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Untitled. Instant Oatmeal (Just Like the Packets) Post by community member: CindyP Growing up, we had pretty strict menus in the fall and winter months–potato soup every Saturday for lunch, bean soup every Saturday night, fried chicken every Sunday for dinner, and oatmeal every.single.morning. And we weren’t allowed to leave anything on our plate, either. Now, I understand and can appreciate it–all the way up to the oatmeal every.single.morning. I love my Mom and don’t want to say anything bad about her cooking because in every other way she was a fabulous cook. Imagine a glummy glop of something being in your bowl every single morning from the beginning of September through the end of April. I still have that vision every time I think of eating a bowl of oatmeal. But, of course, I could not see myself paying almost $3 for 10 packets of instant oatmeal.

I searched the web to figure out what are in those little packets that make them so edible (besides the flavoring). How to make Instant Oatmeal Packets: Printable. Container Stories. The dog days of summer bring with it a wanderlust to pack up the car and hit the road. And that's just what this dog Eli - and his dad David, did! Actually David did all the packing while his precious, four-year-old Golden Retriever eagerly awaited the getaway to the Santa Monica Mountains. Featured Products: Folding Trunk Organizer // Grey Utility Trays // GearTie Twist Ties // Eagle Creek Flame Orange Specter Pack-it Sacs // Nap Sac Travel Blanket and Pillow // Monkey Mat Quilted Blanket // Bon Ton Doggy Pick-up Kit // Pet Travel-Tainer // The Watering Hole Dog Bowl // Pocket Moleskin Soft Ruled Notebook // Weatherproof Survival Kit // Thermos Vacumm Insulated Food Jar // Black Pocket Poncho by reisenthel David definitely took our advice to maximize every inch of space with the use of crates or bins that prevent items from shifting in the trunk.

Food, doggie toys and Eli's own blanket fill our Utility Trays. Eli looks like he had a pretty comfortable ride, huh? Untitled. Weights & Dimensions Overall Product Weight: 7 lbs Features Assembly About the Manufacturer Napier is the world’s largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. More About This Product When you buy a Napier Outdoors Sportz Cove 2 Person Tent online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered.

Truck tents, Camping tents, vehicle camping tents at Canadian Napier Outdoor On-line Store. Camping Station - Search results for: 'car camping' Stanley portable tool boxes. Lightweight Travel Trailers & Small Campers - Scamp Trailers. TruckVault. Truck Storage Box, Back Seat Organizer, Under Seat Storage - Husky Liners® Useful storage box - - acphoto - 45 to 54 Female very happy with this. fits tools, gear and 'stuff'. only slight downside, dividers could be a bit more rigid.

Easy to install - - BenC - 55 to 64 Male 2 mos since purchase and install. 2 EZ. Drop in fit no prob. Augments the Ford spacer already in place. Nice, professional looking fit - - 2016 Silverado - 45 to 54 Male Perfect. . - billybob - 55 to 64 Male Perfect fit under backseat. Awesome products! Purchased the under seat storage compartment and complete floor boards for 16 GMC crew cab and they all fit perfectly. . - splitter - 55 to 64 Male I bought this a month ago and I really like that my gear is well stowed away and doesn't shift around anymore, would highly recommend, looks finished too!

Perfect Fit - - Dan the Man - 55 to 64 Male Great Storage Box - Made in USA! 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 First Impression - Super light, nice finish/texture, no flashing around the edges, maybe a little on the thin side. Bought this 2 weeks ago. 2013 Ford Edge Cargo Organization Accessories | The Official Site for Ford Accessories. Trunk Organizer - 4 Wheel Parts. Manufacturers | The Small Trailer Enthusiast. I have a small car. I like my small car. I want to be able to tow a very basic trailer, which nobody seems to manufacture at anything close to what the average person can afford. My requirements: 1. Either indoor cooktop propane burners, or enough counter/table space INSIDE to accommodate a portable camp stove.

I don’t need a shower, oven, toilet, bunk beds, hood fan, or masses of storage. The motorcycle-grade trailers and fold-out tent-trailers are great, but you can’t cook INSIDE of them. You used to be able to buy fully-featured traditional-styled popup-campers weighing less than 900 lbs; nobody makes them any more. I’ve seen some self-made teardrop trailers where the roof folds upward at the back – making the rear interior space livable/workable. Map of Campers for sale in the Tampa Bay Area. - Home. Simple camping trailer. Install a Solar Car Kit on Top of Your Car. A solar car kit can be used to convert a conventional car to run on solar energy. Not only are solar kits affordable, but they can also help you do your bit for the environment. A solar kit can be installed on virtually any type of car, but it is easiest to convert an electric vehicle to run on solar power.

