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Minds & Machines" {*style:<b>Best and Worst Case Scenarios For Artificial Intelligence </b>*} In the midst of our hard thinking for the class Minds and Machines (Earlham College, Spring 00-01), we took a little time off for an exercise of the imagination. Our class discussions led us again and again to recognize ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) could be very useful, and ways in which it could be very dangerous.

The assignment for this short, ungraded paper was to imagine the greatest good and the greatest harm which might arise if —or when— AI is realized at the human level or beyond. How good could it be? I've cut and pasted the students' own submissions, without editing. Peter Suber V. We all love movies, right? Let us take this a step further. At best, new creations of artificial intelligence would enhance movies for our viewing pleasure. Just imagine if some science fiction movies did come true. Tim Amoroso, "Benefits and Drawbacks of AI" There is a dark side to AI as well. No, stop it! International Futures (IFs) Future We Want. ALL ABOUT 2012. 13-Baktun Cycle Wave Harmonic of History : A splendid colour version of Arguelles' diagram of the 260 Katuns of the Great Cycle, combined with all events of History (since records began). 13 PIK The Mayan Perspective on 2012 13 Year Countdown to 2012 : Aluna Joy Yaxk'in gives astrological predictions for each of the 20 years of the last katun of the Great Cycle : A message from our future selves.


Is it a spoof, or genuine Coming Transformation site? 2012 Unlimited : An Australian site covering Earth changes, Mayan Calendar, frequency rise, UFOs, dimensional shift, etc. 2012, Comet Lee and the Birth of Our New Neighbour : Howard Middleton Jones says there is a new planet forming near the sun which will be part of a planetary alignment in 2012. 21 December 2012 The Mayan Calendar End-Date : “Information Made Easy for the Everyday Earthling to Understand” Alignment 2012: John Major Jenkins on the solstice sun/galactic centre conjunction in 2012.

AD 2012… Is Something Big Coming? Tomorrow is built today. FuturesForum. FutureWorld is a global network of business practitioners.


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