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ESP8266 weather display | zeflo. Wi07c - ElectroDragon. From ElectroDragon Specification Module power 3.3V, regular current consumption at 70ma, peak current at 240mA (300mA must be able to provided) +20Dbm power, 100M max transmitting distance on ideal circumstance. It is common and correct to see some random error data when module is power up, and end up with "ready" (Turn baud rate to 115200 can see this actual debug data, this is used for firmware updating) IC Features AT Commands Format Baud rate at 57600, 115200 (new line) use option "send new line" or 'carriage return' for each command x is the commands Commands carefully there are must be no any spaces between the " and IP address or port Pin Wiring (V090) Use FT232RL can supply enough power, connect 3V3, GND, TXD, RXD, also CH_PD to 3V3 (red), GPIO0 to GND (green) There are two leds on the board, one is power led, another one is status LED, when power up, pwr led keeps on and status led will blink once.

Pin description No need any pull-up Old version (V080) The old version Steps and note. ESP8266 Wifi Temperature Logger. Wi07c - ElectroDragon.