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Engineer. Marketing & Research. Business Stuff. Red Tape. Information Presentation. Kim Tyrone Agapito (@kimoftheworld) sur Twitter. Web Content Strategy, SEO and Internet Marketing. Freelancing is the biggest economic mover since the e-commerce revolution.

Web Content Strategy, SEO and Internet Marketing

It has leveled the playing field for small startups and allowed them to compete against corporate giants. It has allowed individuals to work on different companies and projects for anywhere around the world at the convenience of their own time and place. Millions of professionals are doing freelance works and together they have earned billions of dollars for themselves and the companies they’ve worked with.

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Business in Various Countries. 3D Printing and Design. Investment. LinkdLn Company Pages. Startups and starting a small business. Short biography. Introduction The formal definition of a bio is that it’s a shortened form for the word biography.

short biography

The urban dictionary defines it as: “Also known as a profile, BIO is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.” [2] The term Rock Star Bio was something the author gained from high school and may be historic or local to a certain area. The Rock Star Bio however is very similar to the urban dictionaries definition and one could well imagine musicians focused on business providing a short few paragraphs of who they and their band were.

While the focus here is rock stars, business, and companies; you could well make a short sports bio, or hobbies bio. Business news, business advice and information for Australian SMEs. Business & Small Business. Business Cycle in a nutshell.


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