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John Moore (JohnFMoore) sur Twitter. Government in The Lab. Interview with OKF Co-Founder Rufus Pollock on Open Spending. Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age. Welcome - OpenSpending. Showing you where your taxes get spent. Translate. World Privacy Forum (privacyforum) sur Twitter. World Privacy Forum. (SaveOurNet) sur Twitter. Protecting your Internet's level playing field. Free Press (freepress) sur Twitter. Media reform through education, organizing and advocacy. FFII Eurobot (euronen) sur Twitter. Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. - FFII.

Open Society (OpenSociety) sur Twitter. Open Society Foundations. OpenDemocracy (openDemocracy) sur Twitter. OpenDemocracy. Open Gov. DataMasher. American Civil Liberties Union.

Diversity and LGBT