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Prospects. Wikipedia. Vivek Kundra. Vivek Kundra (Hindi: विवेक कुंद्रा; born October 9, 1974) is an Indian American administrator who served as the first chief information officer of the United States from March, 2009 to August, 2011 under President Barack Obama.[1] He is currently the Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets for Salesforce[2] and a visiting Fellow at Harvard University.[3] He previously served in D.C.

Vivek Kundra

Mayor Adrian Fenty's cabinet as the District's Chief Technology Officer and in Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's cabinet as Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Technology. Early life and education[edit] Kundra was born in New Delhi, India, on October 9, 1974. He moved to Tanzania with his family at the age of one, when his father joined a group of professors and teachers to provide education to local residents.