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Untitled. Facilitators are getting inundated with panicky requests to host meetings online.


Some of us have the tech know-how to do this, and others don’t. Clients are feeling pressure and urgency to get teams up and running online and folks are hoping the important meeting that they have been working with for months can suddenly go online and get the same kinds of results. Here is some stuff to help you out. Slow down. Just because you are not hosting face to face does not mean you are not hosting. Work with a tech person and a harvesting person. Keep it simple. Design together. Consider the check in. Untitled. Sometimes referred to as virtual conferencing, Virtual Meetings are the hosting of a meeting in a virtual environment and not face-to-face.


Virtual meetings use technology to allow groups to collaborate through an Internet connection. These virtual meeting platforms generally have an audio and video component and are not simply a voice connection. Virtual meetings are easy to conduct. All that is needed for participants at the basic level is: an Internet connection, Audio (through computer speakers and microphone, or telephone), Webcam . When it comes to virtual meeting event tech, there are several categories and types of tools you can use.

FaceTime Yes, you can use this video communication app for business too. Pro: This new feature should keep everyone on their toes. Con: It’s for iOS only. Skype This basic video communication app, allows groups or individuals to conference in with one another without long-distance fees. Untitled. By Michael Wilkinson, CMFManaging Director, Leadership Strategies, Inc.


Author, The Secrets of Facilitation and The Secrets to Masterful Meetings In today’s business world, many meetings take place over telephone lines, through the Internet, using video conferencing and via other technology vehicles that allow participants to be in different geographic areas. While these vehicles can reduce the cost of meetings, they can also present significant challenges to the meeting leader. For, despite the geographic dispersion, the meeting leader must still find a way to get the participants excited from the very beginning, keep everyone engaged and focused on the objective, gather and document the critical information, build consensus, manage dysfunction, keep the energy high, and close with a clear understanding of what was accomplished, the value of the accomplishment and the steps to be taken once the meeting ends.

Untitled. By Michael Wilkinson, CMFManaging Director, Leadership Strategies, Inc.


Author, The Secrets of Facilitation and The Secrets to Masterful Meetings If you facilitate cross-functional teams within a large organization or community task forces assembled to address a specific issue, it is likely that there will be a large percentage of your team members who are unfamiliar with one another. The practice of Dialogue Mapping – Part 1. Hiya For those who do not regularly read CleverworkArounds, I have a bit of a split career-personality where half my working life is spent as a SharePoint practitioner and the other half as a sort of facilitator, based around the craft of dialogue mapping.

The practice of Dialogue Mapping – Part 1

This series of articles will delve a little deeper into dialogue mapping and how I have used it. I previously introduced the topic of IBIS and Issue Mapping to a SharePoint audience in the “One best practice” series of posts. Untitled. MastheadOur mission statement, copyright notice, and cast of characters.


Training DesignContinuous Improvement of TrainingKeep on tweaking. Structured SharingGuidelinesBe inclusive. FramegameThirty-FiveEverything you'll ever need to know about this framegame. Guest GamerInterview with Christie StearnsHer approach to training makes cents! Another FramegameRapid Fire by Christie SternsHandling objections. Learning ActivitiesLearning Activities Revisited - 1Textra games and replay activities. Brian's WordsA Perfect Smile by Brian RemerReading between the lines?

99 Words TipBlend Formal with InformalPractical ideas for integrating these approaches. Check It OutInteractive Lectures ( )Other points of view. Single Item SurveyMore Suggestions for BlendingLet's do some informal brainstorming. Masthead Mission To increase and improve the use of interactive, experiential strategies to improve human performance in an effective, efficient, and enjoyable way. The Meeting Facilitation Software - Stormz. Coalitions Work Tools « Coalition Work. Untitled. The point of having a good synergistic team is so that when times are tough, the team really pulls together and are able to pull themselves out of tremendous challenging situations.


Other reasons for having team and trust building activities as a regular part of your meetings and or organizational culture initiatives include: – People will enjoy coming to work because they feel valued and appreciated– Projects get done more expediently– Creativity abounds when the solutions are not apparent– It is much less work for you, the leader, because people are not complaining about each other but rather are supporting one another– Work feels like fun rather than a chore.

Passion abounds Here are ten ways we’ve “borrowed and begged” from other colleagues or created ourselves to help your creative juices start flowing, whether you are the outside or inside facilitator or a leader that needs to be more vigilant about creating conditions for great teams. Edgeware - Plexus Institute. Native Hawaiian Education. Whispers — The Thiagi Group.

(First published, July 2001) You can use Whispers as a follow-up activity to any interesting experience among a group of friends.

Whispers — The Thiagi Group

It's my favorite game to informally debrief my colleagues at the airport or during the drive back after a conference. Purpose. Facilitation Wiki. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Facilitation Kit. Teamwork is the Single Most Untapped Strategic Advantage.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Facilitation Kit

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