If you intend to use solar panels to power a standard gas-powered car, this will be more complicated. Benefits of Solar Power Solar power is brilliant because they make it possible to run your car for free. Electric vehicles are very popular, but it's only possible to remove all of the emissions associated with using electric vehicles if you use solar panels. Drawbacks of Solar Power Solar panels were once very expensive and impractical for use on cars. Installing a Solar Power Kit There are two different types of solar powered kit available depending on what you are trying to do. The easiest types of DIY solar powered car kit work with electric cars. Maintaining Solar Panels. Amazon. Awnings. There are a number of options available for awnings for small campers in the US. I've broken them into a few classes of awning below. Retractable awnings These awnings roll back into a protective case, using either a hand crank or an electric motor.

They can be rolled out to any percentage of open, meaning you can pull out just a small bit if space is limited. Fiamma F45i ($700 + brackets + freight): this is the premium campervan awning. Aluminum case; hand crank with optional electric motor; heavy-duty material. Fiamma F65: larger than the F45, otherwise similar. Dometic Horizon (aka A&E Horizon) (~$800 + freight): Now known as Dometic, used to be A&E. Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning ($600): Very cool - comes out and wraps around 270 degrees, to shade the side and the back of your vehicle. 100% UV protection, and available for either the left or right side of the vehicle. Bag awnings Fiamma F35 Pro: another nice awning from Fiamma. More pictures and information on this thread. Gear. Camping. Camping. Hiking & vagabondism. Hiking & vagabondism. Traveling Blogs. Traveling Blogs. Travel Tips. Travel Tips.

Travel Tips. Travel Tips. Gear/planning. Gear/planning. Have Pack, Will Travel - Travel tips and stories for backpackers, budget travelers, and those wanting to discover the world through something more than a simple vacation. Have Pack, Will Travel - Travel tips and stories for backpackers, budget travelers, and those wanting to discover the world through something more than a simple vacation. Roadtrip Nation: Define your own road in life! - Roadtrip Nation. Roadtrip Nation: Define your own road in life! - Roadtrip Nation. Roadtripping. Best Camping Tips from the Pros. Pitch a tent, fire, pack a cooler, tie a two half-hitches: these are the camping basics. Even if you didn’t study them in the Boy Scout handbook, online guides make them easy to learn. But what about the lesser-known, less intuitive ways to make camping more pleasant, comfortable or efficient? These are camping’s best-kept secrets — today we might call them “camping hacks”.

Most can’t be found in a book. Think hard and you may discover you’ve built some up yourself: A bandanna doubles as a beer koozie. Hearts is the perfect camp card game. A ghost story is best told with someone hiding in the woods supplying sound effects. But the best camping hacks come from people whose hearts and minds are constantly on the next meadow and copse, the trailhead, mountaintop or campsite. Alastair Humphreys National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Popcorn kernels are a gem of a trick. Black peppercorns. Alex Walker Guide and Operator, Serian Safari Camps Parker Liautaud Polar Explorer Be organized. Car Camping. 100 Days of Overthinking: An Illustrated Diary of Mental Meanderings.

By Maria Popova “My experience is what I agree to attend to,” William James wrote in his timeless treatise on attention and multitasking, and yet at any given moment we notice only a fraction of what is actually going on around us. The vast majority of our attention is spent on rumination, speculation, daydreaming, and the various acrobatics of anxiety, hope, and fear that occupy our inwardly oriented minds. But while mind-wandering may be integral to creativity, it has also been shown to rob us of happiness by ejecting us from presence. That all too human tendency is what Brooklyn-based Dominican designer María Sanoja confronts in 100 Days of Overthinking. Sanoja writes: I was overthinking, as usual, when I bumped into this blackboard outside a café that I pass by every day.

In an effort to be more mindful of these overthoughts and bring herself back into presence with whatever was before and around her, she set out to notice and record one hundred such moments. Businessinsider. The Real Cause of Depression May Have Nothing at All to Do With Your Mind. Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times Depression is epidemic in our society, and the mainstream solution is a trip to the psychiatrist and an indefinite prescription for pharmaceuticals. Dependent on psychotropic drugs to get by is no way to live, and in the search for happiness, both individuals, doctors and scientists alike are beginning to crack the code of depression, and to question if the pharmacutical solution even works. George Slavich, a clinical psychologist at the University of California in Los Angeles, has for decades been working to learn more about how our bodies and our minds work, or don’t work, together to regulate the emotional system and mood.

