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Sketchbook on the Behance Network. The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition. If you have any other questions, please visit our dedicated support website at support.sketchbookproject.comWhat is The Sketchbook Project?

The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced library of over 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from more than 135 countries. Anyone can add their voice to the collection by signing up to fill a Sketchbook Project book of their own to submit. The entire project is on view to the public as a permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront exhibition space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. What if I don’t sketch? We use ‘sketchbook’ as loose term for experimentation in creativity. What is Digitizing? Select digitizing, and your completed book will be professionally photographed and uploaded for you to The Sketchbook Project’s online Digital Library.

What are themes? What do you mean by tour? Every year we take to the road with all of the new Sketchbook Project submissions. Congrats! Yes. PhysicSketch. Sketch Swap. SKETCHES on the Behance Network. Sketch Swap - Haz un dibujo y consigue otro a cambio. BOOK. For the love of type: Nearly-forgotten sketch books. This Blog Linked From Here The Web Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

for the love of type: Nearly-forgotten sketch books

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool. As a kid, I spent hours drawing and sketching ideas that popped into my head.

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool

I used drawing as a primary language for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas. Teachers and mentors encouraged me, helping to sustain sketching as a key skill throughout school and into my professional career. Good fortune has ignited my passion to become a sketch advocate, helping others rediscover sketching as a powerful problem-solving and communication tool. I’m excited to share why sketching can be so beneficial, show samples of sketches, and provide helpful resources. My goal is to encourage you—whether you’re a designer, front-end developer, coder, writer or whatever you may be—to add sketching to your toolkit. The Sketchbook Project 2013.

BLU. Sketchbooks. The sketchbook - a creative diary. Keeping such a book is not only a nice hobby or a pleasing pursuit.Live changes when you keep a diary.

The sketchbook - a creative diary

Do not expect less. It might take some time until you notice it, but it will happen. Especially sketching outdoors from life has a strong influence on body and mind. It starts with simple physical effects. Getting out for a walk, moving around and getting exposed to light is very healthy especially also in winter. Be prepared that you will see things you have not noticed before at all and you will see your known surroundings from a different point of view.

Also a kind of visual programming will start as drawing is not a one way action of putting something down on paper. Drawing sessions in combination with walking are a great way to get a clear and calm mind and to get your creative forces into work. Drawing gets the right side of the brain into work and relaxes the intellectual left side of the brain. Andrea joseph's sketchblog. Travel Sketching, Illustrated Journals and Sketchbooks : Trumpetvine. Flickr: Intercambio de fotos. 3rd International Urban Sketching Symposium. Urban Sketchers. Ken's Sketch Journal. DESDE LOS TEJADOS: "los tejados de Paris" de Fabrice Moireau. La Editorial "Les Éditions du Pacifique" tiene en el mercado el libro de acuarelas "Toits de Paris", con textos de Carl Norac y acuarelas de Fabrice Moireau.

DESDE LOS TEJADOS: "los tejados de Paris" de Fabrice Moireau

El libro está dedicado integramente a los tejados de Paris, y captan a la perfección su caótico desorden, sus infinitas chimeneas, y sus tejados de Zinc. Fabrice Moireau ha ilustrado numerosísimos cuadernos de viaje (En la editorial Anaya podéis encontrar libros dedicados a Paris, Londres, Nueva York, o Venecia) y en esta ocasión se dedica exclusivamente a los tejados de Paris, desde todos sus barrios, captando todos sus monumentos, con los matices que las distintas horas del día da con su luz a los tejados, en todas las estaciones del año.

My Paris Sketchbook. Fabrice moireau. Carnets de voyages - Dessins de Jean-Luc Leguay. Illustrateurs de carnets de voyage. Leonardo's Sketch Books. The great artist Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks probably started out as just a way for him to improve the quality of his paintings.

Leonardo's Sketch Books

He studied anatomy to portray the human body accurately. He studied plants and rocks to make them authentic for his paintings. Somewhere along the line, however, the books became more than that. The sketchbook's name is Homs. Sketchbook - The Bearskinrug Sketchbook. Sketchbook Magazine. ChickenScratch-Sketchbooks: Contemporary Sketchbook Examples. Travel Sketches - Journaling and Sketching for the Travelling Artist. Travel sketchbooks and journals have a personal touch that will bring back memories of your trip for years to come.

Travel Sketches - Journaling and Sketching for the Travelling Artist

Here are a collection of resources for the travelling artist. Sketching Spirit This art professor's blog includes many sketchbook drawings, and they are really something different: crisp, clean and beautiful line drawings, with a striking sense of composition. Bill Sharp's Costa Rica Travel JournalPages from Bill Sharp's travel journal. Lovely, relaxed sketches and bright fresh color. Lots of text too - a journal, after all, can include text as well as image.

Holy Land Travel DrawingsScottish artist David Roberts, born in 1796, traveled extensively through the Holy Land, producing astounding drawings of sites like the Mosque of Omar and the Church of the Nativity, resplendent with exotic detail. Travels with a Sketchbook in....... Sketchbook. Sketchbooks. Moleksine sketchbooks. Dnewmanpaintings: Sketchbook Envy. The Lost Sketchbooks of Guillermo Del Toro. Exploring the journal, the working process and the act of creative development Guillermo Del Toro | Pan’s Labyrinth I’ve written and spoken publicly in the past about the concept of the journal — the annotated sketchbook — as a place of making ideas.

The Lost Sketchbooks of Guillermo Del Toro

These days, I tend to write notes in multiple journals — keeping it casual — I’ll even use stapled books, or post-it books of the larger size. In the past, I’ve drawn journals that are gathering places for ideas, as well as project plans and notations. But in a manner, the idea of the journal is less about the actual professional work, and more about the personal work. A Seed of Thought: Artist Sketchbooks. Snap Happy: Example - Sketchbooks. Here are some interesting sketchbooks that I have found during my research.

Snap Happy: Example - Sketchbooks.

I singled out these sketchbooks because their work has been portrayed in interesting ways that make you want to read what they provided. Sketchbooks. Sketchbooks: Most artists keep sketchbooks in which they experiment with ideas and collect drawings of their environment.


The most famous artist sketchbooks are those of Leonardo da Vinci. His sketchbooks are filled with drawings, diagrams and written notes of things he saw and ideas he came up with. Picasso produced 178 sketchbooks in his life time. He often used his sketchbooks to explore themes and make compositional studies until he found the right idea and subject for a larger painting on canvas.

The Sketchbook Project - WE DESIGN STUDIOS. We recently heard about a really amazing art event that is currently traveling throughout the United States. The Sketchbook Project is displaying nearly 10,000 completed sketchbooks in nine major cities in the United States and is produced by Arthouse, a Brooklyn-based co-op with a goal to bring art to the masses.

Arthouse began its project by sending out 28,839 blank sketchbooks to artists in 94 different countries. Almost one-third were mailed back to them, pages filled with wonderful expressions of creativity. LINKS to ARTISTS' SKETCHBOOKS ONLINE. 1000 Hours of Drawing (Taylor O) sketchbooks | sketch 1000 JOURNALS PROJECT (Someguy) 8861 miles collabration of 2 danish artists, one (Peter) living in Denmark and the other living in Australia (Lene) 8861 miles apart... Chicago, sketchbook, copyright © 2011 Susan Abbott. Urban sketchers - Flickr: Buscar. Sketch Swap. Urban Sketchers. Sketching, Drawing. Scrapbooking. Draw, paint, sketch, create art online. Sketch. Drawings/sketch.

Sketch. Drawing and sketching. Sketching, Drawing. Sketch. Sketching. Sketch. Sketching.