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How Girls Watch TV. Odwalla. Odwalla - Reference. What Is an eNotes Study Guide?

Odwalla - Reference

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Working on an essay? Find an eNotes Study Guide. Odwalla, Inc. Odwalla, Inc. is engaged in the manufacture of fruit-based beverages such as fruit juices and smoothies.

Odwalla, Inc.

The company also manufactures soy-based beverages and nutritional bars. History Odwalla was created in 1980 by Bonnie Bassett, Gerry Percy and Greg Steltenpohl in Santa Cruz, California. The three founders thought of marketing fruit juices and started the business by using a secondhand juicer to extract orange juice. They then sold their product to restaurants in the area. Five years after its foundation, Odwalla became incorporated and by 1988 had expanded its business to San Francisco.

In order to meet the demand for their products, the company built a new production plant in Dinuba, California. What made Odwalla beverages appeal to consumers was the idea that the company’s products were healthier, because they were not pasteurized. Odwalla Profile Overview. Odwalla Gets Juiced Up [Daily Double] November 27, 2000. By Ticker: (Nasdaq: ODWA) Phone: �650-726-1888 Website: Price (11/24/00): $10.94 How Did It Double?

Odwalla Gets Juiced Up [Daily Double] November 27, 2000

"Odwalla came through the people of the Sun to warn them of the vanished legions and to teach them how they may increase their bounty through the practice of the drum and silent gong. " ��-- "Illistrum" by Malachi Favors � � Vanished legions? Selling premium-priced fresh-squeezed juices, the hip company had it all in 1996. The company was quick to pull the product -- all the product -- off the shelves.

So went the vanished legions. The drinkers came back first. Business Description Odwalla was founded 20 years ago by three musicians. Beyond the ever-growing juice lines, the company also distributes spring water, meal replacement Future Shakes, and energy bars. Financial Facts Income Statement 12-month sales:�$93.5 million 12-month income:�$3.1 million 12-month EPS:�$0.43 Profit Margin:�3.3% Market Cap:�$121.4 million How Could You Have Found This Double? Where to From Here? Juice Left in Odwalla; Company Posts Loss, but Sales and Cash Up Despite Recall. Odwalla, Inc. Company Profile. Odwalla, Inc. Address: 120 Stone Pine Road Half Moon Bay, California 94019 U.S.A.

Odwalla, Inc.

Telephone:(650) 726-1888Toll Free:800-639-2552Fax:(650) 726-4441 Website: Public Company Incorporated: 1985 Employees: 500 Sales: $59.09 million (1998) Stock Exchanges: NASDAQ Ticker Symbol: ODWA NAIC: 311421 Fruit and Vegetable Canning; 312112 Bottled Water Manufacturing Company Perspectives: Odwalla has strived to make and deliver great products while nurturing our relationships with humans and the environment. Company History: Youthful, hip, and fresh, Odwalla, Inc. went from backyard juicer to big business faster than you can say 'Strawberry C Monster.' Orange Juicing Origins In 1980, 25-year-old George Steltenpohl and two fellow musicians, Gerry Percy and Bonnie Bassett, were in Santa Cruz casting about for ways to make money without much capital.

The company's name came from a character in an Art Ensemble of Chicago song-poem called 'Illistrum.' Business was brisk. Into the IPO Zone in 1993. Odwalla Juice Breakdown. Odwalla, Inc.: Private Company Information. April 10, 2014 7:52 PM ET Food Products Company Overview Odwalla, Inc. produces and sells crafted beverages and food bars.

Odwalla, Inc.: Private Company Information

The company offers natural juices, juice drinks, fruit smoothies, garden organics, protein drinks, quenchers, products for kids, smoothie refreshers, and superfoods. It sells its products through natural food stores, select supermarkets, and specialty outlets in the United States. 1900 East Davis Drive Dinuba, CA 93618 United States Founded in 1980 700 Employees Key Executives for Odwalla, Inc. Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations.