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Paris treasures

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20 unmissable things to do in Paris in autumn 2016. A lively arts fest grants free access to 24 historic institutions in the Marais Large-scale community art project ‘Les Traversées du Marais’, from September 9-11, aims to celebrate of Paris’s most historic neighbourhoods through the prism of its vast, wide-ranging cultural heritage.

20 unmissable things to do in Paris in autumn 2016

After all, the Marais is home to all manner of museums, refitted public and private town houses and hidden gardens, as well as innumerable leading-edge art galleries. But though all this stuff exists all year round, from the outside, these imposing old monuments can appear quite intimidating to the even the most seasoned of Parisian travellers (not to mention the often offputtingly high entry fees).

Fortunately, that’s where ‘Les Traversées’ can step in. It’s a really great opportunity to (re)discover cultural spaces you might usually steer clear of and explore the various temporary and permanent exhibits that will remain open throughout the weekend. Les Traversées du Marais, September 9-11, various venues. Top 10 Most Famous Monuments of Paris. Paris, the City of Light is the world’s most visited capital.

Top 10 Most Famous Monuments of Paris

The 10 Best Photo Locations in Paris. Paris is hands down the most photogenic city in the world so it’s impossible not to be snap-happy all the time.

The 10 Best Photo Locations in Paris

Every street is worth getting your camera out for which makes it difficult to prioritise what to take a photo of. How to do Montmartre in 24 hours. 12.30pm: Exquisitely prepared seafood and pasta Amble down the Rue Ravignan.

How to do Montmartre in 24 hours

On your left, you’ll pass larger-than-life antique shop Zut! , as well as the building where the poet Max Jacob lived, which is now occupied by an estate agents. Then pass onto the Rue des Abbesses, and continue right until you reach the Rue Audran, where you should check in at Al Caratello, a lovely Italian restaurant where we recommend you try the Calamaretti Saltati in padella.

Or any of the hearty pasta plates. With a full stomach, go back onto the Rue des Abbesses. 2.30pm: A retro film screening and a trip to the cabaret. The 12 Prettiest Streets in Paris. Much of Paris’ charm lies in its cobbled passages, quintessentially Parisian streets and tree-lined avenues, but sometimes you need a little insider knowledge to locate them.

The 12 Prettiest Streets in Paris

This guide features and will steer you towards some of the prettiest streets in Paris including market streets, pedestrianised streets and pastry-lined ones. Rue Cler You could easily do all of your food shopping along this market road. Bring your wicker basket and pile it high with brioche from Pralus, cheese from La Fermette Fromagerie, honey from Famille Mary, roasted chicken from Darius Rotisserie, fresh fruit and vegetables from the market and ice cream from Martine Lambert and you’ll return with a household full of French delicacies. This is where chic Parisians come for local produce. 25 romantic things to do in Paris. Every couple will make a trip to the City of Love at some point.

25 romantic things to do in Paris

And yet, Paris is so jam-packed full of ‘special’ things to do with your loved one, that it can actually be pretty tricky deciding what to do on this romantic rite of passage. So if you’re keen to avoid the clichéd tourist traps, we’ve hand-picked a range of less obvious, more under-the-radar date-y things to do across the city below. From a gentle stroll through the Parc des Buttes Chaumont or along the Promenade Plantée to channelling your inner Romantic at the Musée de la Vie Romantique, or simply cocktails à deux at cosy bar Les Etages, there’s something which will impress on any date, however long you’ve been together.

Think we’ve missed anything particularly romantic? Love Paris? Here are 7 books about Paris you must read! I will openly admit that I absolutely adore Paris… and I dare say I’m not the only one.

Love Paris? Here are 7 books about Paris you must read!

The treelined streets, blossoms in the Spring, Crepes from a corner store… yep, I could easily and happily transport myself there every day with all of my fond memories. It has been a tough year for Paris but the city of lights has continued to shine even brighter than before. 50 best dishes in Paris. The 50 Best Restaurants in Paris - Photos. 6th arrondissement "Over the last five years, I've been impressed by many wonderful little places in Paris where the chefs (and they aren't necessarily French) are carefully sourcing ingredients and bringing back the kind of food and the way of life that first inspired me to open Chez Panisse.

The 50 Best Restaurants in Paris - Photos

I ate three memorable lunches in a row here—lovely salads and little soups and one of the most perfect seafood risottos I've ever had. " —Alice Waters "Juan Sanchez and Drew Harré launched the open-kitchen bistro in 2012. Harré’s organic menu (roasted guinea hen with creamed celery or fondue of chard with mushrooms) has earned a following among the young and hip ever since. " "Owners Juan Sanchez and Drew Harré and chef Eric Trochon have had a hit on their hands since the day Semilla opened in 2012.

Restaurant Info: Semilla. The 13 Best Restaurants in Paris. Metro map. France: Important Phrases - TripAdvisor. Here are some useful phrases to get you started: (1) In France , a simple hello can be the difference between being treated with courtesy and being snubbed in a restaurant or store.

France: Important Phrases - TripAdvisor

Never neglect to say hello, and add the appropriate title to be even more polite. (2) Say "pardon" when trying to get by someone, or bumping into someone... (3) "Au revoir" ( until see each other again ) is the preferred way to say goodbye, even to strangers you will never see again because "Adieu," literal translation meaning " to God," if misused can be seen as an insult ( i.e. You don't ever want to see that person alive again). In general, the stress should be placed on the last syllable of the word, and the last word of the phrase. If you want to speak in English, think to speak slowly: Generally, French people don't speak English very well. Your mobile luggage storage in Paris.