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Tablet/ipad implementation

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Getting to Know the iPad AND Each Other. 6 Sep One of the challenges of introducing anything new to students is allowing time for self discovery.

Getting to Know the iPad AND Each Other

This is especially true when using the iPad in the classroom. As the new school year approached, I knew that I wanted students working on their iPads on Day One. ICTEvangelist - education, learning & technology. 50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. So we thought we’d start an ongoing collection–that is, one that is updated to reflect trends and changes–of the best resources for teaching with the iPad.

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads

This will include resources from all of the best sources, from Apple’s own stuff to TeachThought to edutopia to MindShift to DMLCentral to Jackie Gerstein and more. We can update it, or make it a wiki to crowdsource the process, or you can add suggestions in the comments below. Based on the activity of the comments, and the sharing of the post, we’ll decide how to handle it moving forward. How iPads Function In Education The Access Model: 1:1 Teaching with iPads, by TeachThought Terry Heick of TeachThought looks at the characteristics of an iPad-friendly curriculum. An Excellent Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning.

An Excellent Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning While everyone you know has had an iPad since Miley Cyrus was less…sure of herself, for whatever reason, you just got one.

An Excellent Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning

Or an entire classroom of iPads. Or Android tablets. Or, gulp, Windows Surface tablets. Whatever the case, you’ve got a tablet and want mobile learning happening in your classroom stat. What makes a good educational app? (Part 5) Part V: Peer collaboration & shareability The penultimate installation in our 6-part blog series will focus on an educational app being “share-able” or open to peer collaboration.

What makes a good educational app? (Part 5)

If you missed Part 1, click HERE. If you missed Part 2, click HERE. If you missed Part 3, click HERE. If you missed Part 4, click HERE. As mentioned in the previous blog, a running theme that has been underlying the essential elements of a quality educational app is the subjectivity of an app. This brings us nicely to our 5th key element: the app must give the user a sense of social activity and sharing. What to look for in a 1:1 learning programme. Implementing a 1:1 learning programme means making sure that your school is secure.

What to look for in a 1:1 learning programme

Paul Edmonds of CPU explains the different things that a school should take into account. 23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad. Using an iPad is simple due to its intuitive interface, elegant touch interface, and user-friendly operating system.

23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad

Below we’ve listed 23 different tasks a teacher should be able to perform with their iPad. We’ve tried to focus on the basics, along with some typical tasks a teacher may be required to complete. iPad Apps and Resources for Teachers. ClassTechTips : 12 Apps for the One iPad ... Wikisaber_es : ¡50 usos interesantes! RT... EquiPADos o cómo introducir tabletas en Infantil. Marta Carracedo, maestra de Infantil en la EEI Monte da Guía, en Vigo, nos cuenta cómo han ido incorporando las TIC en el día a día del aula.

EquiPADos o cómo introducir tabletas en Infantil

Además, nos explica en qué consiste el proyecto equiPADos (introducción del iPad en clase) que ha supuesto toda una revolución para el alumnado. Hace mucho que apostamos fuerte por las Nuevas Tecnologías en nuestra escuela, la Comenzamos con una pequeña sala de informática para poco a poco introducir por completo los ordenadores en las aulas; conseguimos la primera pizarra digital en 2007 y hoy cada aula tiene la suya propia; iniciamos nuestra andadura por el mundo bloguero con Tegriña y ya tenemos más de mil entradas publicadas y varios blogs en los que compartimos nuestras actividades con toda la comunidad educativa.

Ahora vamos un paso más allá y nuestro punto fuerte son los dispositivos móviles, ya que valoramos enormemente las posibilidades que ofrecen, dentro y fuera del aula. Pon una tableta en tu aula... pero que no sea de chocolate. Según el Informe Horizon de 2013, este año tendría que ser el año de las tabletas y los MOOC en educación superior.

Pon una tableta en tu aula... pero que no sea de chocolate

El mercado de las APPs. 7 Potential Issues to be Prepared for When Bringing Tablets into the Classroom. Being Aware of These Possible Problems Will Help Position Tablet Programs in your Classroom and School for Success.

7 Potential Issues to be Prepared for When Bringing Tablets into the Classroom

The use of tablets in today’s classrooms has opened a world of possibilities for students and teachers. However, tablets can also present some challenges, especially if you don’t do your due diligence and get smart and prepared as you introduce this technology. Consejos para comprar una tableta. Consejos para comprar una tableta. 6 BYOD Discussions Every School Should Have. We've been in BYOD mode for half a year, and I've already shared some best practices for the classroom with you.

