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Gonuts. Spicy Lime Cilantro Salsa - Dinner Happy. Beurre d'amande fait maison. Salut !

Beurre d'amande fait maison

Si vous êtes nouveau ici, vous avez certainement envie de découvrir le paléo et comprendre comment il pourra changer votre vie. Recevez ma série explicative qui vous expliquera tout de A à Z : Ça m'intéresse. Le beurre d’amande (aussi appelée purée d’amande dans le commerce) est délicieux mais malheureusement un peu cher…. Or il est très simple à fabriquer chez soi: pour faire du beurre d’amande maison, il suffit d’un mixeur.. et d’amandes ! Une alternative saine aux pâtes à tartiner Vous connaissez sûrement le beurre de cacahouète, mais: La cacahouète n’est pas paléo, puisque c’est une légumineuseLe beurre que l’on trouve dans le commerce contient du sucre ajouté, des huiles végétales et parfois même d’autres additifs… pas top !

Le beurre d’amande est une excellente alternative au beurre de cacahouète et aux pâtes à tartiner du commerce. Ingrédients Environ 300 gr d’amandes fraîches (non grillées, non salées)1 pincée de sel Préparation La préparation va passer par différentes états: Food that looks and tastes good. Paleo Cupboard - Paleo Pasta Recipe. Chocolate Covered Katie — The Healthy Dessert Blog. Apple Pie Caveman Bars. Woo so what a week it was last week.

Apple Pie Caveman Bars

Had an amazing week at PaleoFX with a bunch of friends geeking out on the latest and greatest in Paleo with the biggest names in the community. If you want to read about it you can in my PaleoFX Roundup. It was definitely a much needed vacation for me but I can honestly say I am going to sleep a lot more now that I am back to work haha.

I think that at any given point in the house I was in that someone was awake at all times. That poor rental agency is really going to wonder why their electric bill for the week doubled their usual Monthly bill. Well after all that I am posting this recipe because I wish I had made some of these prior to have them to snack on during lunch. Apple Pie Caveman Bars Instructions Place your dates, macadamia nuts, apples, and almonds in a food processor or really strong blender.Pulse until your dates, macadamia nuts, and almonds are in small chunks and transfer to a mixing bowlAdd in all remaining ingredients. Allison Eats. Gluten Free, Grain Free, High Protein and Healthy - Elana's Pantry.

Against All Grain. 73 Paleo Dinner Ideas - The Paleo Network. What are you having for your Paleo Dinner tonight?

73 Paleo Dinner Ideas - The Paleo Network

Have your dinners started to get repetitive and boring? Or perhaps you’ve got a joint of meat sat in your fridge and are looking for some inspiration about what dinner to make with it? My Paleo dinner recipe book is full of dinner recipes – you can check it out here. Meanwhile, here are some Paleo dinner ideas to cook and enjoy tonight… Chicken Paleo Dinner Options There are so many options with chicken! Thai green curryChicken Fajitas. Fish Paleo Dinner Suggestions Fish is a great choice for Omega 3 – just make sure you get good quality seafood – and ideally line caught fish.

Salmon burgersPaleo Sushi using nori wraps and cauliflower ricePan seared tuna with lime and steamed veggiesSmoked haddock omeletteChilli crabSalt & pepper squidShrimp saladChowderBaked trout & roasted vegetablesSeared scallopsMuscles with garlicSeaweed saladPaleo paellaFish stew SAD Dinners Missing a SAD favourite? Beef Paleo Dinner Ideas Lamb Paleo Dinners.