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Free jQuery Parallax Plugin | jQuery Parallax Scrolling. How can I make the boostrap js carousel automatically cycle as soon as the page loads. Serialize Form to JSON. What's the name of jQuery plugin which auto arranges div/image elements on page. How to use responsive twitter bootstrap & masonry together | Dean Clatworthy. Jquery/jquery-color. 25+ Useful jQuery Plugins for Working With Social Media. Due to growing popularity of social networking sites every body wants to grow their site traffic through these social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Dzone etc… Every business whether small or big is doing its best to spread a word about its activities through Social Media.

They help the websites and bloggers to generate new and high traffic by telling people that how many other people like this website and blogs. This is the reason the integration of Social Media into websites has become more essential now. jQuery offers various solutions in form of plugins and widgets that are really helpful. You can choose a tool that can appropriately meet your social media promotional needs but finding them may not be easy as it seems. So here in this article, we are sharing with you some of these social media jQuery plugins that you can use to meet your varied social media needs. Please have a look. 1. jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin 2. 3. 4. jSocial A Social Networking Plugin 6. 7. 8. 10. 13.

How to add smooth scrolling to Bootstrap's scroll spy function. Remove CSS Attribute with jQuery. Jquery - How to bind to the submit event when HTML5 validation is used. How to get mouse position in jQuery without mouse-events. Jquery - Scale ImageMap coords with dynamic sized images. Document.elementFromPoint – a jQuery solution - While writing a new drag & drop component, i came across the javascript function elementFromPoint(x,y). The elementFromPoint method returns the DOM node located at the coordinates x,y. This method is truly helpful when it comes to detecting a drop target. You simply get the node at the mouse position with elementFromPoint at the coordinates the drop occured and walk up through the DOM tree untill you find a valid drop target. From a jQuery point of view, this means only using $(nodeUnderPointXY).closest('myDropTargetSelector') on the node. For more information on this elementFromPoint, see quirksmode’s compatibility table and a demo.

But unfotunately there is a big drawback !!! I.e. there are incompatibilities between browsers in wether to use the absolute document coordinates or the relative window coordinates to detect the element. Safari 4 and Opera 10.10 need the absolute coordinates, whereas IE and Firefox need the the relative ones.

A solution to the problem The w3c specification says: