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Social Media: The Future of Customer Service. Current trends in social media use among Filipinos are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Social Media: The Future of Customer Service

Current figures show that among a population of 100 million, approximately 48 million Filipinos are active social media users. From this number, 41 million are using their mobile devices to connect to their social media accounts. Social media has become an integral part of everyday life among Filipinos when it comes to sharing information and connecting with others in their network. The Business Guide to Becoming the Next Filipino Techpreneur - Full Suite. Preparing for the Year Ahead: Cyber Security Predictions for 2017. 10 Year Round Perks that Your Employees Will Look Forward to in 2017 - Blog. The CISO’s New Year’s Resolution Checklist. How Businesses Can Counter Cyber Threats During the Holiday Season. How Your Business Can Stand out Among Filipinos This Christmas - Full Suite. How Businesses Can Keep Up With Ever-changing Marketing Technology.

People today are using a wide variety of devices and online channels to make a purchasing decision.

How Businesses Can Keep Up With Ever-changing Marketing Technology

As a result, marketing has become an increasingly technical function to keep up with consumers. Digital and internet marketing in the Philippines is still in its infancy stage, but as Filipino consumers continue to get influenced by technology, brands are forced to step out of their traditional comfort zone. However, the rate of which consumers adapt to technology is not on par at the rate of which brands leverage marketing technology.

Platforms such as Eloqua and Salesforce is expensive for the humble Philippine SME. Still, as a social media capital of the world with a growing e-commerce industry, changes are slow but evident. Then again, these changes are not fast enough to keep up with the innovations in marketing technology. How to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks from Mobile Devices. Digital Marketing Trends that Small and Medium Enterprises Need to Prepare for in 2017. Digital Marketing Trends that Small and Medium Enterprises Need to Prepare for in 2017 In a 2014 Visa eCommerce survey, researchers found that 72 percent of the study participants have shopped online for the past 12 months.

Digital Marketing Trends that Small and Medium Enterprises Need to Prepare for in 2017

About 58 percent do so out of convenience while 47 percent say they do it because of lower prices, and 46 percent said they shop online because of the great deals. There are two key takeaways here. One, your customers are online. Can You Really Prevent Insider Threats in Your Company? Top 10 Business Trends for the Filipino Entrepreneur - Full Suite. How Philippine Businesses Can Adapt in Today's Digital Marketplace.

Digital marketing in the Philippines has been going full blast over the last five years or so, as companies realize they can reach a wider customer base through their website, blog, social media accounts, and other online tools.

How Philippine Businesses Can Adapt in Today's Digital Marketplace

Statistics reveal that Filipinos with online connection represent about 49% of the country’s total population, which is a good number of consumers to target for your marketing campaigns. It’s also considerably cheaper over traditional marketing methods such as print or broadcast advertising, telemarketing, and direct mail. How Traditional Marketers Can Adapt in Today's Digital Age. Whether it’s traditional or digital, the good news is the fundamentals are still the same.

How Traditional Marketers Can Adapt in Today's Digital Age

You need to convert a target audience into regular customers. Of course, it’s more difficult and complex than that as consumers today have a different buying behavior because of technology. How to Qualify for PEZA Incentives - Full Suite. 5 Training Best Practices for an Agile Marketing Team. Marketing, in essence, is all about getting people to go to your side of the fence.

5 Training Best Practices for an Agile Marketing Team

In a way, it’s subtly telling people what to do exactly without telling them how to do it exactly. If you look at past marketing and advertising initiatives from other countries, you’ll notice that it’s all about selling a lifestyle that the target market unconsciously wants and/or constantly yearns for. But in the Philippines, it’s not just about selling a lifestyle. It’s about selling emotions. If you don’t believe this, just look at the past Coca-Cola and McDonald’s Philippines’ advertisements in the past decades.

These two brands, along with Nestle, are famous for tugging at the hearts of the Filipino audience for generations. But, the arrival of smartphones and internet are changing the battlegrounds of brands. And with every single brand in the country doing digital marketing, how can you rise above the noise? Know your team. Not all high performers are made equal. Keep an eye on social media. How to Protect Your Business and Mitigate DDoS Attacks. How Marketers Can Adapt to an Evolving Digital Marketing Industry. Digital marketing has changed by leaps and bounds ever since the expansion of internet technology into smartphones, tablets, phablets, and just about any mobile device that you can name—from smartwatches, fitness trackers, to smart TVs.

How Marketers Can Adapt to an Evolving Digital Marketing Industry

With all these channels available at all of the brands’ disposal, digital marketers are expected to up their marketing strategies so they could keep up with, and ultimately, top the competition. There are several ways that modern-day marketers can adapt to the shift brought about by an evolving digital marketing industry. 1. Be a game changer. Crafting an advertising message is no longer enough these days. Microsoft is going in this direction by inking a deal to make Microsoft Surface the official tablet of the NFL. Microsoft has, literally and figuratively, changed the way NFL games are played for all the sports fans to see. 6 Great Ways to Reward your Filipino Employees this Christmas - Blog. 4 Ways to Protect Your Business from the Risks of IoT. How to Protect Your Business Brand in the Philippines - Full Suite.

