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Concept Art

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Jared Lunsford's School Work. Aaron Limonick Concept Design - Gallery - Environment Design. Nick gindraux. Pedro Núñez Artwork. The Lantern Factory. Bad juju portfolio. Digital: Visual Remix. Thanks to all the Anomaly organizers, artists and attendees for creating such an inspiring event!

digital: Visual Remix

Disclaimer : Non-proprietary photos/illustrations used in this lecture appear for the sole purpose of study. Introduction This talk, Visual Remix, is partially about music, and some things it has in common with the visual arts. Since Anomaly's theme this year is "Study From Life", it's also going to be a talk about life study. I think we all come to conferences like these feeling slightly blocked, looking for a plan of action to get us out of a rut. Portfolio of Jesse van Dijk, concept artist.

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Illustration. Lianna tai // concept artist - Home. Fuh-fuh-flying milk pig?! DQ's ONLINE SKETCHBOOK. Alex Drummond Illustration. Art of CHARLES. Dave Rapoza. Svetlin Velinov - velinov - CGHUB. The cleveland steve'er. Hydropix. Version 3.0.

FUCK YEAH CONCEPT ART. Sketch Blog of Michael Bills. The Art of Sean Andrew Murray - Concept Art and Illustration. Lab, warehouse and factory. by Real-SonkeS - Ivan Smirnov.