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Китайские словари для Lingvo и Stardict. Spaced Repetition, Skritter Discount, and Memory Techniques - Mandarin Made Easy. Chinese Grammar Wiki. How To Study Chinese - Part 2: Apps. Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters by Outlier Linguistic Solutions. Spoken Chinese Test. The Spoken Chinese Test is the most consistent way to quickly assess conversational skill level among native Chinese speakers.

Spoken Chinese Test

Developed in cooperation with Peking University, this 20-minute test measures proficiency in learners from any native language background for placement, progress monitoring, and exit testing. The Spoken Chinese Test can be delivered over the phone or computer and is composed of eight different item types such as Short Answer Questions, Tone Recognition, Sentence Builds, and Passage Retellings.

Individual tests are created from items drawn randomly from a vast item pool so test validity is never compromised. Within minutes of completion, the Spoken Chinese Test will return an overall score, as well as subscores for grammar, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, and tone. Test scores are calculated automatically by the Versant automated scoring system and show a 98% correlation with human scores of the same test.

24 great resources for improving your Mandarin pronunciation. Image credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert This month’s challenge on Hacking Chinese is about pronunciation.

24 great resources for improving your Mandarin pronunciation

As promised last week, this post will contain my favourite resources for learning and teaching pronunciation. All of them are already listed on Hacking Chinese Resources, but I still think that highlighting the most useful resources for this month’s challenge will be useful. The Flow of Mandarin - The Mimic Method. Mouth pronounce of chinese - Google. Mouth pronounce of chinese - Google. Написание иероглифов-Международная выставка каллиграфии. Написать иероглиф совсем не так сложно, как может показаться на первый взгляд.

Написание иероглифов-Международная выставка каллиграфии

Японские иероглифы ведут своё происхождение от китайских — по причине заимствования в древности японцами письменности у китайцев. Какой сложнее выучить язык русскому-японский или китайский??? Что труднее — китайский или японский? Жаль, что тема такая умерла.

Что труднее — китайский или японский?

Пришёл воскрешать Я один из тех, кто решил учить оба языка. 10000 Chinese Sentences - Reading and Writing Skills. Pleco Software Forums. Pages. Reading speed: Learning how to read ten lines at a glance. I think most students feel that they want to read faster.

Reading speed: Learning how to read ten lines at a glance

There might be many reasons for this, but mainly it’s about taking tests or being able to consume more text (for pleasure, at work or when studying). Personally, I want to read faster partly because it’s a requirement for advanced Chinese language tests and partly because I enjoy reading and want to read more books. The ultimate goal would be the Chinese idiom 一目十行, to read ten lines at a glance. This is of course a lofty goal, but let’s have it as a direction rather than a destination.

Towards a more sensible way of learning to write Chinese. Note: There is now a new character challenge!

Towards a more sensible way of learning to write Chinese

It will run from March 22nd to June 30th, 2014. Click here to read more about the challenge! Learning to write thousands of Chinese characters is a daunting task, but fortunately, character writing is also one of the most hackable parts of the Chinese language. This means that if you use the wrong method, it will take forever and be quite boring (see last week’s post), but if you use the right method, it’s neither impossible nor boring. Chinese Language Stack Exchange. 21 essential dictionaries and corpora for learning Chinese. Most learners of Chinese soon realise that available dictionaries have some serious problems.

21 essential dictionaries and corpora for learning Chinese

This is mostly true for Chinese-English (and English-Chinese) dictionaries, but it’s also true for Chinese-Chinese dictionaries (in short, they don’t work very well for learners). This article isn’t about the problem itself though, but how to overcome it. If you want to read about the issue, I suggest you head over to Albert Wolfe’s article about the shortcomings of CE dictionaries. Image credit: I have studied Chinese for some time now and have used a number of difference dictionaries. In this article, I will share with you my favourite dictionaries, including why I think they are good, what I use them for and what drawbacks they (all) have. 100 Free Tools & Resources to Teach Yourself Chinese.

Learning Chinese is more than just a popular trend right now — it is also a smart tool to have with the rise of China as an important economic power.

100 Free Tools & Resources to Teach Yourself Chinese

If you plan to major in business and may be working with the Chinese in your career, or if you just plan to travel to China for pleasure, learning to speak Chinese will be a crucial element to making your experience more fully developed. Use these great resources to get started on your Chinese lessons right away. MIT OpenCourseware Classes These free courses from MIT are an excellent way to begin your self-taught lessons in Chinese language and culture.

Chinese I. YouTube Videos Watch these YouTube videos to hear the spoken words and practice saying them yourself. 1000 Character Practice Sheets. Writing Chinese isn’t easy, and there’s no shortcut, so grab a pencil, print these sheets and get practicing.

1000 Character Practice Sheets

The pack includes The First 1000 Chinese Characters, along with Pinyin and English keyword. A Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese version is included. Записи с меткой китайские иероглифы. Многие изучающие и не изучающие китайский язык считают иероглифы главным камнем преткновения.

Записи с меткой китайские иероглифы

Возможно, так оно и есть, но не нужно забывать, что иероглифы – это система письма, которую сами китайцы изучают с детства и для них это обучение выглядит так же, как и изучение азбуки и чистописания для нас. То есть вывод таков – научиться можно всему, нужно только разобраться в особенностях. Иероглиф – это символическо-пиктографическое отображения понятия, поэтому сам по себе он является картинкой, со своими правилами написания, которые достаточно просты. Больше интересной информации на сайте: Правила написания: • Горизонталь пишется слева направо. • Вертикальная и наклонная сверху вниз. • Иероглиф пишется сверху вниз. • Вертикаль, пересекающая горизонтали, пишется после них (однако нижняя горизонталь, если она не пересекается, пишется после вертикали). • Точка справа пишется в последнюю очередь.

