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Pussy riot and run the jewels will perform at banksy’s goth disneyland. ​tate modern explores pop around the world. Andy Warhol's Marilyns?

​tate modern explores pop around the world

Roy Leichtenstein's comics? Richard Hamilton's collages? Pop Art is generally considered an Anglo-American response to the colourful, commercial brave new post-war world. ​artist and political activist, ai weiwei, to guest edit foam magazine. Since China's most controversial artist got his passport back last July, he's wasted no time in leaving his home of Beijing, which has also been his prison for the last four years.

​artist and political activist, ai weiwei, to guest edit foam magazine

Having spent most of August in Berlin where his son and his son's mother live, he's finally arrived in London, a week prior to the opening of his exhibition at the Royal Academy. He's hung out with Julian Assange, staged a walk through the city with Anish Kapoor to raise awareness of the refugee crisis (happening today) and he's just been announced as the guest editor of international photography magazine Foam. Fittingly the theme for the magazine's December issue is "Freedom of Expression Under Surveillance.

" ​ibiza style: its roots, its origins, and its realities. For anyone who's had the joy of watching the planes fly over DC10, falling asleep on Las Salinas beach or dancing amidst robots in Amnesia, you know Ibiza is a pretty special place.

​ibiza style: its roots, its origins, and its realities

Steeped in a history of hedonistic abandon, for generations the white isle's been a place to let loose to a whole new level, shaped by waves of settlers and clubs that have in turn shaped the fashion of youth culture across the world. The first modern tourists arrived in Ibiza around 1950, drawn in by rumours of its breath-taking, untouched, natural beauty; an island paradise of stunning seaside coves, clear pure unpolluted waters and picturesque coastlines. Tourism grew and the island prospered and developed. Youth Culture. The 10 best British youth cultures. This is England 90: A look at life in Newcastle back in the day as Channel 4 show debuts. TV viewers have been buzzing about This is England 90 since it made its debut on Sunday night and the Channel 4 show has got us thinking that we should take a step back in time to what Newcastle was like in the 1990s.

This is England 90: A look at life in Newcastle back in the day as Channel 4 show debuts

While the new Shane Meadows series concerns itself with rave culture and the 1990 World Cup, we decided to widen the net by looking at different areas of North East life throughout the decade that brought us the Spice Girls, Alan Shearer in a black and white shirt and Kappa tracksuits. Yes, the days when Woolworths mix ups were a regularly tasty treat, you’d grab your popcorn and head to UCI Cinema at the Metro Centre rather than the Odeon because Metroland was still there and many a meal was had at Clockwork Court and Wimpy. Fashion Fruit of the Loom anyone? Whether yours was an authentic stitched on logo or a slightly less authentic printed on one, many a 90s child and teenager owned a Fruit of the Loom sweatshirt.

Aesthetica Magazine - Tailored Innovation. Emily Blunt apologises for poking fun at her American citizenship. The actor Emily Blunt has apologised for saying that she regretted becoming an American citizen after watching a Republican party presidential candidacy debate.

Emily Blunt apologises for poking fun at her American citizenship

Q&A: Jo Brand. Banksy's Dismaland: fans express frustration over crashing website. People wanting to buy tickets for Banksy’s new Dismaland show have been finding it impossible and the question being asked was: is the miserable frustration meant to be part of the experience?

Banksy's Dismaland: fans express frustration over crashing website

The artist has opened his biggest project to date in a crumbling former lido in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Journalists were allowed in on Thursday, and on Friday it was the turn of local residents who formed a long queue from early in the morning. Saturday is meant to be the first day for the wider public with 4,000 £3 tickets a day being made available. However, the Dismaland website was not working on Friday and people attempting to buy tickets took to Twitter to express their frustration, even asking if the whole thing was a hoax. How to tackle Britain’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, in a zine. Immigration is one of the biggest conversations going on in Britain right now.

How to tackle Britain’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, in a zine

The headlines don’t need to be repeated here, but increasingly it seems that the ‘go to’/knee-jerk response is to play the ‘us V them’ game, sign up as a member of Ukip and worship at the altar of the Daily Mail – alienating a whole community of people who are as ingrained in British culture as anyone else. This diversity of culture is what makes Britain so exciting – from film, music, fashion and art, you’ll be hard pushed to find an area untouched by the talent of a person whose family came from another area of the world, at some point or another. It’s been a good few years for British creativity.

Our homegrown filmmakers are helming billion dollar blockbusters, our musicians are captivating the international stage and our art scene is thriving. Why are the British arts still so white? Pearl: Venus as a Boy. An illustrative and humorous look at female sexuality. London-based illustrator Polly Nor pays homage to the 21st century girl – her feats and flaws included.

An illustrative and humorous look at female sexuality

From relationship mishaps to weekend regrets, she offers a droll and candid expression of female sexuality that’s a welcome detour from the tedious image of objectified women, promulgated through mainstream media and pornography. “I am questioning the ubiquitous male vision (of women),” she tells us, offering instead an “alternative view on sexuality, relationships and emotions from a modern-day female perspective.” Taking inspiration from “funny texts, angry tweets, memes and selfies”, as much as typical “girl chat”, her illustrations often begin with a “line of dialogue or image in mind” before putting pen to paper.

How young, diverse and uncensored women are speaking out. DM Sliders, Fuckboys, sex toys, sex woes, Cyborg Consciousness, cultural appropriation, body shaming, Colonization, Intersectionality, Feminism, Race, Drake, Drake + Serena Williams, Drake vs Meek Mill, Zayn Malik worship, Afrofuturism and renting-but-not-quite-surviving in London.

How young, diverse and uncensored women are speaking out

These are just some of the topics dished out and dissected by a wave of women-led chatty podcasts making space for banter, laughs and cultural critique. Despite being sidelined and silenced in most media realms, an online audio refuge has been forged for the voices of young, diverse and uncensored women. Whether it’s schooling you out of your ignorance or providing a shoulder to cry on, these girls are the perfect alternative for when your IRL girlfriend catch-ups fall through. Below, we list 10 of the most exciting podcasts that will have you rescheduling your week for some Soundcloud story time. The “undiluted REAL TALK” served by best friends Zezi Ifore and Irene Agbontaen will get you hooked!

Culture - Fashion victims: History’s most dangerous trends.