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Geography & History AICLE

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The Age of Discovery

Secuencias AICLE - Consejería de Educación. Unidad AICLE - The Age of Discovery. Viajes de Cristóbal Colón. Age of exploration text exercises. Age of Exploration Caravels. Resources - Ages of Exploration. Merchants of the Great Exchange The Great Exchange refers to the transfer of culture, plants, animals, and disease around the world.

Resources - Ages of Exploration

As people travelled around the world they discovered new products. By the 1700s, Europeans were sailing to Africa, India, China, and Southeast Asia to trade. This game is based on a book published in 1775 called, “The New and Complete Guide to the East India Trade.” It was written by British merchants travelling and trading in the East whose goal was to return alive and with enough goods to sell in England to make a profit.