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iNTEGRATED SPACE WEATHER ANALYSIS SYSTEM. News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids. Education.

External Trees on Space & Exploration

Radio Waves spread into space. Role Models « Women in Planetary Science. SPACE PROJECT: HELIUM-3. Helium-3, 3He, He-3, 3 He Helium-3 is a clean, safe energy source stored as a gas in outer space, it is the fuel for a form of nuclear fusion that will provide us with a clean, almost infinite power source. The experts are sure that this source of energy could save the world from the global crisis and dependence on the traditional ‘unclean’ sources of energy, and lead the mankind to a golden age of peace and prosperity within the robust environment. Particularly, several members of the Russian Regional Section of International Academy of Astronautics do also support the idea of a space mission to the Moon and Jupiter for getting helium-3.

What is necessary to switch on the helium-3 ‘engine’? Space Weather Risk. Space weather is a very old phenomenon, as old as the sun and the stars that came before it.

Space Weather Risk

All life on earth is accustomed to its natural manifestations like the Aurora Borealis or enormousf solar bursts of radiation that may have had profound effects on species extinction. Humans are also getting used to the newest kind of space weather, their own orbital debris.

Exploration and Commercial use of Space

3D Printing and Design. Commercial use of Space. Exploring & Scientific Use of Space. Astronomy. Living in Space & Space Tourism. UFO's. Quick Transit Map.