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Evelyn Wilson

Evelyn Wilson works as an IT Analyst in the Sagenext infotech LLC. SageNext Infotech provide an ideal hosting services for QuickBooks Hosting, Sage50 Hosting, Quicken Hosting, ATX Hosting, TAX software hosting, Proseries Hosting, Lacerte Hosting, Drake Hosting, Taxwise hosting.

5 Exciting Cloud Computing Predictions for 2020. While everyone on the internet is all about the “decade” trend and “start of the decade and the end of the decade” posts; we thought it was only wise enough to pen our predictions for the cloud computing industry for the year 2020.

5 Exciting Cloud Computing Predictions for 2020

As a new decade is churning itself a start, an array of new trends and numbers are bound to sprout up. As a common word, the cloud and IT industries are often the first in line when it comes to taking a beating during instabilities and slowdowns. With the odds of another recession waiting to pile up on the global economy, we are in reluctant anticipation that IT budgets might undergo a loom. But on the contrary, Gartner’s 2020 forecast reveals that businesses are switching to smarter practices, and about a 9% increment is to be seen in their expenditure towards IT.

5 Reasons Why You Should Host Sage 300 ERP On the Cloud. Posted On - 18-10-2019 admin Sage 300 ERP Hosting Sage 300 ERP is a software system, that is designed to help SMBs manage their business resources in an effective manner.

5 Reasons Why You Should Host Sage 300 ERP On the Cloud

Sage 300 was formerly known as Sage ACCPAC; it is a business management application, that lets you manage businesses online that are having different services and are spread at different geographical locations. With the ERP suite, the user gets a broad selection of available modules such as payroll, core accounting, e-commerce, finance, distribution, inventory control, and manufacturing. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. 10 Major Features of Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) Posted On - 17-10-2019 admin QuickBooks POS QuickBooks really escalated the presence of Intuit, making it a common name in the accounting industry.

10 Major Features of Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

Intuit offers an array of QuickBooks versions, one of them being QuickBooks POS. It is designed to sit fit for small and medium-sized retail businesses that intend to have a simple sale and checkout process. Similar to other QuickBooks solutions, QuickBooks POS can be set up to be used in many different industries, such as clothing, civil contracting, fast food chains, etc. Implementation of a Point of Sale product is set to be different when compared to a financial product. QuickBooks Hosting. 5 Benefits of Quickbooks Enterprise. Posted On - 11-10-2019 admin QuickBooks Enterprise Irrespective of the size of a business, QuickBooks is known to be the preferred accounting software of professionals.

5 Benefits of Quickbooks Enterprise

Intuit while developing QuickBooks, kept in mind the need of business owners across the spectrum. They have something to offer for everyone on the market. For flourishing businesses, the best version of QuickBooks is the Enterprise version of it. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting has been quick in taking over as the accounting software of choice for businesses that have ascended the market race and are on a sporadic growth.

As stated we know that QuickBooks Enterprise is beneficial for flourishing businesses, lets now know about the advantages of having it: It gives you the privilege of remote access For business computers, there comes a network service standard Windows operating systems known as Windows Terminal Services. Increased Permissions Range Process Larger Files Better and prolonged support Here’s what you should infer. Top 5 Cloud Computing Challenges and How to Overcome Them by John Cox. By John Cox Author.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Challenges and How to Overcome Them by John Cox

7 Benefits Of Sage 50 Hosting For Your Business by John Cox. By John Cox Author Sage 50 is accounting software, that is specially designed to fulfill the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

7 Benefits Of Sage 50 Hosting For Your Business by John Cox

Sage 50 when taken to the cloud, provides a leveled sailing platform to help tackle accounting with ease. The major benefits of Sage 50 hosting are round-the-clock accessibility, scalability, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, timely updates, along with guaranteed data security. Now, let’s read in detail about the benefits of hosting your favorite Sage 50 to the cloud: A Highly Secured Environment. 6 Ways To Be Insanely Productive During Tax Season. Posted On - 23-08-2019 admin Tax Preparation Tax preparers enjoy a fair share of popularity in the business world.

6 Ways To Be Insanely Productive During Tax Season

As long as people require help with tax filing, tax professionals will be needed. And, quite understandably, the tax preparers are required to work meticulously, especially during the tax season. With piles of work and long hours in the office, mistakes are common. However, a little miscalculation while playing with numbers can prove to be extremely expensive for the firm. Handling multiple clients during the peak season, all at the same time can be a tumultuous task, even for the experienced and dedicated professionals. Ways to Become Productive Like Never Before To maintain the quality of service and meeting deadlines without working for exhaustingly long hours, there are a few smart tips exclusive for tax professionals, that will enhance their overall productivity in the tax season: Update Your Technology Make a Pre-Planned Schedule. Hiring A Quickbook Hosting Provider? Ask Him These 5 Questions First.

Posted On - 19-08-2019 admin QuickBooks Hosting Accountants, CPAs, and firm owners have a keen affinity for QuickBooks and are on a hunt for the best in the industry QuickBooks Hosting service provider who comes with all the advanced features and services.

Hiring A Quickbook Hosting Provider? Ask Him These 5 Questions First

Indeed, QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software amongst small and medium-sized businesses. Combined with the power of cloud technology, QuickBooks becomes vehemently useful for its users. The power of remote work flexibility and collaborated working are amongst the many features provided by Intuit. But before enjoying any or all of these benefits, you need to ask yourself and your hosting provider a few questions, as above all when hosting your data on the cloud, one thing that should be left unaltered is reliability. Question 1: What for data protection and security measures do they take?

Your business data can be anything but compromised. Question 2: Are their pricing plans affordable? 7 Best QuickBooks Add-Ons and Apps You Need To Try In 2019. Posted On - 19-08-2019 admin QuickBooks Hosting We might think that an already better service could not get better.

7 Best QuickBooks Add-Ons and Apps You Need To Try In 2019

Well, that’s a misinterpretation when it comes to QuickBooks Add-on hosting service which adds a flare to the already brilliant QuickBooks software- both the desktop and the online version. The QuickBooks Add-Ons amplify the ease and fluidity of QuickBooks hosting on the cloud. Every business has its own set of singular needs when it comes to operations and functioning, hence comes the need for specific apps. As we have acknowledged this, let’s hop on and see the trending QuickBooks Add-Ons and apps you need to try in 2019 to provide an immediate impact on your business: 1. TSheets by QuickBooks enables a fast, easy, and accurate tracking of employee time. 2. Billbeez is a perfect add-on app, that facilitates a financial ecosystem, which offers an online solution that makes it easy to manage business finances. 3. Sage 100 ERP Cloud. Are We Slowly Losing Our Small Businesses? How Cloud Hosting Is More Tranquil and Secure For Your Business. By John Cox Author The business landscape has become more dynamic and technologically advanced today compared to the scene a few years ago.

How Cloud Hosting Is More Tranquil and Secure For Your Business