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I was delighted to stumble across this lovely space within Salt circle and find it open, I'm usually peeking through their windows on a Saturday trying to see all their vibrant prints and get a sense of what they create during the working week. Thankfully they decided to open their studio doors to the public on a Saturday and I was able to step inside and have a good look around. For some time now I've been daydreaming of opening a studio/retail space for Nadinoo and seeing how successfully Zana harmoniously combined the two is wonderfully assuring. I love getting a glimpse into other designers work spaces (especially while they work) seeing sewing machines, cutting tables and finished products piled high is all incredibly motivating. Even the warm welcome you receive from the designers as you enter makes you feel your not intruding, only admiring what they create! Photography by Nadinoo & ZANA Nadinoo Nadinoo
Fashiolista Blog Photo | Let’s go Coachella style! You guys probably heard about the Coachella festival. This festival is one of the most popular festivals because it’s showcasing the greatest artists ever like Prince, Madonna, The White Stripes, Kanye West, The Black Keys and so on… We could imagine ourselves dancing all day and all night surrounded by the most famous pop- and rock stars who are having a day off. Fashiolista Blog
Para empezar, ¿cómo podrías definirte como bloggera? Pues soy de las que habla poco y enseña poco, no me gusta la saturación en los blogs , me decanto más por los blogs en los que una imagen te lo dice todo,no me gustan los post con 15 fotos del mismo outfit ,ni los que te muestran un texto hablando de como combinar cada prenda ya que lo estás viendo con tus propios ojos .Creo que a buen entendedor sobran palabras y a la hora de publicar ,en mi opinión lo hago así,corto y eficaz . ¿Tienes algún referente o hay alguien que te inspire a la hora de vestirte? (Otras bloggers, alguna famosa en concreto…) Mi gran inspiración es el estilo de los sesenta y setenta,el estilo lolita de Adrian Lyne,personajes como Pipi Langstrumpf,cuentos infantiles de toda la vida como Hansel y gretel o caperucita. Maria Eugenia Elias Maria Eugenia Elias
Hannah and Landon Hannah and Landon The Feline Feeling from The Loved One on Vimeo. Louisa came for freedom, she came for stardom but she stayed for... The Feline Feeling. Follow Louisa as she meets the right kind of sewing, stealing and stripping gang of cats lead by Renee and Lucille (played by a be-wigged Lucy in her debut role). Cat fights, cat burglars and cat cats come together for the most dramatic picture ever produced. Can you resist...The Feline Feeling?
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LovelyPepa LovelyPepa another week, another resume by instagram! you can search my nick @lovelypepa Otra semana, otro resumen a través de instagram! Podéis seguirme buscando mi nick @lovelypepa
¡Concurso bloggers Arenal Sound 2014! ¿Quieres ser blogger oficial de Arenal Sound 2014? ¡Participa y podrás ser uno de los 8 bloggers oficiales del festival junto a mí! 1- Asistir conmigo al Blogger's Project que sera del 17 al 20 de mayo en Barcelona. Dulceida


Tea Time Superado el jet lag ya no hay excusas. Ayer, al salir de la clase de estiramientos de ballet, deseé con todas mis fuerzas el teletransportarme a “Jemeluk Bay”, en Bali. Cerré fuerte los ojos y repetí tres veces para mis adentros “Jemeluk Bay, Jemeluk Bay, Jemeluk Bay”, una brisa con olor a mar revolvió un poco mi pelo todavía mojado por el sudor. Abrí los ojos con la emoción de una niña que entra por primera vez en una tienda de juguetes y apuuf…la gente a mi alrededor me miraba raro, con una expresión que daba paso a sus pensamientos, pensamientos claros, “esta pobre niña loca”. Tea Time
k a t e l o v e s m e

k a t e l o v e s m e

Last week during men´s fashion week I quickly popped to Paris, as you usually do, for the unveiling of the new Lacoste campaign launch party. Lacoste, symbol of relaxed elegance since 1933 backed by its
Tea Time

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Fashiontoast | (Stone Cold Fox gangster crop, Reformation silk shorts, Manebi checkered espadrilles, Goyard shoulder bag) I just really love the concept of Thermal as a place name. So this was one of the windier airports turned carnivals I’ve been to on a Saturday. What I wore for day 2 of Coachella was something simple in my favorite materials. Those would be leather and silk if this is your first time here. And the athletic cut of this SCF top is my exact mood at the moment.
Passage Paradis Passage Paradis I know, I know....... Why haven't I posted these photos of North Beach before? Maybe because I have three times this many of them. It was so hard to go through and make a coherent narrative. It's such a rich and lively place of contrasts - East and West old and new
Shared Closet Paula: top H&M, vaqueros Levis ¡Buenos días amigos! ¡Estoy muy emocionada! En unas horas estaré tirada por algún aeropuerto, con la cabeza apoyada en la mochila, tapada con una toalla y escribiendo en mi (nuevo;) cuaderno de viajes. ¡Las hermanas se reúnen de nuevo! Mi hermanita, mi hermanita, mi hermanita sdhaskdnsdhnskfjdnsfjds
AnnnMarie Witam Kochani ! Dziś mamy Mikołajki. Wszyscy cieszymy się prezentami i bezkarnie obiadami słodyczami ;)
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