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The Deipnosophist. Living and Learning with Investment Advice TipRanks was not started as a labor of love.

The Deipnosophist

It was actually a labor of frustration. Back in the day, CEO Uri Gruenbaum was a software engineer from Tel Aviv, Israel managing large scale national technology projects. He also was a part-time investor. Doug Ross @ Journal - 75% snark-free diatribes on politics, technology & security. I received startling news this week that an esteemed colleague had suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday.

Doug Ross @ Journal - 75% snark-free diatribes on politics, technology & security

Only in his late forties, he'd apparently tip-toed on the precipice of eternity. The ICU nurses mentioned that when he'd arrived, it appeared to be a 90% chance-of-fatality case. Inflation Expectations. Published on March 4, 2009 at 7:16 pm One of the interesting effects of the turmoil in financial markets since September involves the level of implied inflation expectations embedded within the market prices for Treasury Notes and Bonds.

Inflation Expectations

This is a very interesting development given the Federal Reserve’s accommodative monetary policy and the large deficit financed spending plans proposed by the Obama Administration. The United States Treasury issues traditional notes and bonds that are not inflation protected as well as inflation protected securities (TIPS). Regular Treasuries pay interest in nominal terms while TIPS pay a real rate of return and principal is adjusted based on actual inflation. Purchasers of TIPS are locking in a real return while those who buy regular Treasuries are locking in a nominal return and are accepting risk of inflation eroding their principal. Island hopper's diary. Economics and Politics - Paul Krugman Blog.

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