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Cowboys Stadium: Unreal Engine 3 Brings Architecture to Life. Project Details Developer DALLAS, TX—One of the leading architectural firms in the world, HKS, has quietly been revolutionizing the way sports stadiums, luxury hotels and state-of-the art hospitals are being designed.

Cowboys Stadium: Unreal Engine 3 Brings Architecture to Life

The company recently signed a licensing deal with Epic Games to bring Unreal Engine 3 into the company’s development process, allowing the clients who spend hundreds of millions of dollars on sports arenas and cutting-edge buildings to see what the final structure will look like in real-time 3D. While most architecture firms still draw up 2D blueprints that require the buyers to use more than their imagination in envisioning the final building, HKS has a team of four architects dedicated to using UE3 to bring one-third of the company’s annual workload (roughly 60 of 300 projects) to life in glorious, lifelike 3D.

“Unreal technology has been instrumental in selling the Cowboys, Colts and Liverpool projects,” said Trubey. Virtuality. The Unknown Photographer. Regis University Oculus Rift Virtual Tour. Gentleman Scholar » TRUFFLE PIG – AN OCULUS EXPERIENCE. We are constantly dreaming of stories.


Small stories, tall tales, long journeys – anything that feels like an adventure. With Truffle Pig, we created an existential journey through the life of a man (we named him Gustav) and his pet truffle pig. The entire project started from one beautiful landscape painting created by our talented design team, and ultimately evolved into an all-encompassing dive into the magical world of VR. We used the full mixed-media approach that is at our core, utilizing everything from 2D character animation, design and development, to our fully environmental and textural CG landscape chops. “We always love the challenge of attempting something we’ve never done before. Creating a world that is immersive and engaging is not a foreign concept to us. We want you to take part. The story begins here… If you have a PC but no Oculus Rift, no worries. We learned a ton throughout this process. WAY TO GO. How to see CNN's Democratic debate in virtual reality - Oct. 13, 2015.

NYT VR – Virtual Reality Stories from the NYTimes on the App Store. The Fight to Save Syria's Antiquities From the Hands of ISIS. In a side wing of the now-closed National Museum in Damascus, two dozen young archaeologists are working quietly and methodically.

The Fight to Save Syria's Antiquities From the Hands of ISIS

They catalogue, photograph and then finally delicately pack artifacts that are thousands of years old into wooden crates to be stored in top secret storage facilities in Damascus and elsewhere. For the best virtual reality experience,download the Jaunt VR player for your viewing device. They are part of the 2,500-person team from Syria’s Department of Antiquities that has spent the past three years evacuating pieces from the country’s national museums amid Syria’s devastating war, now in its fifth year.

An estimated quarter of a million people have been killed and nine million have been forced to flee their homes. Dreams of Dalí. A content studio for emerging platforms, based in Toronto and Los Angeles. We drew inspiration from the phenomenon of synesthesia and wanted to help users see the music.

A content studio for emerging platforms, based in Toronto and Los Angeles.

We broke Beethoven’s fifth symphony down into a story of animated spirits, each representing a different part of the music. The spirits dance around the space and come toward the user, moving perfectly in time with the music. As the music progresses, the spirits clash and struggle against each other until they finally come together, creating a triumphant explosion of light. William Hill: Get in the Race. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Get In The Race recreates live horse races, as they are happening, in virtual reality.

William Hill: Get in the Race

The product pulls in real time data about the horse’s position, stride length and heart rate so that users can see a real race, in real time from their chosen jockey’s point of view. A content studio for emerging platforms, based in Toronto and Los Angeles. Target Creative. Nike Hypervenom II - The Neymar Jr. Effect, A Virtual Reality Experience. Cardboard Crash Sundance Edition on the App Store. Audible - Locke & Key VR. Challenge: One of the biggest challenges in bringing new listeners to Audible is the initial bias that audiobooks “aren’t really my thing.”

Audible - Locke & Key VR

This immersive medium is often overlooked by people who lack any experience with the platform. To get more people exposed to the joy of audiobooks, Audible decided to bring ‘Locke & Key’, an acclaimed graphic novel with a cult-like following, to life through a fully dramatized audio production. This title would bring a whole new audience of graphic novel fans to audiobooks. Solution: To give the release the splash it deserved, Audible wanted to create something special for fans so we developed a VR experience that would bring the dark and spooky world of ‘Locke and Key’ to New York Comic Con. Results: Over 2,000 fans were transported to the ‘Locke and Key’ universe and a share-out feature allowed them to post a split-screen video capture of their experience to their social networks, creating additional buzz.

A new way to see your world. See the Difference Water Can Make with Water.Org and Stella Artois. The Walk VR. TOMS Virtual Giving Trip: A Virtual Reality (VR) film.