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  1. peggymiles Aug 12 2012
    You are active and it's which path of your pearls should I start looking at first? If you do not mind me asking...since I like your pearls - I am wondering if these pearls are personal and professional interests...and love to know about your work. worries if not...will enjoy wandering around your finds. Keep up the great work. Like a lot of the same things that you do!
  2. zazzles Aug 9 2012
    Thanks for picking my pearltree. It's significant to me because I get very few picks
  3. ironbird Aug 6 2012
    Hello! thanks a ot for adding some of my pearls! If you enjoy them you will enjoy a lot the future additions to such pearls and other stuff that i will add ;) thanks so much!
  4. zazzles Jun 15 2012
    I hope we can work together on that pearltree you copied from me. I'm glad to know that people like my work.
  5. espejoenigma Jun 8 2012
    That's becuase you have an impressive list of good pearls. Congratulations.
  6. schenz Jun 8 2012
    Wow, about 20 trees again! I am glad, that you like it and that you are copying so much! =D
  7. schenz Jun 5 2012
    Hello espejoenigma, thx for your interest and your pearling of over 40 trees from me right now! grz schenz -> 
  8. jenovesia May 25 2012
    I have a weird sense of humor. And yes, intriguing!
  9. pvenditti May 23 2012
    Metaphors can be intriguing, can't they?
  10. jenovesia May 23 2012
    That almost sounds like something a man would get slapped across the face thanks for sharing pearls!