His findings have led him to the conclusion that depression is not a condition that is isolated in the mind, and that the body may play a primary role in causing or preventing depression. “I don’t even talk about it as a psychiatric condition any more. Is Depression All in the Mind? Read more articles from Alex Pietrowski. One Of These 17 Florida Campsites Has Just What You’re Looking For. All Things Dog Blog. By guest writer Kelley Denz of Critter Minute © copyright on file Retrievers Love a Good Romp in Nearly Any Water Available I love going camping, and every year I try to go camping at least once.

I always take my dogs, Sadie and Rusty with me. Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date with a phone call to your vet. You may want to apply flea and tick preventive on your dog. Be sure to have an updated ID tag and/or microchip on your dog, just in case your dog gets lost. Make sure your destination allows dogs; most campgrounds are dog friendly but some national parks like Yosemite allow dogs only in certain campsites. When picking out your campsite try to get one that offers your dog some shade. Pack enough dog food and water for your pooch. Bring your dog’s brush with you to remove stickers, fox tails and other things caught in their fur.

I prefer to sleep with my dogs while camping. Make sure you are aware of other animals that may be in the area. Road Trip Planner with Stops: Tools & Tips for a Perfect Road Trip - TripIt Blog. Looking for a road trip planner with stops and the best tips to plan the perfect road trip? We’ve put together this step-by-step guide, loaded with tools, that’ll tell you everything you need to know when planning a road trip.

If you’re itching to get away, you don’t need to cash in those precious airline miles for a little adventure and exploration. The open road is calling your name! But before you jump in the car and hit the road, you’ll need to do a little planning and preparation first. Route The first step is the fun one: selecting the route. When in the planning stage, Roadtrippers will be your best friend! From culture to campsites and nature to nightclubs, Roadtrippers will help you plan a trip tailored to your travel style. Make sure your route is broken down into doable driving segments both to and from your final destination. Lodging Once you know where you’re going, you’ll need to decide where to stay.

Prefer more modern accommodations? Appify Documentation About the Author. Taking open-ended road trip across the US, looking for beautiful and unconventional things to see : roadtrip. Top 10 Dog Friendly Vacations in United States. Best Camping Tips from the Pros. Travel + adventure Archives - The Morning Fresh. Here’s the thing: When I was a young adult living in Florida, I spent every weekend trying to get outside. And for some reason, I thought I had to cross state lines in order to achieve outdoor bliss. I’d spend up to 12 hours driving in a single weekend to go camp. If only I knew then what I know now. I went on a two-day camping trip to Ginnie Springs to film an outdoor video for VISIT FLORIDA, and it completely changed my perspective on getting outside in my home state.

Here are five reasons why Florida is the USA’s untapped, entirely underrated gem for outdoor adventure: There’s an activity for every outdoorist. At the Ginnie Springs welcome center, I saw folks hauling personal watercraft, inner tubes, scuba and snorkeling gear, hiking equipment, camping gear, BBQ supplies — the works. If you look past the notion that Florida is nothing but beaches and retired folks, you’ll see that the Sunshine State is home to an abundance of outdoor opportunity. Travel + adventure Archives - The Morning Fresh. Restaurants on TV, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, Man vs Food, Best Thing I Ever Ate & more. Roadfood – Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats. WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground.

10 Informative & Useful Websites For Planning Fun Road Trips. Road trips are one of the best ways to travel. If you’re lucky enough to live in a country large enough for road trips, you should definitely make use of this form of travel. There’s nothing better than the freedom of being on the road, driving for miles and miles, and discovering interesting new places and people. As fun as road tripping is, it does take some sort of planning. Where should you stop? What’s there to see on the way?

Where should we eat? Plan-Your-Trip helps with planning fun road trips in the US and Canada. Road Trip USA Road Trip USA provides 11 complete road trip routes to choose from, all features on a colorful map. Planning Fun Road Trips is an informational website aimed at providing general road trip knowledge. [NO LONGER WORKS] OnTheWay OnTheWay is a handy tool for finding places to stop on the way while on a road trip anywhere in the world. Weather Underground Road Trip Planner Roadfood TripAdvisor Australian Road Trips.

Continent & Country Georgia Travel Features. Road-Trip-Planner. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks.