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C# .NET Developer Career Advice, Getting Started -LearnVisualStudio.NET. Wow, I’ve been busy.

C# .NET Developer Career Advice, Getting Started -LearnVisualStudio.NET

And I just remembered I have a blog! Sorry for the incommunicado. Back in January I gave some advice to Jack from Australia in the blog post: Career Advice for a 19-year Old Programmer. It definitely struck a chord because a number of folks asked me about their own situation. Zebu asked:

Videos for C#

GUI for C# Bob Tabor vs PluralSight Vs Books : csharp. Which path is good for learning C# today ? - General Programming. Here's a different approach.

Which path is good for learning C# today ? - General Programming

Pick something to create like a calculator, calendar, hangman, 'wheel of fortune'. And use c# to create one, any, or all of those programs. To make it easier, make it a console app, so you become familiar with the language. Once you can do that, then you can worry about whether you should learn Winforms, WPF, or Back End Web Development. And I agree with ChaosEngine, 10 hours a day to study C# is not unwise at all. 2 to 4 max, IMO. This sounds like a Beginner's question. Edited by Alpha_ProgDes, 10 June 2015 - 09:33 PM. External Articulation of Concepts Materializes Innate Knowledge of One's Craft and Science Beginner in Game Development? Spoiler How on earth can you go around telling lies, be shown that they are lies, then continue to ignore the evidence to the contrary. A C# Crash Course - RB Whitaker's Wiki. Before You Start… I want to start off by saying thanks for coming here and checking out these tutorials.

A C# Crash Course - RB Whitaker's Wiki

I think they'll make a huge difference to you as you learn C#! Let me also say that I know that this is a lot of tutorials. But you don't have to do them all. I'd definitely recommend looking, even just briefly, at all of them so you know what is here, but if you are in a rush, or you're wanting to get started making your game or something, don't feel like you need to go through each of them in great detail. If you're short on time, I'd say tutorials 1-17, which covers up through the basics of classes, is going to be your best bet. Running Your Console Application Within Visual Studio. Here's a cool tip on how to run your console applications from with Visual Studio.

Running Your Console Application Within Visual Studio

Nail the Algorithms First One of the things I've learned over the years is that when building Windows applications, you shouldn't necessarily dive head first into the GUI. Sometimes you should hold back and not get caught up in the gory details of Windows development and rather focus on the algorithms themselves. What I mean by this is that you should consider programming in the frame of mind as if you were building a console application instead. Grasshopper - algorithmic modeling for Rhino. Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

The ideal beginner's guide to C# and object-oriented programming Wrox beginners' guides have the perfect formula for getting programming newcomers up and running.

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

This one introduces beginners to object-oriented programming using C# to demonstrate all of the core constructs of this programming framework. Using real-world situations, you'll discover how to create, test, and deliver your programs and how to work with classes, arrays, collections, and all the elements of object-oriented programming. C# - Desktop applications with C++ and .NET or other. How to Become a C# Programmer (free ebook) Untitled. How to become a C# Programmer. Sign In or Sign Up to Continue. What programming language should I use for Unity? : Unity3D. Which programming languages i should learn first to use unity 3d if i want to make a simple games for iphone and ipad? I would like to say that while I tried to be informative, my answer is somewhat biased and subjective.

Which programming languages i should learn first to use unity 3d if i want to make a simple games for iphone and ipad?

If you have absolutely no programming background, then javascript is the fastest to learn because it does some behind the scenes stuff to manage types and casting for you. It is also the most common language used on the support sites, so it will be easiest to find help if you get stuck. Resources: Just search for it on the web, there are plenty of js tutorials. Then there is C#. C# has more features than javascript or Boo, and it resembles Java/C++ if you have a background in either of those subjects. Resources: Again search it. Boo... well... enough said. :) There are very few people who use Boo around here, and the Boo website wasn't anywhere near complete when I tried to learn it, so it can be hard to learn, hence I gave up. Resources: Boo homepage Oh, and the best resource for Unity of all of them. Introduction to Programming with C# / Java Books » Chapter 1. Introduction to Programming.

In This Chapter In this chapter we will take a look at the basic programming terminology and we will write our first C# program.

Introduction to Programming with C# / Java Books » Chapter 1. Introduction to Programming

We will familiarize ourselves with programming – what it means and its connection to computers and programming languages. Briefly, we will review the different stages of software development. We will introduce the C# language, the .NET platform and the different Microsoft technologies used in software development. C# - What is a good desktop programming language to learn for a web developer? C# Tutorial "Introduction to C# Beginner Course" : Introduction.


C# Tutorial "Introduction to C# Beginner Course" : Introduction Learn C# - Free Interactive C# Tutorial. How long does it take to learn C#? Kyle, how fast you learn C# depends on how many hours you commit to writing code and learning the syntax, structure, and semantics of the language.

How long does it take to learn C#?

I'm a C# programmer, and it took me about eight months to get from beginner to intermediate coding practices in the language. This include abstraction, polymorphism, working with files, databases, and classes. Now, if you're trying to learn C#, I suggest that you purchase a book, utilize online tutorials, and take advantage of forums that discuss C# related topics. The book that I used for college was C#: From Problem Analysis to Design by Barbara Doyle [3rd] edition. This book should be cheap, if you purchase it through a third party seller on Amazon. VB.NET and C# Comparison. VbCrLf, vbCr, vbLf, vbNewLine vbNullString vbTab vbBack vbFormFeed vbVerticalTab "" Dim school As String = "Harding" & vbTab school = school & "University" school &= "University" Dim letter As Char = school.Chars(0) letter = "Z"c letter = Convert.ToChar(65) letter = Chr(65) Dim word() As Char = school.ToCharArray() Dim filename As String = "c:\temp\x.dat" Dim mascot As String = "Bisons" If (mascot = "Bisons") Then If (mascot.Equals("Bisons")) Then If (mascot.ToUpper().Equals("BISONS")) Then If (mascot.CompareTo("Bisons") = 0) Then.

VB.NET and C# Comparison

Is learning C# as a first language a mistake?