interface,HD max. 1920x1080 pixel 8. 9. 10.Built-in Adobe flash player 10.3 11. 4xUSB 2.0, 1xHDMI, 1x SD/MMC/MS slot carte ,1xYUV, 1x JACK 3.5 stéréo, 1xRJ45 12. 13.Full internet browser 14. 15.Emali,Instant messenger, reseaux sociaux..... 16.Weather ,calendar and clock widget on desktop, google map 17. 18.product weight: 350g 19.unit packing :800g Dans la boîte 1 x Google Android TV 1 x Câble HDMI 1 x Télécommande 1 x Adaptateur secteur. The $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV box sells out in 12 hours.

The Vizio Co-Star Google TV might be the first Google TV box that’s worth buying. It now has access to the Google Play Store, which should include access to XBMC, support for OnLive gaming, and great specs for the low price of $99. Take all this into account and it’s not hard to imagine why the Vizio Co-Star sold out in just 12 hours from launch. I can’t stress enough how important the $99 price tag is for set-top boxes or mini-consoles like the OUYA, which also uses ARM chips. It’s the sweet spot for pricing such a device, and I wish Google would’ve realized this from day one, instead of going crazy with a $300 price for the Logitech Revue set top box. Yes, it was ultimately Logitech who priced that product, but Google had to dictate the specs to them and help them launch it, so there should’ve been a huge red flag over that pricing in the minds of Google’s execs. Co-Star. Seamless viewing across multiple screens.This convenient and innovative technology enables you to control apps and seamlessly transfer content between your TV, mobile phone and tablet with the flick of a finger, for a truly integrated multi-screen viewing experience.

Works on both iOS & Android mobile devices and tablets. How to jailbreak a Sharp Aquos HDTV with Internet access. 3D hack for 2D TV. The cheapest way to create a 3D monitor would be to wear an eyepatch... it even works with non-3d movies... (you loose stereo vision and the only way your brain can stile recognize you are looking at a flat surface is by the way the eye(s) focus, ... which is also why "real" 3D monitors feel weird, your eyes will still try to focus according to the expected distance decreasing the 3D illusion) for converting 2D to "real" 3D.. Quote: Originally Posted by And LCDs don't flicker. shutter glasses work by adding flicker in front of your eyes... they need to flicker at half the rate the TV alternates left/right pictures... 60Hz signal, 30Hz flicker. your 120Hz TV is lacking the option of real 120Hz INPUT. .. so you're stuck with 30Hz (60Hz signal) shutter, which would flicker like the devil having a disco party in hell...

Search for 120Hz monitors and TVs in the forum for more information on the 120Hz input matter. but If you want to try a conversion your only option would be parallax... 'Fixing' Sharp - Off the Clock. SamyGO, Samsung Firmware on the GO.