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Free Hi-Res Old Grunge Paper Textures. It’s time for another high resolution texture set. This time it’s all about grunge paper textures taken from old books. As a bonus there’s even a nice book cover texture for you to download. Due to the enormous size (about 7MB each) of the textures I will not offer a single zip file containing all the images. Instead you have to individually download each texture by clicking on the preview. Color Scheme Designer 3. Time-Savers: 400+ Stock Images, Retro Vectors. Stock images can save you many hours of work on illustration and allow you to focus your attention on the important task of designing.

Time-Savers: 400+ Stock Images, Retro Vectors

Finding the right vector for you, however, is a completely different matter, and can sometimes take just as long as creating a vector image yourself! That's why in this post we have rounded up a total of over 400 retro-themed vector images which you can use in your own projects. When creating larger vector illustrations such as t-shirt designs or large poster advertisements, it is sometimes beneficial to use stock images for part of the design, rather than creating something entirely from scratch.

Photoshop Shortcuts – The Fun Way. In this post I’m going to focus on several Photoshop shortcuts that I tend to use more often than others.

Photoshop Shortcuts – The Fun Way

Sure I could sit here and spell out every single shortcut available, but why reinvent the wheel? Here is a list of 10 of my favorite and most used Photoshop shortcuts delivered to you via Mr. 18 Awesome Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials.