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The Top-10 Education Blogs in the UK 2015. There are 1,000s of education bloggers in the UK; you can preview a great one-stop-shop list here. For the 3rd year in a row, has been awarded the number 1 education blog in the UK by Vuelio (formerly Cision UK). Top-10: @TeacherToolkit (ranked 1st in 2013, 2014)ICTEvangelist (ranked 2nd in 2014)Learning with ‘e’s (ranked 8th in 2014)The Learning Spy (ranked 2nd in 2014)Magical Maths (ranked 7th in 2014)The Whiteboard Blog (ranked 5th in 2014)Mr. P’s ICT Blog (ranked 4th in 2014)Scenes From The Battleground (ranked 6th in 2014)Agility – Teaching Toolkit (ranked 9th in 2014)Resourceaholic (new entry) Reliability: In 2013, I was really pleased to feature in the Top 10 Education Blogs in the UK.

I thank Vuelio for this opportunity to discuss algorithms and their rankings, but I’m still not convinced (yet). This list appears to have been updated in January 2014, then in April 2015, and then this week in August 2015. Image: Shutterstock Disappointment: Image: Shutterstock Related. Why Student Blogging Increases Reading Comprehension (And How to Do it!)

As education continues to embrace technology, the use of blogging in the classroom continued to grow. What was once considered nothing more than an online journal has exploded into a multi-functional tool that is used by almost every industry and niche in our modern society. Blogging is powerful, and today we’ll look at one of the ways it can be used to support education, specifically reading comprehension. Studies and research have been done and the results are clear: blogging increases reading comprehension in students. Why is this the case, and how does it work? These are the questions we’ll be answering today. How Blogging Affects Reading Comprehension Technology has permeated almost every aspect of modern society. On top of that, blogging has also become part of the modern classroom in a variety of ways. This paper was made freely available online and showcases real world results which suggest that blogging can indeed affect reading comprehension in a variety of ways. 1. 2. 3.

THREE MILLION Classrooms Reached on. What impact can social media have for teachers worldwide? This blog is not to show-off, it is to allow regular readers of my blog, an insight into the mechanics and analysis of blog audiences. In 2003 and 2008, I started using Facebook and Twitter respectively. These social media channels were both for personal use. In 2010, something changed and I created @TeacherToolkit on Twitter on 19th August 2010. This month, I mark the 5th year anniversary of using Twitter professionally. As for blogging, I’ve been writing online for well-over 10 years, but as for ‘@TeacherToolkit the blog’, this started much earlier in 2008, moving to this website in August 2012. Three Million Classrooms Reached: Today, I celebrate THREE MILLION views on this website, after 3 years of blogging at Assuming that ‘educators and teachers’ across the world are tuning into read my blog, two or three months ago, I change the website counter on my blog, from ‘Website Views’ to ‘Classrooms Reached’.

10 Tips for Blogging Teachers by. Last week, I shared my 10 Tips for Tweeting Teachers which (surprisingly) was well-received by teachers from all four-corners of the globe! As part of my weekly blogposts throughout the summer, this week I share my 10 Tips for Blogging Teachers. Before I go into details for this post, as a result of my tips for teachers on twitter, I was delighted to be contacted by colleagues in the USA, who work at USC Rossier School of Education. They have just published this guide, shared by USC Rossier’s online EdD, which contains a wealth of educational information and advice from the founders of EdChat.

It’s worth a nose … So, without any further ado, pull up a chair and get comfortable. 10 tips for Blogging Teachers: This 10-tips list is designed for teachers around the world, those who consider themselves newish to blogging. Beginners: Choose a relevant platform to host your teaching blog. There are many choices, but you must choose one that suits you. Image: Intermediate: Advanced: Essential-edchat-resource-guide.pdf. 100.