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Teach Your Children How to Try New Foods - Positive Parenting Solutions. I bet you know what your children ought to eat.

Teach Your Children How to Try New Foods - Positive Parenting Solutions

It’s no secret that kids should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots of variety, and that no one—not even the pickiest person—should subsist on crackers alone. Yes, carrots trump candy. But how do you get a child, whose loyalty to pasta knows no bounds, to even consider eating anything else? That’s the kind of question that trips parents up all the time. The answer, you may be surprised to learn, is to stop thinking so much about nutrition. You also have to stop looking for the perfect recipe. So how do you teach your way to healthy eating? Feel safe tasting new foodsEnjoy new flavorsCope with challenging texturesValue the goal of eating new foodsDevelop the habit of eating different foods on different days. If you’ve never thought about teaching your children these lessons before, don’t worry. Talk to your children about your goal.

I know it’s hard to believe that your children will ever like new foods, but it happens. Mindset Kit - Growth Mindset For Teachers. Fixed vs Growth Mindset. BBC Radio 4 - The Value of Failure, Education. Steve Nowicki: The Value of Failure. Editor's Note: Steve Nowicki is professor of biology and dean of undergraduate education.

Steve Nowicki: The Value of Failure

This speech was delivered at the opening convocation for first-year undergraduates Aug. 24 in Duke Chapel. Video of the convocation can be watched online here. Durham, NC - Women and men of the Class of 2015: Let me add my welcome to you, Duke's newest students! Let me also extend my welcome to your parents and family members -- those people who brought you here to this special place and time. And by "brought you here" I don't just mean providing the transportation to get you to Durham, but rather the support, encouragement, and love you've been given over the last 17 or 18 years that's allowed you to make it this far. Now back to you, Class of 2015 ... There's an old story about a dean at the law school of a top university who always began his convocation speech with the admonition: "Look to your left, look to your right ... because one of you will not be here next year!

" Wait! Let me elaborate. The Value of Failure. The biggest misperception people have about failure is that it is all bad, said Henry Petroski, a professor of engineering and history at Duke University who researches the role that failure plays in design.

The Value of Failure

“But from an engineer’s point of view,” he said, “a failure can contain all sorts of helpful information.” It reveals weaknesses, helps make things stronger and offers lessons in humility, he said. Petroski is the author of 15 books including, To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design and Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design. He has also written histories of the design of the pencil, the toothpick and the bookshelf. “Failures that happened 2,000 years ago can still be instructive today,” he said. Mind-sets-and-equitable-education. The Pursuit Of Happyness-1st interview.avi. Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve. 12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood. Greeting card artist and dad of two Brian Gordon wanted to create a comic that was a bit more personal than usual.

12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood

"I thought I had figured out what kids were like and how to parent after the first one, but my daughter came along and proved I had no idea what I was doing. " So, in 2013, Fowl Language Comics, a funny, sweet, often expletive-filled look at parenting, was born. Gordon's comics have been a hit across the internet. He likes to focus on the tougher parts of parenthood in his duck-filled stories. "Nothing's easier to make fun of than failure and frustration, and that's about 90% of parenting, as far as I can tell," he told The Huffington Post. Gordon hopes that parents will feel a sense of solidarity when they see his comics. Check out 12 of his awesome comics below for a reminder that we're all in this together. Read more about Fowl Language Comics on Gordon's fundraising Patreon page here.