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Gsheet vs Excel : la table de conversion des formules. Google Tableur : 342 fonctions réparties en 15 familles, voici enfin la fameuse table de conversion dynamique qui permet de convertir la syntaxe de Microsoft à Google.

Gsheet vs Excel : la table de conversion des formules.

Tout comme moi, vous êtes amateur, utilisateur ou passionné du tableur de Google. Certains puristes avec une vision étroite rencontrés en formation ici et là parleront du « faux excel » ou du « excel au rabais ». Laissons de côté ces esprits étroits, même si Google Spreadsheet n’est pas le meilleur tableur du monde en terme de fioritures et fonctionnalités qui ne servent qu’à moins de 5% de la population, intéressons-nous aux fonctions. Sur Google les fonctions ont une syntaxe US, c’est à dire qu’il n’est pas possible de les convertir en français. =SOMME devient =SUM, =MOYENNE devient =AVERAGE et =VLOOKUP est l’équivalence pour la =RECHERCHEV très utilisée en entreprise.

Skill Checklist - Google Certified Educator Level 1. 2 creative ways to use Google Slides in education. One of the staple tools in Google Drive is Google Slides.

2 creative ways to use Google Slides in education

Typically viewed as a tool to create linear presentations, much like PowerPoint, there are potentially two interesting approaches to using Google Slides in the classroom that move beyond traditional linear presentation slides. Chrome App and Extension Database. I have put together a Google Chrome App and Extension Database for Teachers and Students that is loaded with apps and extensions for productivity and classroom integration.4 The Chrome Apps & Extensions Database For a while, I have kept a list of my favorite apps and favorite extensions on this site, but my list just keeps growing!

Chrome App and Extension Database

It has grown so much that a list just doesn’t cut it anymore. I needed to find a way to help teachers find the best Chrome apps and extensions to fit the needs of their students, classrooms, and their own productivity. Thus, the Chrome Apps and Extensions Database was born. The database includes 100+ Apps and Extensions and is searchable and filterable. Google Classroom earns 'extra credit' with new features. One of the most important -- yet thankless -- jobs in the world is being a teacher.

Google Classroom earns 'extra credit' with new features

Many educators are underpaid and under-appreciated. In some underfunded districts, teachers are forced to make do without essentials, like books and pencils -- a really sad state of affairs. Luckily, technology is constantly improving and evolving, which translates to new solutions and tools for educators. Super Quiz Add-on - Mr Trussell Auto Feedback. Google Apps for Education (GAFE): Giving Students an eLearning Space. A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Assignments in Google Classroom. September 22, 2015 Google Classroom allows you to easily create, share and collect assignments with your students paperlessly.

A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Assignments in Google Classroom

Being integrated with other services such as Gmail, Drive and Google Docs, Classroom provides teachers with an intuitive platform preeminently geared towards enhancing the assignment flow between teachers and students. As a teacher, you have access to several features related to your assignments. You can, for example, use the same assignment in different classes. You can also choose whether you want your students to work on individual copies of the assignment or work on the same copy. Moreover, Classroom lets you share individualized feedback with your students and track how they are faring on their assignments.

How To Create a Digital Portfolio Folder With QR Code Link - Google Drawings. 2015-02-05 - Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games - Technology Integration. Session Description: We all know Google Slides is a great tool for making multimedia slideshows.

2015-02-05 - Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games - Technology Integration

But did you know it can also be used to make "Choose Your Own Adventure" style stories, interactive quizzes, and online Jeopardy games? With the ability to link to specific slides and go to different slides depending on the choice, you can make and use interactive slideshows. Montez votre site dans le cloud avec Google App Engine. Gdrive : définir une date de fin de partage pour un dossier. Cultural Institute. Caminatas de Street View – Acerca de – Google Maps. Bien débuter avec Google Drive. Dans cet article, je vais vous présenter en détail l’ensemble des fonctionnalités présente sur la solution de stockage de Google.

Bien débuter avec Google Drive

Cet article est ainsi principalement destiné aux personnes qui souhaitent débuter ou approfondir leur connaissance de Google Drive. GAFE Mash. This is Step One of your Google journey...understanding the function of GAFE (Google Apps for Education).


However, we hope that you will also understand how to problem solve when you run into obstacles using technology in your work environment after today. By modeling our workshop approach after the same scaffolded, problem-based teaching methods that you will use in your own learning environment, we hope to mirror what you will experience when helping students learn to use educational technologies. We won’t be able to teach all aspects of GAFE, but we will teach you how to find the answers when you have questions, create products, and showcase learning, and that will make Google an irreplaceable part of your professional life. Zbooing : Astuces pour Google Sites. Google Drive. 20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools. Google Apps are collaborative, which makes them highly powerful.