Сверху вниз, слева направо. The First 300 Chinese Characters You Should Learn. Have you ever wondered what the first 300 Chinese characters you should study are? Unbeknownst to most, Hanban, The Chinese government's Chinese teaching organ, published a list of the first 300 characters they recommend teaching. In some sense, this is a national standard, and it may be used to create future introductory Chinese textbooks.

I don't know how the list was compiled but it was certainly vetted by teachers and discussed by experts. (I imagine meetings taking place in an under-heated room in January.) I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in one of those meetings. Learn Chinese Online: 51 Excellent Free Resources. Links to Chinese Info. Our 10 best books for learning Chinese. Continuing the book collecting obsession into my Chinese studies, I have amassed around 20 books and courses in Chinese over the past 3 years. Of the ones I’ve purchased, borrowed, or been recommended by friends studying in China and Taiwan, here are what I can say are quality and useful to others.

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide If you buy only one book for Chinese, get this one. Easily the best book I have found for everything. It is split into two parts, Part A for the structure of Chinese and explaining all the grammatical features, and Part B for situational Chinese like how to describe things etc. Китайский язык по скайпу. Овладение звуками китайского языка подразумевает освоение нормативного произношения, то есть общенационального китайского языка путунхуá (普通话).

ИСТОРИЯ: Принятие и всеобщая популяризация путунхуа имеют долгую историю. Китай – огромная страна, и в каждом её уголке существует местный диалект. По территориальному признаку принято выделять следующие диалекты: Северный (北方方言)Кантонский (粤方言)У (провинции Цзянсу и Чжэнзцян) (吴方言)Сян (большая часть провинции Хунань)(湘方言)Хакка (юг Китая)(客家方言)Цзянсийский(赣方言)Южнофуцзяньский (闽南方言)Северофуцзяньский (闽北方言) Чтобы понимать друг друга, китайцами было принято решение использовать один говор.

Untitled. Этимология китайских иероглифов - Skype-Language! китайский онлайн. Для тех, кто изучает китайский язык, не секрет, что китайская письменность – уникальное явление в современном мире алфавитов. Адреса магазинов – купить книги в интернет-магазине «Читай-город» Computer.


Software. Ibooks+Translate. Chinese Calligraphy. Self Help Chinese Calligraphy Video TutorialA division of educational resources of Updated: 10/03/2014 Preface This video tutorial is designed to guide beginners to learn the basics of Chinese calligraphy. Whether you know Chinese or not, learning Chinese calligraphy can be fun and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in this art can start learning by finding a good teacher or following the instructions in each lesson here.

Основные правила каллиграфии. References and Other Information for the Character 姓. The First 2000 Chinese Characters (bundle) A combination of our First 1000 and Second 1000 Chinese Characters Ebooks. Buy both books together and save a whopping 33% Hanzi WallChart. The Elements of Chinese. Visually Learn Mandarin Chinese. Wenlin Institute: Software for Learning Chinese. Где учить иностранные языки: 14 лингвистических школ и центров Тольятти - Обучение — Выбирай.ру - Тольятти. Links to Other Sites of Interest. This page is not very well organized, but some of these links point to excellent sites that are very well organized, up-to-date, and extensive.

(Then again, some of them might not lead anywhere.) Chinese OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Many Wenlin users have asked us how they can scan Chinese characters from a printed page and then read them as electronic text. Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart with Audio - Yabla Chinese.

About Pinyin Hanyu Pinyin is the official system to transcribe Mandarin Chinese sounds into the Roman alphabet. It was invented in 1950s, and adopted as a standard in mainland China in 1958. Pinyin is used for several purposes, such as teaching Chinese, transcribing names and places into the roman alphabet, and used as an input method for typing Chinese characters. Китайский язык. Частотность иероглифов и слов. HSK东西 - Home. Ручка-переводчик Quicktionary TS со словарями ABBYY Lingvo и American Heritage купить в Москве, характеристики, цены. Alibaba Group. Pleco 2.2 Chinese Dictionary uses iPhone camera to translate text in real time (video)

БКРС для Pleco. Speak Mandarin Chinese with Rosetta Stone® Software. Перечень слогов китайского языка. Дневник Нео-китаиста: Как запоминать тона в китайском языке? - Магазета. Что такое «запоминать тона»? Ключ. Иероглифический словарь. Иероглифи́ческий слова́рь: Изучение китайского языка - советы и рекомендации. С чего начать учить китайский.

В настоящее время все больше людей приходят к решению начать учить китайский язык. 15+ советов по запоминанию иероглифов - Магазета. Метод Ма: Учим китайский с помощью подкастов. - Магазета. Секрет запоминания иероглифов - Магазета. Литература (книги) для подготовки к экзамену HSK - Магазета. Методы ввода иероглифов. Китайский язык в Самаре. Таблица Палладия - нормативная запись слогов пиньинь китайского языка русскими буквами. Китайский язык. Перевести иероглифы в пиньинь. Learn Chinese Online or with Mobile Apps · ChinesePod. Яндекс. - Google. Декомпозиция китайского иероглифа: структура баз данных и способы генерации знаков - Магазета.

Восточное Полушарие - Главная страница. Китайский язык: учить или нет? - Лайфхакер. Все темы - Tan Huay Peng, Huoping Chen - Fun with chinese characters (книги 1, 2 и 3) / Весело о китайских иероглифах [1986, PDF, ENG] Reading Chinese Books with Hanping Chinese Camera. Таблица ключей китайских иероглифов - Словарь.