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Ramel Robinson

I'm a graduate in multiple fields of technology focusing on Film/video & Computer Science. My ultimate goal is the further study and mastery of Holographic technology expanding the level of visual entertainment. I Like to party occasionally, but i'm more career focused other than on my Xbox or going out with my girl I don't like to waste time on endeavors not related to my field of study.

Amenra777 a Life of Tech

EPIK AMENRA EPIK AMENRA I'm a hardcore gamer have been since 1985. You can find me almost anywhere online on something dealing with video games. drop me a line amenrah999@gmail.com More about me : I'm currently a student At WestWood college studying game design and when i'm not doing that or blogging i'm gaming. my gamertag is EPIK AMENRA hit me up if you want to game. I don't accept casual gamers or gaming noobs on my list anymore I only want REAL HARDCORE GAMERS.