20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools

They offer opportunities for students to engage unlike ever before. Here are 20 ideas. Google Apps is beginning to revolutionize education. With its highly collaborative, online/offline format — and its attractive price tag (free!) — many schools, businesses and other organizations are ditching their expensive, clunky software for this powerful suite of tools. The way that Google Apps is interactive and easy to share is powerful. There’s so much you can do with these apps in class to get students — AND teachers — working together. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Google Drive : Guide complet et collaboratif. Google Drive en classe: pour collaborer, mutualiser, sociabiliser… J’utilise Google Drive depuis la rentrée 2012 avec mes élèves.

Google Drive en classe: pour collaborer, mutualiser, sociabiliser…

J’avais déjà introduit cet outil avec une autre classe mais cette année, il fait partie active et quotidienne de mes cours et de ma pédagogie. Pour quels usages? Nous l’utilisons en cours, hors temps de classe et lors des périodes de stage des élèves. Une adresse Gmail En début d’année, j’ai fait créer à chacun de mes élèves une adresse Gmail qu’ils sont tenus d’utiliser dans tous les échanges élève-enseignant-tuteur de stage. Pour utiliser Google drive etc. 4 Tips For Making Professional Looking Google Docs. Google Docs has evolved from a simple collaborative text editor to a full-fledged word processing system. In fact, Google Docs’ collaboration, formatting and security capabilities now rival that of Microsoft Word, with many features the average user doesn’t even know about. The 4 tips and tricks below will help you create beautiful, in-depth documents while boosting your collaboration and efficiency. Suggesting edits to collaborators, adding MLA compliant headers and page numbers, and inserting a table of contents will turn the most basic write-ups into easy to navigate, professional looking documents. 1.

5 Ways to Make Professional Looking Google Documents. The Gooru recently posted “4 Tips for Making Professional Looking Google Documents.” Here are a few more tips for using Google Docs for professional looking documents. Using the “Table” menu insert a table to organize the content on the page. Right click on the table to choose “Table properties…” Choose a table border of zero to erase the table lines. This applies to the entire table. Guide rapide pour l'élève Google Classroom.pdf.

Classroom - Exploitation maximale de Chrome et GAFE. 12 great ways to start using Google Classroom now. Google Classroom is a powerful yet simple place to manage everything you do with Google Apps in the classroom. Here’s where I’m getting started with it. Google Classroom. Access across a range of devices Everything you need to know Email notifications so your students never miss a post Get an overview on the status of all your assignments across all classes in one place. Differentiation using Google Classroom.

When I first heard about Google Classroom last year I was excited. Was this going to be a free LMS that integrated with the already excellent Google Apps for Education (GAfE) suite? Would it be bigger and better that Moodle or Edmodo? How to Use Teacher Dashboard by Hapara and Google Classroom Together - Using Technology Better. Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this short video (transcript is also available) will show you how you can use some of the best features of Google Classroom and Teacher Dashboard together so that you can get the best results and the outcomes for your students. Video Highlights 0:00:15 Great features of Google Classroom 0:01:10 Great features of Teacher Dashboard 0:01:29 Why use Google Classroom and Teacher Dashboard together?

0:03:42 Work flow for students 0:05:06 Key points. Usages pédagogiques de Google Earth et Google Maps. Retour à la page sur Google Earth et Maps La liste des activités pédagogiques recensées ci-dessous n'a pas vocation à l'exhaustivité. Teacher Tech. How Google Apps For Education Can Be Used In Your Classroom. How Google Apps For Education Can Be Used In Your Classroom by TeachThought Staff. For Education: Google in your classroom.

Google for Education: Google Maps: Introduction. Google Maps is an application providing a fun and visual way to help students understand and learn about the world.Use Maps to teach geography concepts, map reading, location and distance measurement. Google Earth offers a variety of ways to interact with and explore the world, ocean and beyond. Google Street View enables you and your students to explore the world up close, without leaving the classroom. Get Started in the Classroom In the following Basics and Advanced lessons you will learn more about the benefits and use of Maps in class. As a start, here are three common scenarios teachers come across each day. Use a tablet or mobile device to visualize settings from novels or historical locations. Help students understand geography as a science and means to learn various cultures. Create maps to take students on virtual field trips or visit a museum.

Benefits. Tutoriel_ENT_Google-2.pdf. Que fait Google dans l'éducation ? L’actualité des nouvelles technologies a mis à deux reprises les actions de Google dans l’éducation à la Une de la presse spécialisée. Début mai, Google annonçait en effet, le lancement de Classroom (1), peu de temps après avoir fait marche arrière sur son traitement des données personnelles des utilisateurs de ses applications (2).

Bonne occasion pour faire le point avec Projets-ENT sur les initiatives du géant américain dans un univers que l’on pourrait penser à l’abri de sa puissance. Voici donc une synthèse des principaux axes de la présence de Google dans l’éducation. First thing first, le matériel Google propose aux établissements, voire aux collectivités, des solutions d’équipements en PC et en tablettes. Les applications fonctionnelles. Do more with your data. Posted by Dan Gundrum, Product Manager. Using Google Tools in Project-Based Learning Infographic. Teacher Infographics. Google for Education. 20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools. Hyperliens : documentation relative aux ateliers – Colloque AQUOPS 2015.