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It's More Than Just the Game. OK, so you and your organization have decided to develop a learning game.

It's More Than Just the Game

Yea! Can you avoid the very first pitfall that trips up the majority of first-time learning game implementations? Fact is, most early learning game initiatives veer off into the weeds. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is: too much focus on the game, and not enough on the learning program it is to be a part of.

As you probably know, there are 4 key components to creating learning initiatives that provide a measurable impact on the business. Box 1, Learning program design, starts with the agreement on the business need and the definition of the learning outcomes to meet that need. Box 2, Learning game design and development must be undertaken within the context of the overall initiative so it “fits” and is reinforced in a way that builds relevancy to what each employee is expected to do differently post-training. Pitfall! Then comes the next potential pitfall.

Need a plan for your Implementation Plan? All My “Best Of 2012″ Lists In One Place! Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2012. It's that time of year again where I get to write my favorite post.

Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2012

This year instead of doing just my top favorite sites I'm going to include Apps due to the shift in education to mobile learning and the "flipped classroom". While last years post included lots of educational networks, this year has lots of curation sites as well as writing/grammar sites. I I hope you enjoy this post as much as I had writing it. *Any site on the 2011 top 100 list will not appear on this list. The top 12 tech stories of 2012. Microsoft pushed three big new products in 2012: Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and its Surface tablet.

The top 12 tech stories of 2012

This is Windows 8, the company's bold new operating system, running on an HP Envy x2, left, and a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, right. On January 18 several major websites, including Wikipedia, went dark to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which many felt would unfairly criminalize sites that hosted pirated content. 2012 Told Through Twitter - Year in Review. Top 10 Mobile Products Of 2012. When it comes to the mobile industry, we talk a lot about new devices and the virtues or detriments of each one.

Top 10 Mobile Products Of 2012

Is the iPhone 5 the best thing ever or does the Samsung Galaxy S 3 blow it out of the water? These questions, while pertinent and fun to talk about, really are ancillary to what makes the mobile industry run. 50 Higher Education Technology Infographics We Loved in 2012. Infographics are often the best way to quickly digest a lot of information, especially in the technology world, where data abounds.

50 Higher Education Technology Infographics We Loved in 2012

In 2012, we collected 50 higher education technology infographics from around the web, all of which are displayed below. These infographics provide a snapshot of the advances in education technology we witnessed in 2012, which was definitely a blockbuster year. As we prepare for the new year, we referenced the Washington Post’s article Eight thoughts on higher education in 2012, which was published just over a year ago: The future holds unimagined opportunities. Innovation, especially in the form of new technology, tends to worry even the best-educated and most-skilled workers. Read more. 100 fascinantes estadísticas sobre Social Media en 2012 #socialmedia. Best of 2012: The Five Most Extraordinary Things to Happen in Education. It's been quite an incredible year in the education space.

Best of 2012: The Five Most Extraordinary Things to Happen in Education

While we've witnessed a surge in the number of politicians with no education experience make decisions on how schools should run and a wider adoption of nonsensical ideas like the "flipped classroom" and value-added teacher evaluations, there have been some memorable, equation-changing events and initiatives that have emerged. Wikipedia Remembers 2012. 14 of the best apps from 2012 for designers, developers and creatives. If you’re a creative with a penchant for eking out the best tools to help you produce the goods, 2012 saw a slew of handy apps that could help you in your endeavors.

14 of the best apps from 2012 for designers, developers and creatives

Indeed, The Next Web covered thousands of apps throughout this year, from nifty new browser extensions, to the latest game-changing Android and iOS apps, so we sifted through the archives and pulled out some of best apps for designers, developers and creatives in 2012…just for you. Don’t miss our other 2012 lists for more great recommendations. Pop: Prototyping on paper Pop’s iOS app is every designer’s missing puzzle piece for prototyping on paper.

Amid a myriad of prototyping tools, Pop is an insanely useful way to explore user experience problems and share iPhone app concepts with others. Devin’s Top Ten Movies Of 2012. I already know what some of the comments to this list are going to be.

Devin’s Top Ten Movies Of 2012

I know the movies you’ll be incredulous that I left off the list. I’m incredulous too. I can’t believe these movies aren’t on the list. 2012 Year in Pictures: Part II - The Big Picture. 2012 Year in Pictures: Part I - The Big Picture. 20 of the Most Memorable Marketing Moments in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC] You're probably knee deep in 2013 prediction blog posts -- posts looking forward to all the amazing things (hopefully all amazing, right?)

20 of the Most Memorable Marketing Moments in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing has in store for us in 2013. Heck -- we even published one of our own a few weeks ago -- and an ebook to boot! But how about we accompany all that looking forward with a little looking back? 2012 was a great year, after all -- full of memorable marketing moments that we should take a minute to celebrate. The 10 Most Disruptive News Apps of 2012. According to research produced by Nielsen, as of 2012 the majority of phone owners in the U.S. now operate smartphones.

The 10 Most Disruptive News Apps of 2012

Accordingly, the growth in app markets for Apple and Android continues unabated, and 2012 brought users a strong list of powerful news and content browsing options. Click here to read the entire series Publishers, in particular broadcasters and newspapers, were quick in releasing apps for the first-generation iPhone and Android handsets, but 2012 was remarkable for the number of great mobile apps that were developed to disrupt news consumption., Experiencias Informáticas » Blog Archive » Buscando inocentadas 2012. Dic 282012 El recopilatorio de inocentadas, se esta convirtiendo en una tradición en opcionweb (puedes rememorar las inocentadas de 2011, 2009, 2008 y 2007), como el monigote blanco que el día de los inocentes se coloca en la espalda de los viandantes.

