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Avant Rilke, je ne savais pas aimer Fabrice Midal. Adolescent, j’ai lu le livre aujourd’hui le plus célèbre de Rainer Maria Rilke, « Lettres à un jeune poète ».

Avant Rilke, je ne savais pas aimer Fabrice Midal

Je l’ai trouvé ennuyeux. Je me demandais qui était cet homme qui avait osé écrire : « Les êtres jeunes, neufs en toutes choses, ne savent pas encore aimer ; ils doivent apprendre. » Cela me semblait inconvenant. Comment cela, je ne savais pas aimer ? Pour qui se prenait-t-il ? Je ne savais même faire que cela, aimer ! Quelques années plus tard, engagé dans la pratique de la méditation, j’ai découvert que dans la tradition bouddhiste, de nombreux maîtres « reçoivent » des textes poétiques et prophétiques « sous la dictée d’une inspiration », avec le sentiment de n’en être en rien les auteurs. Intrigué, je me suis plongé dans l’œuvre de Rilke. J’ai découvert qu’il existe des paroles de vérité qui ne témoignent pas des idées de l’individu, mais qui viennent de plus haut, de ce que les Anciens nommaient les Muses – et que l’on retrouve dans toutes les cultures.

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons — Quartz. Hey, guess what?

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons — Quartz

I got married two weeks ago. And like most people, I asked some of the older and wiser folks around me for a couple quick words of advice from their own marriages to make sure my wife and I didn’t shit the (same) bed. I think most newlyweds do this — ask for advice, I mean, not shit the same bed — especially after a few cocktails from the open bar they just paid way too much money for.

But, of course, not being satisfied with just a few wise words, I had to take it a step further. See, I have access to hundreds of thousands of smart, amazing people through my site. Why not crowdsource THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP GUIDE TO END ALL RELATIONSHIP GUIDES™ from the sea of smart and savvy partners and lovers here?

So, that’s what I did. The response was overwhelming. They were incredibly repetitive. Tobie Nathan - "Est-il possible de rendre l'autre amoureux ?". To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This. I Googled Dr.

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

Aron’s questions; there are 36. We spent the next two hours passing my iPhone across the table, alternately posing each question. They began innocuously: “Would you like to be famous? In what way?” And “When did you last sing to yourself? But they quickly became probing. In response to the prompt, “Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common,” he looked at me and said, “I think we’re both interested in each other.”

I grinned and gulped my beer as he listed two more commonalities I then promptly forgot. The questions reminded me of the infamous boiling frog experiment in which the frog doesn’t feel the water getting hotter until it’s too late. I liked learning about myself through my answers, but I liked learning things about him even more. I sat alone at our table, aware of my surroundings for the first time in an hour, and wondered if anyone had been listening to our conversation. Much of Dr. It’s astounding, really, to hear what someone admires in you.

Jacques Salomé

Helen Fisher - Love biology and anthropology. Lab notes #6: Secrets of a long marriage. This article was taken from the March 2011 issue of Wired magazine.

Lab notes #6: Secrets of a long marriage

Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Secrets of a long happy marriage... How do you know whom you should marry? Is it best to trust your feelings or pick a person who looks good on paper? Science has the answer. Want a long, healthy life together? And a husband who's involved with his kids? And here's a final rule of thumb that your grandmother may not have told you: Everybody is happier when the wife is better-looking than the husband.

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