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Vintage Clothing, Vintage Dresses, ADOREVINTAGE CLOTHING, Fabulous Vintage... A Fashionable Wedding for the Frugal Bride. Every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day.

A Fashionable Wedding for the Frugal Bride

A wedding is about making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with the partner that you love; that sort of milestone is worth celebrating in style. But what happens when the wedding budget makes it hard to have that memorable occasion? Sometimes a bride goes over-budget on dress and needs to make cutbacks in other places; other times the budget is so small that no matter what, that princess feeling seems elusive. I cannot in good conscience recommend compromising on the dress, but here are some other ways to be chic without breaking budget. The Shoes: If a bride chooses an unfortunate pair of shoes, whether due to lack of money or lack of taste, others will console her by saying that nobody pays any attention to the shoes.

The Clutch: It is absolutely vital that a bride have a clutch purse on her wedding day. The Hair: How can any bride feel like a princess without the right headpiece? Happy Weddings, Everybody :) Vintage Inspired Dresses, Affordable Dresses at Online Boutique. Latest Juniors Fashions - New Teen Clothing. Mod Retro Vintage Bracelets. Clothes. Vintage Art Lockets Unique Charms Adornments by verabel. Spray On Clothing Video // Current. Roses on the Behance Network. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel: Evening dress (C.I.46.4.7a-c) Lego Interlocking Ring. Lego Interlocking Ring created by Shannon Conrad at RubyGirl.

Lego Interlocking Ring

Shannon works from her home studio where she creates modern jewelry that has a vintage feel. She is aware of the environment and uses 100% recycled silver. She says, “Protecting the environment is an issue that is very important to me.” DIY Projects to Cure the Winter Break Boredom Blues - College Fashion.

Hanukkah is over, Christmas is done, and the New Year’s ball has dropped.

DIY Projects to Cure the Winter Break Boredom Blues - College Fashion

It’s official: the winter break festivities are finally starting to dwindle. For some of you, that means you’re on your way back to school soon, and for others (like me) your break is just getting started. But with two weeks already down the drain you’re starting to wear thin. You’ve already seen the people you’ve wanted to see, shopped all your Christmas money away, and watched all the Millionaire Matchmaker reruns you can take.

So what’s a girl to do? Well have no fear, because I’ve scoured the internet searching for fun DIY projects that are both cheap, easy, and fun to kick your winter break boredom! Ruffle Necklace (Photo Source: The Creature Comforts blog has a super cute DIY for making a cute bib/ruffle necklace. Alexander Wang Inspired Cutout Sweater. Maria cristina bellucci: pencil crayon jewelry. Nov 22, 2009 maria cristina bellucci: pencil crayon jewelry maria cristina bellucci worked for many years as a theatre costume designer and now creates her own jewelrymade from coloured pencils. the pieces are made using fragments of pencils that have been attached together and formed into a variety of shapes. the forming process reveal the interiors of the pencils, showcasing the wood and the coloured lead.

maria cristina bellucci: pencil crayon jewelry

Secrets of the Web: Where to Go for Watches and Jewelry at up to 80% Off. DIY Flower Halo - HonestlyWTF - StumbleUpon. You’ll start by cutting 2 circles from the piece of felt at approximately 2″ in diameter.

DIY Flower Halo - HonestlyWTF - StumbleUpon

Form the wires of your halo by molding and bending each piece into a half circle. Lay the two half circles opposite of each other to create a single circle, laying it over the top of your head to check the fit. Wrap floral tape over 2 sections of overlapping wire at 11 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Trim any overlapping pieces with the wire cutters.

(Click images to enlarge) Using the wire cutters, cut the stem off the flower making sure the back is flat. The possibilities are endless with this as you can wrap flowers around half or the entire perimeter of the halo, reinforcing with glue. from Designer swimwear, swimsuits & bikinis. Large cup sizes available. Shops - The Holiday Seasons Best Party Dresses - Discover More Shopping... Hostess & Everyday Aprons. Signature Packaging Heavenly Hostess women's aprons are lovingly packaged in a luxurious signature keepsake box. Our fabulous box has been thoughtfully designed for great gift presentation and safekeeping.

Halter Apron Sizing Child 8/10 Fits dress size for girls 6 – 12 Also fits very petite women, dress size 0 - 4 Womens Petite-Large Fits dress size 4 – 12 Plus XL/1 X Fits dress size 12 – 1 x Cocktail Aprons Nina Divine, Black Divine, Pink Divine, Purple Divine, Turquoise Helen, Black Helen, Fuchsia. Heating Up: 10 Party Dresses that Shimmer and Sizzle. - Your Independent Fashion and Style Source. Madame Gr&s (Alix Barton): Evening gown (1973.104.2) Christian Dior: "Venus" dress (C.I.53.40.7a-e. 8 Cool and Creative 3D Door Stickers. Lucky Chic - Luxury Brands, Coveted Fashion, Handbags, Accessories (Gucci, Prada, Fendi & more) - Lucky Chic. Designer brand clothing, shoes & handbags on sale in your size. Your free online personal shopper. StumbleUpon.

Corset [European] (C.I.39.13.211.