6 BYOD Discussions Every School Should Have

Putting on my IT hat, here are some of the things I've learned that you should consider as you work through your own BYOD plans and implementation. 1. What Platform Works Best with Your Network Configuration? If you know what the majority of your students and faculty are using, it is helpful to disclose what your BYOD network is optimized for. Apple Devices? Why? Androidexperto. Gracias a la gran variedad de equipos disponibles en el mercado actual, después de que desembarcaran gran cantidad de tablets Android genéricas más económicas, tanto de 7 como de 10 pulgadas, estos dispositivos se han convertido en uno de los productos más comprados por los consumidores. Y si bien Android es un sistema operativo realmente intuitivo, y el hecho de sus posibilidades táctiles hace que su utilización sea realmente sencilla, lo cierto es que para muchos, sobre todo para quienes no están familiarizados con las nuevas tecnologías, puede llegar a presentar ciertas dificultades el uso de una tablet por primera vez.

Using an iPad with Free Applications in the Classroom. The Teacher's Guide To The One iPad Classroom. Today, I’m going to tell you a fairy tale: Once upon a time, my mother in law (a third grade teacher) was in her classroom at school when her principal walked in and gave her an iPad for her class to use. Well, technically it was supposed to be for the entire third grade to share, but that’s almost beside the point.

After some initial excitement, she discussed how the entire third grade was supposed to share a single iPad with her fellow third grade teachers, and the iPad was promptly banished into a drawer, never to see the light of day again. The end. Wait, should I have warned you that the fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending? Unfortunately, it isn’t an isolated incident. A Short Guide to iPad Basics for Teachers (and other first-time iPad users) A great How-to Tutorial on Creating Student Portfolios on iPad Using Google Drive App.

This is a post several of you have been looking for, I know this from the emails I have been receiving from you. Now you have a great video tutorial on how to use Google Drive app to create documentation, spreadsheets, tutorials, and PDF annotation all from the palm of your hand using your own iPad. 10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program. The following is a guest post by Sam Gliksman, one of SimpleK12's presenters. Click here to watch Sam's Webinars inside the Teacher Learning Community.

Portions excerpted from new book, "iPad in Education for Dummies" by Sam Gliksman 10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program iPads have certainly become a highly desired commodity in education. Apple is reporting that schools are purchasing iPads by a ratio of 2:1 over MacBooks. Stated simply, technology alone doesn’t have the capacity to improve education. Introducing Mobile Technology Into Your Classroom: Structures and Routines. It can be intimidating to try something new in your classroom. This is especially true with technology. I believe that technology should make the work of teachers easier while creating an environment that excites and engages students.

23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad. 'Thorough Preparation' is Key in Implementing a BYOD Policy. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)/Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) movement has picked up some major steam the past few months at schools and districts facing technology budget limitations. The advantages may seem clear to those guarding the bottom line, but instituting a BYOD/BYOT policy is no easy task and can require a lot of convincing and preparation. Fear of the BYOD unknown Schools or districts that propose using a BYOD/BYOT policy obviously understand the digital learning possibilities and budgetary implications of letting students bring their personal electronic devices to school, but the policies can also elicit some very valid points of skepticism from the educators and administrators on the front lines.

Mobile Learning Series. How Teachers Make Cell Phones Work in the Classroom In the most ideal class settings, mobile devices disappear into the background, like markers and whiteboards, pencil and paper – not because they’re not being used, but because they’re simply tools. Continue Reading Augmented Reality: Coming Soon to a School Near You? A new augmented reality platform is connecting students to their community and putting them in the driver’s seat of their learning experience. Continue Reading More School Districts Welcome Cell Phones in the Class No longer afraid of giving kids access to the Internet, a growing number of school districts are developing digital media policies that emphasize responsibility over fear. Continue Reading Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old Teaching Tactics Work? 20 BYOD Resources For The 21st Century Schools. By Hope Mulholland, TeachThought Intern BYOD policies–Bring Your Own Device–allow schools to bring technology into the classroom with a “bottom-up” approach.

Such an approach can save money, allow students to use their own devices, and encourage a student-centered approach to learning. Recently we explained that “digital natives or not, technology dropped into the laps of students in schools isn’t always as accessible as it might be. Apps útiles para la tablet del docente. 48 Free Educational Apps Rated And Sorted By Grade Level. 62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom [Presentation] - If you’ve got a pulse, using the iPad in the classroom is something you’re at least interested in on some level. The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad. Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding education apps is only a bit more challenging. Finding free education apps is also possible. Finding free education apps worth downloading is a different story entirely. The following is our list of the 55 best apps for learning we can find.

Some are formal learning–math drilling and phonics, for example–while others are RSS readers, social media platforms, and the like. A few notes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 steps to a Successful iPad Implementation in Schools. Arrautza.