Open Street Maps

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TileMill. Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade. Video tutorials. For detailed step-by-step introduction, see Beginners' guide.

Video tutorials

Absolute beginners By David Ellams. Editing basics using the new Potlatch 2 editor: Humanitarian OSM Team/LearnOSM videos to accompany the website text Getting started - OSM website basics Getting started 2 - Sign up and make your first edit (Potlatch 2) Getting started with JOSM - Install and set-up Concepts for beginners By emacsen - A series of videos for the new OSM contributor covers general concepts from nodes to changests and rendering. Tutorials or sets of tutorials by specific people Series by Steve Coast See the series Russ Nelson on JOSM Series of short JOSM tutorials by Russell Nelson: Humanitarian mapping tutorials (These often apply just as well to normal mapping) Todd Huffman OpenStreetMap, from the Kabul Airport to Jalalabad - Quick real-world mapping example using Android apps for viewing and tracing.

Kevin Steinhardt User:Maning osm in less than 5 - series of basic tutorials for JOSM and Potlatch User:Rw User:Yellowbkpk Misc. Java - How to create map tiles from OpenStreetMap offline, display it on Android.