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Lithium cr 2430. F05 WatchFace for Moto 360. Custom watch face for Moto 360 / Moto 360 2nd generation Features- awesome designer's full function watch face for you. - show local time and ZULU time (equals UTC time / GMT) - show altitude (higher than 500ft) - show moving speed - show realtime Heart Rate (BPM:Beats per Minutes)

F05 WatchFace for Moto 360

Deep Blue Watch Face. Photos HD Watch Face – Applications Android sur Google Play. Andromeda Watch Face – Applications Android sur Google Play. Red Bred Inc plans to go the distance to change the way we tell time.

Andromeda Watch Face – Applications Android sur Google Play

Each watch face is designed with the intent of being different and completely unique. Red Bred's goal is to create watch faces that will help make Android Wear watches known for being new and innovative. Andromeda is one of many Red Bred watch faces designed through geometric design. Supports any android wear device running Android 5.0+ and smart phones running Android 4.1 or higher. Please contact if you have issues with the watch face or bugs to report. Jagger - Watch Face. Tales of Pocoro for Wear. Only for Wear, Tales of Pocoro is a unique and interesting puzzle game with gorgeous and cute RPG graphics at your wrist.

Tales of Pocoro for Wear

Enjoy more than 200 levels and 3 levels of difficulty.Unlock new characters and random mode for unlimited fun! Square and round displays are supported. GAMES RULESThe goal is to reach the exit. However to make things a bit more interesting, you will have to clear other strange columns before exiting to achieve the level.There are 3 levels of difficulty, the harder you choose the more columns you will have. Sudoku Wear (Android Wear)

2048 - Android Wear. Wear Shooter for Moto 360. Brows Wear (Beta) GALAXIA (Android Wear) – Applications Android sur Google Play. Tron Bikes for Android Wear. Oh My Gravity Wear Edition. Castle Wear. An old-school persistent turn-based rogue-like game influenced by heroic fantasy, currently in alpha stage development, mainly for Wear but not only.

Castle Wear

IMPORTANT NOTEPlease be indulgent concerning the bugs, crashes, lack of content and the high difficulty, "Castle Wear" is in ALPHA stage development, a very early state part of the alpha funding program. this is simply under construction.In the contrary of crowd-funding, you already have a "playable" but unfinished product in your hands.

PLOTThe evil sorcerer Diordna stole a very rare talisman from the King and generated a mysterious labyrinth with its power under the King's Castle. Since then the ruler has gone mad and has started to continuously send new recruits further down in the maze to retrieve the previous artifact from the hands of Diordna. Advanced Wear Visualizer. Wear Party Mode. Apollo Wear Inspector – Applications Android sur Google Play. Screensaver For Android Wear. My Gallery - Gallery for Wear. IPC Wear Proxy. PixtoCam for Android Wear. PixtoCam allows you to view and control camera from your watch to take pictures or make videos : a viewfinder.

PixtoCam for Android Wear

Don't matter if your phone is on or off just launch PixtoCam on your Android Wear Watch ("start viewfinder") and get a realtime preview. You can select the front or rear camera, choose resolution, zoom in and out, use a self-timer, adjust the flash setting, use torch in video mode and more. Smartwatch Center Android Wear. With Smartwatch Center for Android Wear you get all android wear apps, games, news & watchfaces for your Android Wear smartwatch in one place.

Smartwatch Center Android Wear

Do you have trouble finding watch apps for your Android Wear smartwatch? This app contains all top apps, games and watchfaces for Android Wear. It is simple, fast and easy to use. Discover top rated, brand new apps and trending apps easily using appropriate filtering mechanisms. Wear Hydrate Me. Meter (for Android Wear) – Applications Android sur Google Play. Meter is a simple, material-design inspired photography light meter for Android Wear.

Meter (for Android Wear) – Applications Android sur Google Play

An Android Wear device with a light sensor is required. (Currently only Moto 360 and Sony SmartWatch 3) The application may/will not show up on unsupported devices! Score Keeper for Android Wear. At Hand Tuner Pro: Wear+Strobe. A Real Strobe Tuner on your Wrist!

At Hand Tuner Pro: Wear+Strobe

For musicians who wish to tune their instruments with the device that is always with them on their wrist (or in their pocket), @HandTuner is a Responsive, Precise Chromatic tuner with a beautiful, intuitive interface that can tune guitar, ukelele, cello, piano, harmonium, bagpipes, harp, violin, your voice, and whatever other instrument you can throw at it! Reviews: Once purchased, a chromatic tuner will be installed on your mobile, and an additional smartwatch tuner will be installed on your Android Wear watch (if you have one). You do NOT need a wear device to run the tuner, though, although the current simple and intuitive interface is perfect for wearable devices! Works on all of the Wear Devices that we have tested so far, including LG G-Watch, LG G-Watch R, Motorola 360.

WatchMaster - Watch Face. WatchMaster is a watchface designer group that set out to elevate the aesthetic standards of the smartwatch with its unrivaled design quality.

WatchMaster - Watch Face

For the Samsung Gear S2 Users, please check the following information to enjoy WatchMaster without any troubles.1) Install "WatchMaster" app from Google Play2) Install "Samsung Gear" app from Google Play3) Tether your Gear S2 with your smartphone through "Samsung Gear" app4) Install "WatchMaster for GearS2" app from"Samsung Galaxy Apps" in "Samsung Gear" app.5) Welcome to WatchMaster! Enjoy our 200+ beautiful watchfaces. Venom Watch Face. Venom Watch Face for Android Wear!!!

Venom Watch Face

NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 !! (running Tizen OS)You can find the GEAR S2 version in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store (search "THEMA") Features of Venom Watch Face :- Choose design colors- Define a secondary timezone for digital display- Day & Month- Watch battery- Mobile battery- Weather- Daily step count- Heartbeat frequency- Unread SMS- Unread Email from Gmail- Missed calls- Presets. Morphing Watch Face. Morphing Watch Face for Android Wear!!! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 !! (running Tizen OS)You can find the GEAR S2 version in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store (search "THEMA") ATLAS - Watch Face. ATLAS is a modern analog and digital watch face for Android Wear. Real time Earth from azimutal polar satellite view, which displays the current day & night on the earth, sun phases updating every minute alongside weather conditions. The earth with auto adjust to your hemisphere to make sure the flashing marker that indicates your city is always visible.

Futuristic Interface with many settings and a clean look. StarWatch Watch Face. Pop Watch Face – Applications Android sur Google Play. Watch Face Timagine Engine L. Timagine Watch Face for Android Wear Designed by Steven Cui If you are getting bored with the antiquated analog and digital watch display, please try our groundbreaking watch display. Nova Material Watch Face -Free – Applications Android sur Google Play. This watch face was designed to give user all the required information in such a beautiful way that comprehends the beauty of Android Watch. Match Your Android watch with the color of your personality by customizing the watch through Mobile. Features(Pro-Version only) like Ambient mode, weather, sms notifications, email notifications, battery status. Frillroid focus is in creating professional looking watch faces.

Each Watch Face is engineered by high quality design and required keen concentration to choose the watch colors with soothing effect which ultimately makes the watch unmatchable and incomparable. Bits Watch Face – Applications Android sur Google Play. V08 WatchFace for Android Wear – Applications Android sur Google Play. Custom watch face for Android Wear like HUAWEI Watch / CASIO WSD-F10 / Fossil Q Founder / LG Watch Urbane / LG G Watch R Features- awesome designer's full function watch face for you. - show local time and UTC time (equals Zulu time / GMT) - show altitude (higher than 500ft) - show moving speed(If you want to use this metric, please enable the GPS sensor on OS settings and GPS mode to 'Enabled' on this face's setting screen)

WearMail for Android Wear – Applications Android sur Google Play. Slide-in™ Web Browser. PDF Reader for Android Wear. Wear Reader. Find My Watch! – Applications Android sur Google Play. FlickKey Keyboard for Wear. Quick for Wear. Remote Control Collection. Remote Control Collection Pro. Watch Phone. Parallel Space-Multi Accounts. Dark Glow - icon pack – Applications Android sur Google Play. Waterfall Live Wallpaper. Ink in Water Live Wallpaper. HD Space Live Wallpaper. Ice Galaxy. Cosplanner. Animal Xing Designer. LookBehind for Android Wear. Wear Codes for Android Wear. How Long Till. Compass Steel. Wearculator - a calc for Wear. IF by IFTTT – Applications Android sur Google Play. DO Button by IFTTT. Q Crewmaster Blue Silicone Hybrid Smartwatch - Fossil. Q Wander Touchscreen Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Smartwatch - Fossil. Volume is a $1,000 holographic display for your home. A Web Development Roadmap for Beginners.

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