How Traditional Marketers Can Adapt in Today's Digital Age. Whether it’s traditional or digital, the good news is the fundamentals are still the same.

How Traditional Marketers Can Adapt in Today's Digital Age

You need to convert a target audience into regular customers. Of course, it’s more difficult and complex than that as consumers today have a different buying behavior because of technology. Traditional marketers don’t need to be alarmed. The good thing about online marketing is that you can learn it on your own. Doing Business In The Philippines: Establishing A Regional Operating Headquarters - EnterPH. Doing Business in the Philippines: Establishing a Representative Office - EnterPH. 5 Ways to Manage New Threats in Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape. 5 Email Marketing Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty.

Online marketing has morphed into all-in-one revenue generation tool, with email marketing taking a big leap in actual sales made.

5 Email Marketing Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty

Email marketing has all the right elements that customers appreciate—it’s personal, up-to-date, and pretty much straightforward. The numbers from the Direct Marketing Association reveal that this cost-effective strategy has been responsible for about 66 percent of purchases made by customers, even surpassing Facebook’s and Twitter’s combined 40 percent capabilities of attracting customers’ business. Planning your email marketing strategies can go a long way in promoting your brand, reaching out to customers, putting a seal on that deal you’re trying to offer, and attracting return customers. Push that Email Out. 5 Ways Snapchat Changed Social Media Landscape.

Snapchat is the brainchild of three Stanford students namely Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown during their time at the university as a class project.

5 Ways Snapchat Changed Social Media Landscape

The prototype for the image messaging and multimedia application was first tested using the name Picaboo. In July 2011, Picaboo was launched as a smartphone app for iOS in one of the founder’s living room. Two months later, the app was relaunched as Snapchat. According to the 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report by comScore, Snapchat is the 6th social networking platform with the highest number of millennial users. In another study, researchers found that 60 percent of millennials in the U.S. are smartphone users as of January 2016. The Business Guide to Developing a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan.

10 Expert Advice from The Philippines’ Top Business Moguls - Full Suite. How to Defend Your Business from Insider Threat. PH Ranks 14th in the 2016 ASPI Cyber Maturity Report. How Philippine SMEs Can Innovate Their Employee Rewards Program - Blog. 5 Business Strategies for Mobile Marketing Beginners. The mobile device has become a vital part of people’s lives. For most of us, checking our smartphones is the first thing we do in the morning and probably the last thing we do before we sleep at night as well—one factor that proves Filipinos are socially active. With the rapid growth of users online, mobile marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience and raise brand awareness.

4 Career Opportunities from 4 Prevailing Digital Marketing Trends. Digital marketing has become the future of businesses. With consumers online 24/7, entrepreneurs have to innovate their marketing strategies to adapt. In the Philippines alone, we are considered as a digital lifestyle capital in the making because we have become the sixth largest Internet market in Asia. 6 Considerations Before Expanding Your Business in the Philippines – Full Suite. Doing Business in the Philippines: Starting a Corporation - EnterPH. Doing Business in the Philippines: Registering a Branch - EnterPH. The Business Guide on Creating a Two-Factor Authentication System. How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware-as-a-Service. 13 Dumb Ways to Get Hacked. The Business Guide on Creating a Two-Factor Authentication System.

Taking the Leap: Start Your Own Business or Join a Franchise? – Full Suite. How Criminal Hackers Make Money from Your Data. Outdated Employee Rewards Philippine SMEs Need to Get Rid Of - Blog. Dropbox Data Breach: When Human Error Trumps IT Security. 4 Tactical Reasons to Diversify Your Digital Marketing Skills. The rise of digital marketing in the Philippines has increased the demand for marketing experts and specialists. From marketing analysis to social media strategy to SEO expertise, there are numerous digital marketing courses online to help aspiring marketing professionals find specific niches to focus on. However, it’s equally important to recognize that while specialization is critical, so is the ability to connect the dots within a complex digital realm. Digital marketing disciplines naturally overlap, as each process needs the other components to function properly.

Here are 3 reasons diversifying your marketing skills is highly beneficial. 1. How to Turn Your Freelancing Career into a Business – Full Suite. How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware-as-a-Service. Are You Ready to Step up from a Micro to a Small Business Owner? – Full Suite. 5 IT Security Best Practices Against Cyber Bank Heists. The State of Cybersecurity in the Philippines. The Top 5 Philippine Industries Foreign Investors Should Dive In - EnterPH. Old School IT Security Tactics When an Antivirus Program is not Enough. The Expat’s Quick Guide to Starting a Business in the Philippines - EnterPH. The Visa Processing Guide for Foreign Investors - EnterPH. Authentication in the Age of Information Insecurity. 5 Career Tactics to Survive the Digital Disruption. The fast evolution of consumer needs is challenging entrepreneurs and marketers to innovate the way they do business, and their marketing strategies must fuse with technology to stay relevant in the industry.

