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Playground Equipment for Commercial, Preschool and Church. Concept Beans's reaches top startups in the Impact accelerator program at SLUSH 2015. AffordablePK Participatioin in Slush 2015 HELSINKI, Finland - Nov. 27, 2015 - PRLog -- SLUSH 2015 happened with a boisterous and viupsgorous finale that thousands of people watched live.

Concept Beans's reaches top startups in the Impact accelerator program at SLUSH 2015

SLUSH is a global event that draws hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe to discover the next big tech idea. was selected among the top 30 entrepreneurs who went on to attend myriad workshops and classes under SLUSH Impact Accelerator program in Helsinki . Later, was also nominated for the top 10 companies who went on to present their ideas to a number of investors on the ’pitching stage.’ SLUSH 2015 marked a great event for women entrepreneur in Pakistan. Yours truly, Team affordable. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. announces its involvement in the NRPA Annual Conference. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. — The Good Old Fashioned Hide and Seek or the... The Hollywood Tween Shows: What are they Teaching our Kids? Let me start off by saying that this post is in no way an attempt to put a slur on the popularity of the tween shows that we see on Disney channel these days.

The Hollywood Tween Shows: What are they Teaching our Kids?

This post is more about their impact on our children. I personally love Hannah Montana (I know it’s not on anymore), but I can’t help but notice how these today’s shows impact the children. Should We Blame Laptops for Cancer in Children? - Preschool Playground Equipment. It is normal for children to get hectic after a long day in the school, or around a school playground equipment.

Should We Blame Laptops for Cancer in Children? - Preschool Playground Equipment

Here I will like to shed light on the two types of stress that children face these days: The healthy stress or positive stress and the negative stress. As the name suggests, the healthy stress is something that comes naturally with academic tasks; it is completely normal for a child to get fatigued after a good run, or a hectic day at school. The negative stress is the kind of stress that results after a secondary activity and impacts the major parts of the body. Playing with a commercial playground equipment, or running around with pets in the back yard usually contributes to the healthy stress that does not impact the body and its vital organs negatively. Laptops, smartphones and computers, on the other hand, contribute towards the negative stress that ultimately leaves its mark on both academic and social life.

Is There a Such Thing Called Laptop Radiation? So I came across an article the other day that highlighted the dangers of laptop radiation.

Is There a Such Thing Called Laptop Radiation?

As a screen junkie, I am used to sitting in front of my computer for countless hours. Sometimes I forgot how long I have been in front of my machine. So I looked up online to understand what harmful radiation is my body absorbing while I am at my machine playing candy crush or simply googling stuff out of sheer curiosity. There is Such a Thing Called Computer/Laptop Radiation Yep folks, for those who are not aware, here’s the biggest bad news, there is a thing called computer radiation and guess what it is being absorbed by your toddler’s body. Creative Recreational Systems Inc. Is your child in the habit of devouring mud?

Creative Recreational Systems Inc

If, yes, then it is quite possible that he is gobbling mud on the playground. Stomach ache is one of the most common ailments faced by children, especially toddlers and pre-schoolers. Can Your Child Add/subtract Without A Calculator? Cutting-edge technology is the way of life.

Can Your Child Add/subtract Without A Calculator?

It is impossible to not point a technological device in a house or an academic institution. Children who are born in the late 2000’s will probably never know the old tapes, monitors, and probably the old Nokia sets that required users to press rather than swipe. The Indefinate Slavery: Is it Time to Take Independence from Technology? - Preschool Playground Equipment. Last week I visited a park near my apartment complex, a practice I rarely indulge in, with the intention to clear my head and get some fresh into my lungs.

The Indefinate Slavery: Is it Time to Take Independence from Technology? - Preschool Playground Equipment

The park seemed like such a relaxing place. As a desk worm, I rarely get the chance to see what goes on around my community playgrounds. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. — Why are the Swings Empty? How to Help Kids Get a Better Sleep? Do you find it hard to get your child to sleep?

How to Help Kids Get a Better Sleep?

Or, do you find it hard to make your child rest fully for 8-9 hours every night? Sleep is one of the most crucial things that define children’s success in everyday academic and personal tasks. This article will highlight a couple of sure fire ways that can help you put your child to sleep. Let them go wild Research shows that children who are more physically active get the best zzz’s. Community playgrounds, school playground equipment and even your backyard are your best friends.

It is very crucial that your child takes part in physical activities, whether it’s sports or active play at home. Creative Recreational Systems: When Kids are Bored. Is your child jaded with the regular play activities?

Creative Recreational Systems: When Kids are Bored

Is he constantly looking for ways to eliminate boredom? And most importantly, is constantly spending time with a gaming device or television. Sedentary lifestyle can have damaging effects on both the brain and the physical health. This article will look into the alternative activities that can eliminate boredom from your child’s life. Don’t worry moms, I am not going to suggest anything that will cost you your hard earned income. Build a newspaper House. The New Age Pied Piper: Where is He Taking Our Kids? - Preschool Playground Equipment. Our children are not like us.

The New Age Pied Piper: Where is He Taking Our Kids? - Preschool Playground Equipment

And by that I mean that they don’t have the same environment as we did, and therefore their lifestyles have taken a unique, not exactly favorable, shape that seems to have a profound impact on the future of our children. We have heard the legend of the Pied Piper and how he drove all the rats towards the cliff. While remembering the piper story, I couldn’t help but wonder about the new age pied piper that will either drive our kids off the cliff or keep them from falling off. If you did not understand the reference, I am pointing to the technological advancements in the gaming industry that have outstretched to become a Brobdingnagian phenomenon of doom.

