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NodeSchool. Programming Concepts Help: Best Resources to Learn JavaScript. Mastering the Ionic Framework: Learn to Build & Deploy Native Speed HTML5 Based Apps. Web development technologies have evolved at an incredible clip over the past few years.

Mastering the Ionic Framework: Learn to Build & Deploy Native Speed HTML5 Based Apps

We've gone from rudimentary DOM manipulation with libraries like jQuery to supercharged web applications organized & powered by elegant MV* based frameworks like AngularJS. Pair this with significant increases in browser rendering speeds, and it is now easier than ever before to build production quality applications on top of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. While these advances have been incredible, they are only just starting to affect the clear platform of the future: mobile. For years, mobile rendering speeds were atrocious, and the MVC frameworks & UI libraries provided by iOS and Android were far superior to writing mobile apps using web technologies. There were also some very public failures -- Facebook famously wrote their first iOS app in 2011 using HTML5 but ended up scrapping it due to terrible performance.

William Malone { Articles } 17 Hours of JavaScript from the Masters. Douglas Crockford.

17 Hours of JavaScript from the Masters

John Resig. Peter-Paul Koch. Nicolas C. Zakas. If you recognize these names, you probably know what they all have in common: they're amazingly talented JavaScript Developers. Length: 1 hour, 3 minutesSpeaker: Douglas CrockfordSlides (powerpoint) 20 Free Ebooks For Software Developers [Beginners] Developing and programming software and applications is never an easy task, and sometimes you need a bit of help, whether it’s for managing your workflow, refreshing your knowledge or learning a new programming language.

20 Free Ebooks For Software Developers [Beginners]

Thankfully, there are a lot of resources on the Internet that can help, including free ebooks. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 20 free ebooks that should definitely be of use to beginner software developers and programmers. They cover a decent range of topics, from more general workflow advice to nitty-gritty code and quite a few things in between. Without further ado, here’s the list. 9 Free Programming Books That Will Make You A Pro. Advertisement What’s better than a free book?

9 Free Programming Books That Will Make You A Pro

Nine free books! Calling all programmers, whether new, old, or aspiring: we’ve found a great selection of free (as in beer) books to boost your coding skills to the next level. There’s a little bit of everything for everybody, so hop in and enjoy. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. Adrian Mejia’s Blog. jQuery Learning Center.

JSbooks - free javascript books. Learn how to program. JavaScript 101. What we'll cover reading time: approx. 23mins IntroductionWhat is JavaScriptTerminologyGlobal ObjectVariablesTypesObjectsArraysConditional StatementsCoercionFunctionsCode Reuse (inheritance)Conclusion Introduction.

JavaScript 101

Learn to Code: Programming Tutorials and Resources. Getting started with HTML5 Everybody's talking about HTML5, understand how to use some of it's best features.

Learn to Code: Programming Tutorials and Resources

Learning jQuery with Street Fighter Gain a basic understanding of jQuery and how to use it on your own projects. JavaScript Best Practices Part 2. Optimize Loops Loops can get terribly slow in JavaScript.

JavaScript Best Practices Part 2

Most of the time it’s because you’re doing things in them that don’t make sense. JavaScript Best Practices Part 1. Javascript Best Practices, Part 1 Make it Understandable Choose easy to understand and short names for variables and functions.

JavaScript Best Practices Part 1

Bad variable names: Also bad variable names: incrementerForMainLoopWhichSpansFromTenToTwenty } createNewMemberIfAgeOverTwentyOneAndMoonIsFull. JavaScript 101 — again. Resources for HTML5 game developers. Today we released Firefox 31 and it offers a couple of new features that help HTML5 game developers to code and debug sophisticated games.

Resources for HTML5 game developers

In addition Mozilla blogged about the first commercial games leveraging asm.js, Dungeon Defenders Eternity and Cloud Raiders both of which were cross-compiled in to JavaScript using the Emscripten compiler. Games like these show that HTML5 is ready as a game platform. If you are interested in working with Emscripten you can get more information at the main Emscripten wiki or grab the code on the github page. Another good resource is the getting started with Emscripten tutorial on MDN. If you are wondering about the performance of asm.js, read asm.js performance improvements in the latest version of Firefox make games fly!

In this post we’ll introduce you to some of the resources built by Mozillians that allow you to code and debug HTML5 based games. Getify/You-Dont-Know-JS. JSbooks - free javascript books. 18 Surprises From Reading jQuery's Source Code - Quick Left Boulder Colorado. I love jQuery, and though I consider myself an advanced JavaScript developer, I had never read the jQuery source from top to bottom, until now.

18 Surprises From Reading jQuery's Source Code - Quick Left Boulder Colorado

Here are a few things that I learned along the way: Note: I use the $.fn.method() syntax to refer to the practice of calling method on a set of matched elements. For example, when I say $.fn.addClass, that represents uses like $(‘div’).addClass(‘blue’) or $(‘’).addClass(‘in-use’). $.fn is the prototype for jQuery-wrapped elements. Superhero.js. Learning Advanced JavaScript. How to Learn JavaScript Properly. Learn JavaScript Properly (For Beginners and Experienced Programmers) This study guide, which I also refer to as a course outline and a road map, gives you a structured and instructive outline for learning JavaScript properly.

In fact, you will find two study guides below, one for absolute beginners and the other for experienced programmers and web developers. Javascript Self Invoking Functions. Interview With Nicholas Zakas of Box. Having people you can learn from is an essential part of being a successful developer. No amount of reading will ever fully prepare you for the ever-changing web landscape, so being able to look to seasoned and experienced mentors is vital. Nicholas Zakas is one of those people that you can look to. Resources for Staying on Top of JavaScript. Last year, I wrote about and recommended some great resources for getting good with andJavaScript. A year is a long time in Internet terms and I figured now was a good time for a refresh. JavaScript continues to explode in terms of adoption and being fully embraced, not only in the browser but also on the server.

So it's about time we revisit the list and update it with good places to stay current. With JavaScript's continued adoption rate, there's been an explosion of books but from what I've seen, only a small percentage are offering new and interesting reading material. Understanding JavaScript OOP - Soreλ\a's Basement. Now that we're able to inherit properties from other objects and extend the specialised objects to define their own behaviours, we have a little problem: what if we actually wanted to access the parent behaviours that we just overwrote? JavaScript provides the Object.getPrototypeOf function, that returns the [⁣[Prototype]⁣] of an object.

This way, we have access to all properties defined within the prototype chain of an object. So, accessing a property in the parent of an object is quite simple: Untrusted - a user javascript adventure game. Nijikokun/the-zen-approach. Online JavasScript Tutor - Visualize program execution. Learning Advanced JavaScript. JavaScript Garden. Although JavaScript deals fine with the syntax of two matching curly braces for blocks, it does not support block scope; hence, all that is left in the language is function scope. function test() { // a scope for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { // not a scope // count } console.log(i); // 10}

How do I get started with Node.js. Tutorial: Context or the "This" Keyword in JavaScript. I’m Adam Breindel and I teach classes with NewCircle. I’m here to talk about context or the “this” keyword in JavaScrtipt. Blazon. JavaScript Best Practices. Introduction. Learn JavaScript Part 2 - Space Invaders. Introduction. Challenges and Solutions - Architecture of a Modern Web Application - JavaScript - Part 2.