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ESL Kids World - Free Printable Flashcards for Young Learners

Flashcards, printable games, worksheets templates, phonics materials, ESL printables, conversational activities. Hojas de trabajo de ELE gratuitas hechas por unos profesores de idioma para otros. Ice Breakers. 344 Warmers, Ice-Breakers and Fillers For The ESL Classroom. Extras: Mingle activities. Icebreakers to Inspire Communication : Eslflow webguide. Warmers 1 - 12. Warmers, Fillers, ice-breakers and coolers by Jean Sciberras What are they used for?

Warmers 1 - 12

Useful when you've run out of other things to do, perhaps because the main activity went much faster than expected and even having stretched it there is still seven minutes to the end of the lesson Also useful at the start of a lesson particularly when you are waiting for some latecomer Mid-lesson as a way of changing the pace Can be quite separate from the surrounding lesson or they might connect in some way Useful as a chance to recycle vocabulary from earlier lessons Provide an opportunity to work on activities that have a 'group-building' aim rather than a purely language aim.