Many parents and academic specialists argue that technology is redefining the way our children think. Creative Play Systems. Why taking road trips this holiday might be the best decision for you and your child? Holidays are a great way to release work stress and refresh yourself for the next big adventure. Children, just like adults, need holidays to give their minds a room to grow so that perception and cognitive capacities can be nourished.

701943__Amazing-Parks-For-Children-in-America-Part-2. EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints. Evolution of Playgrounds in America: How Far Have We Taken Recreation? Evolution of Playgrounds in America: How Far Have We Taken Recreation? We have learned a lot about playgrounds and their importance in the past. In this article, we will walk down the history lane and learn about the evolution of playgrounds in the United States of America. From early 1821 to 1909, the community playgrounds and the outdoor playground equipment saw a revolution in both architecture and style. Read below to have a quick look back at the history of playground development in the early days. Early Playground Development in America 1821 – First open air gym, Salem Mass 1837 – Friedrich Froebel added to the first kindergarten 1872 – First enactment to buy lands for play areas in Brookline, MA 1876 – First stop play area, Washington Park, Chicago 1887 – First sand greenery enclosure built up in Boston, Mass.

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. — 3 Crucial Things ‘Cobain: Montage of Heck’ Has... Why Look for a CPSI Certified Professional for Equipment Installation? Installing and handling playground equipment is not as undemanding as it sounds. There are more than just the nuts and bolts of the equipment that need to be considered when it comes to handing outdoor playground equipment. To make sure that the children play in a safe and secure environment, government has established rules and regulations that allow only certified individuals to handle the equipment. Below, we will be looking at the definition and scope of Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certification, and why it is important to look for one. Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certification What is CPSI? The National Recreation and Park Association is devoted to provide safe play areas for children of all age groups.

The course includes: 701911__Amazing-Parks-for-Children-in-America-Part-1. Where to Take Your Kids This Weekend? For the Folks in Washington County and Wicomico County, Maryland Maryland is full of recreation centers that offer more than recreation; your child can have a place to experiment things with nature and learn myriad social skills on the playgrounds and with commercial playground equipment. In this article, I have accumulated the list of most fascinating recreation centers in Washington and Wicomico County. Enjoy! Washington County Harpers Ferry National Historical Park One of the most amazing parks in Washington county is undoubtedly the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Washington County Museum of Fine Arts Washington County Museum of Fine Arts displays art collections from various eras. Ways to Make More Time for Your Kids - Creative Recreation Systems. Find The Reading Tree Here is an amazing idea to make time for your child: develop a game and make it obligatory for yourself and your children to participate in that game.

One such idea for a game is the reading tree. To begin, find a tree in your backyard or in your nearest playground. Rules Of Good Parenting: How To Be More Involved With Your Child’s Life? - Creative Recreation Systems. Do Not Be Hard Core Try not to be the hard core parent and attempt to be more carefree. How to Understand Your Child Better When He Refuses to Share. If you are permanent dweller of parent ville, then you are no stranger to the everyday conflicts and meltdowns that are usually associated with children. Creative Recreational Systems Inc. Are Community Playgrounds Enough for the Growing Minds? How Much Exercise Your Child Needs To Get? The Sleepless Nights: Ways to Overcome Child Insomnia - Creative Recreation Systems.

Did you just have another night singing a lullaby to your child who should be sleeping on his own by now? Sleeplessness can be a horrendous thing for parents, especially working moms who have to ring the office bell as early as eight AM. This post will explore the ways that can help you overcome child insomnia and have a peaceful night’s rest. The Dangerous Gaming Addiction: Should we be Worried? - creativesystems.

Games are everywhere; no matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find a spot that is not touched by the tremendous technological plague. Outdoor Playground Equipment Provider on Vimeo. The Family Dinner: Why those 25 Minutes are the most Crucial. As soon as your child leaves his crib and starts to explore the world around him, you lost a certain amount of control over him. It takes 13 to 16 more years till your child becomes completely independent (no more mommy and baby moments).

Creative Play Systems

Why Our Wired Children Find Today’s Playgrounds Boring - creativesystems. Despite of all the technologically advanced playground equipment and play structures, our children find it hard to give them an A rating. This is quite worrisome; what are we doing wrong? If they do not find playgrounds interesting, that means that they would like to spend most of their time with the gaming consoles! And even worse, they are getting used to the idea of a sedentary lifestyle. A New Study Disocvers enhanced Cognitive Ability in Exercising Monkeys - Creative Recreation Systems.

Running has always been one of the most effective aerobic activities and not just for humans. What’s Wrong with American Playgrounds? - creativesystems. Parent-Child Activities—An opportunity to Bond with Your Child - Creative Recreation Systems. Playgrounds: Natural Mood Boosters or a Hazard to Child Safety - Creative Recreation Systems. Dealing with Aggressive Toddlers: The 'New Parents' Guide - creativesystems.

Creative Recreational Systems: Taking Initiative: How to keep the Playgrounds Clean? When Children Find it Hard to Mingle… 3 Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer. How to Teach Your Kids the Art of Letting Go - Creative Recreation Systems. Age-Appropriate Nutrition and Exercise: A Brief Guide for New Moms. Creative Recreational Systems: Where the Wild Things are… Nixing Games: How to Ground Your Child Properly? Making the Most out of Recess: How to structure the Recess Activities? Running Wild: How Running Effects Enzyme Activity in the Body? Outdoor Activities: Why Mud, Muck and Rain Water might be Good for Your Child?

Disadvantages of Smart Devices: Digital Dimentia and How It Affects Our Children. Safe Outdoors: Planning A Safe Play Activity.


Pretend Play: Why It Is The Best Form Of Unstructured Play? How to Boost Children’s Physical Activity through Parental Support. Developing a Better Relationship with Your Child: Can Playgrounds Help?