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Phytoremediation: Marsh Plants that Clean Grey Water. How to live comfortably without power if an emergency forces you off grid. The power is out.

How to live comfortably without power if an emergency forces you off grid

The heat is out. Water is off. Suddenly, you are off the grid. Carts and Tools - Exceptional farm and garden tools. American Lime Technology Website. Property Protection: Living Fencing. Hemp Insulation: A Carbon Negative Alternative To Rock Wool. Hemp insulation mats are usually made from 85% hemp and 15% polyester.

Hemp Insulation: A Carbon Negative Alternative To Rock Wool

They can also be treated with boron salts to protect from fires, mold and insects. – As industrial sectors start to take interest in sustainable materials, one plant has caught their attention. How a Modern Root Cellar Could Help Small Farms Sell Food Year-Round. At Food Farm in northern Minnesota, Janaki Fisher-Merritt is getting back to his roots.

How a Modern Root Cellar Could Help Small Farms Sell Food Year-Round

This second-generation farmer is putting a modern twist on an old-fashioned idea that could help scale up the local food economy in the region. He hopes to build a 3,700-square-foot root cellar that he says has the potential to keep fresh vegetables—not just root vegetable, but winter squash, cabbage, apples, and other cold storage food—available all winter long. “Not even pushing it, we should be able to store about 300,000 pounds [of produce],” Fisher-Merritt said. “It’s going to be really nice.” The project is not just about satisfying a craving for local carrots in February. To help pay for the ambitious plan, the popular farm is turning to the community. “This is an idea that is completely needed,” said Kathryn Draeger, director of the University of Minnesota’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships program.

All Year Growing - Underground Greenhouses. There is a growing need for safe, healthy, and natural food items, and what seems like a decreasing amount of space to grow healthy organic food in nutrient-rich soil.

All Year Growing - Underground Greenhouses

Growers are always looking for methods which will save energy, reduce pollution, grow more and higher quality crops, and they want something that is affordable. Thermal Mass & Energy Efficient Design: How Much is Enough? By guest author, Ashley Lubyk Thermal Mass Defined When it comes to building an energy efficient home the discussion often rests on how much insulation should be in the walls, in the ceiling, under the slab, etc.

Thermal Mass & Energy Efficient Design: How Much is Enough?

But as I’ve written about before, energy efficiency is about more than just R-values. A house also benefits from having well placed windows balanced with a calculated amount of thermal mass to passively supply heating and cooling requirements. But how much thermal mass is enough? Before we really get into it let’s first define what thermal mass is. Insulation restricts the flow of heat while thermal mass freely and easily absorbs and releases heat. Freshly installed earthen floor for thermal mass with south facing windows for solar gain. How to Build a Root Cellar in 7 Steps. Cleaner, More Efficient Method of Creating Biofuel. If ever you feel slightly pessimistic about the future, remember that there are brilliant young people out there who are willing to take charge and develop solutions to the world’s great challenges. 16 year-old Evie Sobczak from St.

Cleaner, More Efficient Method of Creating Biofuel

Petersburg, Florida has engineered a new method of turning algae into biofuel. She determined a novel and more efficient way to grow the organisms, extract oil, and use the product as biodiesel. Her method uses no chemicals, and creates 20 percent more oil than current technologies. Her efforts won her first place at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. Sobczak’s project, Algae to Oil via Photoautotrophic Cultivation and Osmotic Sonication, is the most recent in her long line of scientific endeavors. “I really believe algae could be our next fuel source because it doesn’t take a lot of land and it doesn’t take away from our food source. Via Mother Nature Network Images via Intel ISEF. When to Vent Cold Frames. How should I monitor my garden cold frame on warm days to ensure I’m not frying my plants?

When to Vent Cold Frames

Do I need to check the temperature every hour? No, not every hour, but you’re right to err on the side of vigilance anytime the sun is out — even if the temperature isn’t particularly high. During spring and fall, when temperatures range widely, check your weather report early in the morning. If the day will be sunny with temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold frame’s internal temperature will rise too high for your plants, so you should crack the lids open to allow excess heat to escape.

Close your units up at twilight if the forecast predicts nighttime temperatures below your plants’ cold-tolerance level. Photo courtesy Cedar Cold Frames: Even when snow surrounds your cold frame, the plants inside may need a breath of fresh air. Rebecca Martin is an Associate Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine, where her beats include DIY and Green Transportation. Des maisons de semences paysannes pour se libérer de l'agrobusiness - Souveraineté alimentaire.

« Il faut nous organiser pour récupérer toutes les semences qui sont dans les banques de gènes et remettre ce trésor entre des mains sures, celles des paysans ».

Des maisons de semences paysannes pour se libérer de l'agrobusiness - Souveraineté alimentaire

Au milieu d’une centaine de variétés de maïs, en plein cœur de la Dordogne, Bertrand Lassaigne raconte l’histoire de la première maison de semences paysannes en France.