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Sailing Podcast episodes. BBC Learning English - The English We Speak. Teach Irregular verbs with Fluency MC #3 | Games to learn English. As I wrote before, irregular verbs are the most important thing for all students of English to learn. However, it is not easy to master them. That is why Fluency and I started to collaborate on a series of posts that deal with teaching just the irregular verbs.

ADVERT: In this post we are going to introduce another set of 15 verbs. To learn them there is a song, an infographic, a quiz and a game. You can find the lyrics here:Lyrics part 3 Irregular verbs – infographic Here is the infographic with all the irregular verbs, you should learn in this post. Display the infographic and go through the verbs with your students. Irregular verbs – game and quiz Now it is time to practise the irregular verbs. The second activity is a two-part online quiz. Irregular verbs Quiz Irregular verbs – other sites Irregular verbs by British Council. Irregular verbs by BBC. A song by Fluency MC on irregular verbs: Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude. English Language Resources from Macmillan Dictionary. Learning a language is about understanding what words mean, grammar, spelling and pronunciation. But there is more to it than that.

As part of the Macmillan Education Life Skills series, Macmillan Dictionary focuses on an area of language learning students of English often find difficult to master: pragmatics. Lesson plan of the month This lesson plans was written by author Jonathan Marks to help learners with pragmatics. Overview: In this pragmatics lesson, learners develop their awareness and understanding of expressions meaning I don't know and practise using these expressions. Total time for activities: between 30 and 35 minutes Level: upper intermediate to advanced Includes: student worksheets, teacher's notes and answer key Download this lesson plan Pragmatics lesson plans per topic The following lesson plans are designed to help students learn phrases and expressions that are used in everyday life.

What is pragmatics? Free resources How do you say politely that you don't know something? Film English | by Kieran Donaghy. Passive – grammar explanation. To learn Passive voice it is necessary to know the past participles. If you do not know the past participles go to our post on Past participle and learn the irregular verbs first. Once you do not have any problems with past participles, it is time to learn the Passive voice in English. Passive voice is used if the subject (the thing before the verb) does not do the action described by the verb.

Then you have to insert the verb “TO BE” in the correct form in front of the verb in past participle. Passive – graphical presentation First there is a mind map describing the form of the passive. The second graphic clearly shows the usage of passive voice: Your task is to write two sentences under each picture using present simple tense and past simple. See how the passive is made. Here you have a chance to learn the passive through games. Passive – On Target game The second game is called Hoop shoot. 11 Infographics That Will Help You Improve Your Grammar and Spelling. Aleksandra Todorova published on April 29, 2013 in Design In the era of texting, instant messaging and grumpy cat memes, proper grammar and spelling seem to have taken a backseat to the need to communicate with finger-busting speed.

But while ignoring spelling and grammar rules when texting your friends may be OK (honestly, though: it isn’t), once those pesky errors find their way into emails, articles and cover letters, they may cost you a good grade in school, not to mention a job. We hope the 11 infographics below, all of which focus on either grammar or spelling rules or common mistakes, will be both useful and a fun way to brush up on those skills. Let’s get started with some Basic Grammar Rules 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly The Most Annoying Writing Mistakes 10 Hyphenation Tips Quotation Marks and Punctuation Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage 12 Most Misunderstood Words in English Words You Might Misuse Verbs and Their Prepositions 14 Mistakes With Prepositions Apostrophes.