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Parking vs Redirect vs Addon Domains. This question on how best to handle our domain setup arose as we wrote our article on Drupal multisite setups.

Parking vs Redirect vs Addon Domains

Parking a domain Parking is a function of a DNS (Domain Name Server) entry, where the DNS zone for both the parked and original domains resolves to the same document root (the same content). This is what makes Drupal multisite installations possible (many sites can access one document root, but have their own settings, themes, etc. files to make them unique). Outside the Drupal world, domains are frequently parked on top of each other when you simply want more than one domain to reflect the same content.

A good example of this is when you have misspellings of your original domain parked in case people make typo’s – with parked domains in place, they will still arrive at the intended domain. Parked domains have email and DB The advantage of parked domains, in particular for Drupal multisite setups, is that they may have their own email accounts and databases (DB’s). The Button Color A/B Test: Red Beats Green. Button color is one of the longest standing debates in the world of conversion and optimization.

The Button Color A/B Test: Red Beats Green

Everyone seems to have their favorite color. At different times in the last two years, I’ve heard green, pink, red, orange, and even light blue as THE ONE COLOR that works best. Obviously, this can’t be the case. Fortunately, button color is extremely easy to test. Back in the day, we ran a button color test on the home page of Performable's website , and the results surprised us. The colors we chose to test were green and red. You can see the two pages we tested below: Each of the colors we chose -- green and red -- have interesting connotations. Green Green connotes ideas like “natural” and “environment,” and given its wide use in traffic lights, suggests the idea of “Go” or forward movement. Red The color red, on the other hand, is often thought to communicate excitement, passion, blood, and warning. Hypothesis. Chrome: capturas de pantalla con edición y cambio de resolución. Hay programas para nuestro sistema que nos ayudan a capturas imágenes, así como hay muchas opciones para nuestros navegadores Awesome Screenshot que funciona tanto en Google Chrome o Firefox, una de las más populares.

Chrome: capturas de pantalla con edición y cambio de resolución

Como nunca está de más tener nuevas alternativas Webpage & WebCam Screenshot es la más recientes extensión para Google Chrome con la que vamos a poder realizar capturas de pantalla, además de editar la imagen, realizar anotaciones, cambiar la resolución, realizar anotaciones si así lo queremos e incluso compartir el resultado directamente a Gmail. La captura de pantalla de podemos exportar en formato PNG o JPG. Quizás las ventajas de esta aplicación sobre otras es la posibilidad cambiar el tamaño de la imagen directamente desde la aplicación y exportar en diferentes formatos mientras que, Awesome Screenshot sólo permite exportar en forma PNG. Cómo bloquear o inhabilitar anuncios en YouTube. Google tiene, posiblemente, la red de anuncios por Internet más grande de la actualidad y esto, aunque a muchos no nos agrade cuando estamos visualizando vídeo, también se extiende a YouTube, por lo que tenemos que ver publicidad sí o sí.

Cómo bloquear o inhabilitar anuncios en YouTube

Obviamente ya hay aplicaciones que nos permiten bloquear esto, pero yo me quedo con las aplicaciones web que podemos instalar a través de extensiones tanto para Google Chrome como para Firefox. Particularmente uso dos extensiones, que si quieren hacer uso de ellas, pueden solventar el inconveniente que creemos tener con los anuncios en YouTube. Esto es muy sencillo hacerlo, pero la verdad, como blogger, en algunos casos es bueno ayudar con la publicidad a quienes publican en la web porque de alguna forma se debe beneficiar por lo que se hace a diario. Estas extensiones son compatibles con Google Chrome y Firefox. 1. Ambas extensiones se pueden configurar para bloquear anuncios de YouTube o de sitios web como blogs o paginas bastante pesadas.

How to parse XML with PHP5. Feeds are streams of content that people can use to share pieces of information across websites.

How to parse XML with PHP5

PHP5’s simpleXML functions dramatically simplify the process of interpreting the feeds into something useful for your web pages. I recently worked on a widget that displayed a live feed of songs from one of our radio station’s playlist. The system that runs our radio station outputs XML which is then fed to a database. A program turns that data into feeds that get pulled by other programs. It’s common to use XML to share data between servers that use different technologies. What is XML? The eXtensible Markup Language is a way to structure your data for sharing across sites. XML is easy to create because it’s a lot like HTML…except you can make up your own tags. There’s some rules that you have to adhere to when creating XML data. XML is a bit more strict than HTML, but is real easy to create and deal with.

Introducing simpleXML That’s it! Working with Attributes.