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Uncle Sam may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India. By Rupa Subramanya Are church and state really separate in the United States?

Uncle Sam may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India

And how does that affect US foreign relations with countries such as India? An unsettled and ongoing debate in the area of foreign development assistance concerns the extensive role played by faith-based organisations (FBO). Amazing Photos Download World's Amazing Pictures, Wallpapers, Images Facebook, Sports, Animals, from around the World, Natures, Gods, Funny, Indian, Nature, Religions Images. Mool Mantar - The true Guru has made available (for me) the glimpse of this truth. "That homogenous supreme reality (God) first was written as numeral one (in mool mantar)and then He was incribed as Ura syllable of Gurmukhi, further pronounced as Oangkar.

Mool Mantar - The true Guru has made available (for me) the glimpse of this truth.

Then He was called Satnam, the truth by name Kartapurakh, the creator Lord, Nirbhau, the fearless one, and Nirvair, without rancour. Then emerging as the timeless Akal Moorat to be called as unborn and self-existent. Prophet Guru Nanak. The Prophet Guru Nanak by Bhai Sahib Return to:| Portal Messenger | Home | Earth Portal Controls |

Prophet Guru Nanak


Maya (illusion) In early Vedic literature, Varuna's supernatural power is called Maya.[2] Though Indra, Agni, and some other Gods are said to have Maya, the first Rigvedic phase exclusively connected Maya with Varuna, who is called Mayin and Asura.[2] Monier Williams takes asu to mean life of the spiritual world or departed souls.

Maya (illusion)

The association of Varuna with Nritti, death, thus connects Maya with the power of life of the spiritual world or the departed souls.[2] Due to asura's maya, Varuna is said to send rain, create dawn and envelope the night; and with Mitra, Varuna is personified to protect Earth. Varuna found mention as a companion in Indra's exploits and had several Rigvedic verses dedicated to him. ... Main Library. Welcome to the University f Diversity©com. ... Main Library ... Main Library. Guru Nanak...First Sikh of Sikh Dharma. Welcome to First Sikh of Sikh First Master of Sikh Dharma Guru Nanak 1469-1539.

Guru Nanak...First Sikh of Sikh Dharma

Vedic Rishis – the ancestors of all Indians. Some five years ago there was a small news item in a national paper.

Vedic Rishis – the ancestors of all Indians

At that time Jairam Ramesh was the minister of state for environment and forests and he had stated, ”India is losing at least 2000 patents every year on traditional formulations as the knowledge on these has never been documented.” I wondered whether the politicians, administrators and academics actually knew where their ancient tradition is documented and what it contains. There is a big gap between the English speaking academics and the Vedic pandits.

The former tend to think that they are superior and represent India’s intelligentsia. However there is great, often untapped knowledge in the other camp of Sanskrit pandits. Unfortunately the study of India’s tradition was gravely neglected in independent India. Many of the leftist ‘intellectuals’, however, can be expected to shout “saffronisation”. For example, Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Over the years, a few attempts were made to dig out India’s treasure. India’s Population has little space. It seems to be still undecided whether India’s huge population of presently 1270 million is a boon or bane.

India’s Population has little space

Occasionally one hears that the number of children should be restricted. Then one hears that it is an advantage that India has so many, especially young people. What is the truth? For the common man, the experience is that there are crowds wherever he goes – in hospitals, to get admission in schools or colleges, on roads, in railway station, in pilgrimage centres, even in prisons. The infrastructure is clearly stretched to its limits and the competition for jobs and seats in educational institutions is unbelievable.

Yet Indians seem to be still relaxed, as China has even more people. However, the media and even research papers usually don’t mention an important fact when they compare India’s population with that of other countries: the area available for the residents.


Why is Krishna blue? Krishna is the omnipotent, Supreme Person.

Why is Krishna blue?

He can appear however He likes, and He does so in unlimited ways in an unlimited number of forms. His name, "Krishna," means that He is the most attractive Person, and that's Who He is. Why is Krishna blue? Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna: Not So Typical Love Story - For The Love of Kamadeva. ] Now that I have told you two love stories, I’m going to move on to something much greater than anything you have heard of before.

Radha Krishna: Not So Typical Love Story - For The Love of Kamadeva

Hold your elephants, this story is going to strike you straight in the heart with my love arrows! The stirring tale I will tell you is about Radha Krishna. The proper way to say it is Radha and Krishna but they are just so darn in love with each other that both their names have combined into one; now isn’t that just crazy?! I’m going to open my book and start from the beginning. Mind Bytes from My world !!!: The mysterious Radha and her last meeting with Krishna !!! This question has seeked me ever since I can remember ...from my my my realisation and my internal assimilation of Lord Krishna as my god.

However ,I am not fascinated by Krishna as much I have been by Radha . Everyone - follower or non follower - knows Krishna and all the famous tales about him ..However very very few know about tales of Radha . Just Radha .Her perspective. Radha Krishna. Centuries before Newton, this Saint revealed the law of gravity - Tell me some intrestin stories of radhe-shyam dipicti' thier love, fondness, passion, sacrifice 4 each other ? If you are interested in this you REALLY REALLY MUST read 'Krishnavatara' by K. M. Munshi, it is absolutely the best thing in the world. You can buy it at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and the books are extremely affordable, at around Rs 25 or 50. Even if you're not particularly into reading, you simply MUST. Its a wonderful experience. Its a series of seven and one incomplete book, unfortunately the author died before he could finish his work.

I was not particularly devoted to any god earlier. I cannot say enough about these books. Radha and Shyam. Radha. List of titles and names of Krishna. Radha.