El particular humor de la web hace que se aproveche este día para lanzar noticias bomba o cambiar el aspecto de la web o… el ingenio del webmaster no tiene limites. Estas son las inocentadas que he ido encontrando (se agradecen aportaciones en los comentarios). Las iré actualizando a lo largo del día: Dos diputados del PP piden perdón por jugar a ‘Apalabrados’ mientras privatizan la sanidad. Anecdotario del rock nos cuentan que la formación original de Black Sabbath se reúne para dar un exclusivo concierto en la Luna. Mejores Apps iOS de 2012 Según Cult of Mac. Faltan pocos días para que termine el año 2012 y los chicos de Cult Of Mac han querido hacer una recopilación de las 12 mejores apps para iOS de este año que dejamos atrás.

Lo mejor de 2012 en Social Media. Como cada mes de diciembre, desde hace algunas semanas han proliferado los reportajes sobre lo mejor del año que está a punto de terminar, un “goteo” sinfín en el que Google, Facebook, Twitter y otros tantos recopilan lo más llamativo que se ha producido en sus plataformas durante los últimos 365 días.

Top 20 Shared Resources and Tools of 2012. Tagged with: resources Edmodo Communities are a great place to connect with other educators to share resources and best practices. Leveraging your network on Edmodo enables you to surface the best resources to meet the needs of your classroom. With the year coming to an end, we took at look at the top 20 tools and resources that were shared in 2012. Check out the list below and join an Edmodo Community to share your favorite tools with other educators! Wikipedia's most searched articles of the year revealed. 28 December 2012Last updated at 13:50 GMT An article about Facebook was the most popular page on the English language version of Wikipedia A study of 2012's most read Wikipedia articles reveals striking differences in what proved popular across the different language versions of the online encyclopaedia.

Facebook topped the English edition while an entry for adult video actresses did best in Japan. Hua Shan - a Chinese mountain featuring "the world's deadliest hiking trail" - topped the Dutch list. By contrast, cul-de-sacs were the German site's most clicked entry. The data was published by a Swedish software engineer Johan Gunnarsson as part of the Wikitrends project. Sex and vampires. Everything You Need To Know About the Economy in 2012, in 34 Charts - Matthew O'Brien.

It's not just that there are fewer actual humans in the market. There are fewer active humans in the market too. You wouldn't know it for all the accusations the Obama administration gets for being out of touch with the business community, but the past four years have been a boffo time for stocks. Congratulations if you got in at the bottom in March 2009. Ranking de lo más leído en Las noticias sucedidas en Euskadi encabezan el top de lo más leído del año.

The Best Smart Products of 2012. The year 2012 marks a coming-of-age for physical devices that are designed for a connected world. Created with digital at their core, these products are not “digitally enhanced” or merely gadgets for Dad on Father’s Day (although some could be). They are truly useful, elegantly designed, and in the case of the consumer products, are things that once you start using, it’s hard to imagine life without them. This latest crop of digital products truly improves the way we live—from helping you get healthier, to saving energy, and even helping those who help others, like first responders. Here are a few of my favorites that were released this year, along with a couple that were just announced. 2012′s biggest tech news in pictures. 60 Great Visualizations of 2012. 2012 has been a great year for all kinds of data visualizations. Data owners are realizing that the best way to communicate the insights buried in their data is by visualizing it.

This means there have been tons of great static infographics, motion graphics, and interactive visualizations created this year. We did a roundup of some of the best from each category. Resumen digital 2012. About Pepe Cerezo. 25 cosas interesantes que la ciencia ha descubierto en 2012. 25 cosas interesantes que la ciencia ha descubierto en 2012 A lo largo de los últimos doce meses, investigadores de todo el mundo han llevado a cabo hallazgos sorprendentes e interesantes. Most Popular Chrome Extensions and Posts of 2012. SExpand 2012 brought a lot of new people to Google Chrome as the browser has been toying with the top browser spot throughout the year. Lo mejor de los Récord Guiness oficiales de 2012. Best Inventions of the Year 2012. That’s not Photoshop. Top 10 Career Management blogs of 2012. The 17 Best Twitter Hashtags for Education (2012 ) The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers - 2012 Edition.

My 10 Favorite Learnist Boards Of The Year. Best of 2012: Top apps for smartphones and tablets. EE.UU: Así cambiaron los medios digitales en el 2012. Ko ikusienak, hilabetez hilabete. Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups of 2012. De qué tuiteamos en 2012 >> Tuitología. Holiday Reads: Top 10 Articles in 2012 - Getting Smart by Sarah Cargill - The Best 21 Educational Wikis of 2012. The Best of 2012: EdTech Resources. 2012 Ed Tech Trends: Insights From Insiders. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012. Lo más popular en Twitter en 2012 según Hootsuite. Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review. Top Kids Christmas Toys 2012. The five most disruptive technologies of 2012 - Quartz.

This Year in Twitter: 9 Important Milestones. Las mejores aplicaciones de 2012 para iPhone e iPad. The 33 Best Educational Technology Blogs for 2012. The 12 Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps Released In 2012. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Battle to Open Textbooks. Golden Tweets. E-learning Review of 2012. Qué nos interesó en Internet en 2012. The Best Videos For Educators In 2012 — Part Two. Los mejores juegos de Facebook del año. Google presenta su resumen de 2012 – Videos de dibujos animados, series de televisión y películas ¿ Terra TV. The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2012. Echando la vista atrás: lo que más se ha compartido en la red este 2012. El año 2012 según Twitter.