Is Your Sales Team Prepared for the Digital Age? - Blog. Lean Six Sigma Levels Explained (Infographic) - Apex Global. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort, which aims to achieve business success by systematically reducing waste and improving operational processes. It is comprised of two concepts namely Six Sigma and the Lean Method. The former focuses on reducing defects, while the latter puts emphasis on waste elimination. Six Sigma is a flexible system driven by a good grasp of customer insight and a rigorous application of facts and statistical analysis, with a goal of introducing process improvements to businesses. It is based on the concept of process variation,” wherein statistical tools and data are used to reduce waste and inefficiencies. Projects that follow the Six Sigma methodology use the Five DMAIC phases, which stands for: Define, which is used to identify the problem such as who the customers are, their requirements, expectations, and boundaries.

Measure, which is used to quantify the problem. Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan - APEX. Regardless of company size and industry, every business needs a disaster recovery plan. In a survey conducted by the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C., United States, researchers found that 93 percent of companies that suffered data loss for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.

Industries with the Most Customer Complaints - Apex Global. Customers are the lifeline of every business. The Sequence of a Targeted Cyber Attack. Common HR Metrics Mistakes You Should Avoid - Apex Global. Data helps executives make fact-based decisions. And in order to get data, you need metrics. It’s pretty simple, actually. Teams need bigger budgets. The Promise and Peril with Enterprise Cloud Services. 3 Main Principles of Measurement. American management guru Peter Drucker once said "what gets measured gets managed. " Measurement is at the core of effective digital marketing. The Latest Effective Phishing Techniques Targeting Retail Businesses. 6 Hacking Lessons That Businesses Can Learn from Mr. Robot. ITIL Certification Levels Explained - APEX Global. Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence (Infographic) - APEX. What is the difference between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence?

These two terms are often interchanged depending on context, the point of view, business focus, or the industry of the person using it. Some experts even go so far as saying it is all a matter of semantics, and that it’s all relative. For example, Timo Elliot of SAP says that “when SAP says ‘business analytics’ instead of ‘business intelligence’, it’s intended to indicate that business analytics is an umbrella term including data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise information management, enterprise performance management, analytic applications, and governance, risk, and compliance.

He further states that “other vendors (such as SAS) use ‘business analytics’ to indicate some level of vertical/horizontal domain knowledge tied with statistical or predictive analytics.” In most cases, however, there are differences between the two terms that only a few people know about. Intellectual Property Facts Every Foreign Investor Should Know.

The Digital Marketing Rookie Checklist. The First Five Steps Every Business Should Take After a Data Breach. Why Your Employees are Cyberthreats on Two Legs. The Top Causes of Data Breach that You Need to Prepare for in 2016. Business Incentives for Foreign Investors in the Philippines. The Philippines could be the next startup hotspot in Asia, as it is aiming to have 500 startup companies by 2020 with a total funding of US$200 million and valuation of US$2 billion. While the Philippines has a long way to go before it can become the next Singapore, there are many reasons, incentives, to be exact, for setting your eyes on the Republic as your next startup launch pad. IT Security: How Philippine Banks Can Mitigate Cyber Attacks. The IT Checklist to Prevent Data Breach. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Mobile-Friendly Website. The Truth About What Really Motivates People - Blog. The Ultimate Guide to Managing Employee Turnovers - Blog.

5 Ways to Create an Employee Rewards Program. 9 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Hire a Digital Marketer. Highlights of CDM Acceleration Program Batch 9’s First Day. Small Business Showdown: Is Quickbooks or Xero Better For Your Business? Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion in Social Media Marketing. How Is Social Media Effective For Businesses? Staying on Top: The Coca Cola Strategy. How To Plan A Social Media Content Calendar. 10 Low-Cost Perks to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated - Blog. How to Give out Rewards to a Sales Team Across 7,107 Islands - Blog. 10 Essential Takeaways in Cybersecurity Trends for 2016. 6 Must-Have Productivity Tools for CFO of High Growth Companies. Keys to Creating a Cohesive Digital Media Plan. 10 Rookie Accounting Mistakes that Kill Your Cash Flow. 20 Tools for Automating Your High Growth Business. Hacking The IoT (Internet of Things) Era.

Today's Fast-Changing Digital Industry and What You Can Do About It. 3 New & Revamped Payroll Services Worthy of Your Attention. How to Get Your Invoice Prioritized and Paid. Free Ebook // Get Paid: Accounting Hacks to Maintain Cashflow.