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Stock.adobe. Aladdin Bi-Flex 100 - Aladdin Lights. The new Bi-Flex 100 Kit builds off of the original Bi-Flex 1x1′ Kit, but this one is 1x2′, twice the power, has an integrated battery plate and features DMX controls.

Aladdin Bi-Flex 100 - Aladdin Lights

As with every other Aladdin product, the Bi-Flex 100 is exceptionally well-built, splash-proof*, and features bi-color LED light with superior light output and quality. The color output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 100% to 10%. Most importantly, the light quality is the best available: CRI: 98ra (daylight) / 97ra (tungsten) The Bi-Flex panel, at 24″x12″ weighs only 1 pound! Working with high CRI bi-color light essentially means there is no need to color correction or warming gels (CTO). If you’re working in tight quarters and there’s no room for a stand, there’s no problem, as you have several other mounting options. Working with the Bi-Flex is not like working with any other light. In the box. Introducing the Canon EOS 80D Camera. Sennheiser MKE 440 - Camera microphone. Texas Tech Climate Science Center. Beef. It's What's For Dinner.

Lithograph Fine Art Printing : What Is a Lithograph? Saul Bass Poster Archive » Film Posters. The Man with the Golden Arm 1955, dir.

Saul Bass Poster Archive » Film Posters

Otto Preminger Storm Center 1956, dir. Daniel Taradash Love in the Afternoon 1957, dir. Saint Joan 1957, dir. Bonjour Tristesse 1958, dir. Vertigo 1958, dir. Anatomy of a Murder 1959, dir. Exodus 1960, dir. The Magnificent Seven 1960, dir. Advise & Consent 1962, dir. The Cardinal 1963, dir. Nine Hours to Rama 1963, dir. In Harm’s Way. Casino (1995) Author Pat Kirkham discusses the opening titles for Casino, from her authoritative book Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design.

Casino (1995)

The staggeringly beautiful title sequence for Casino was the last one made by Saul and Elaine. Screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi described it as “simply brilliant,” adding, “I was so touched that they had understood the writing; that they knew what the film was trying to do. There must have been a hundred Hollywood films about Las Vegas that have tried to capture the essence of that city, but none quite like this. Part of the brilliance of the Bass opening is that their project is so clear. The Bass titles for Ocean’s Eleven (1960) also featured Las Vegas, but as soon as they read this script they knew the sequence would have to be very different. Saul described it thus: “Think of Dante’s Inferno and Hieronymus Bosch, set against Bach’s St. . ©2011 Laurence King Publishing Ltd. Title Designers: Elaine Bass, Saul Bass. The Title Design of Saul and Elaine Bass. Findourcommonground. New MacDonald.

Voice Overs, Voice Actors, Voice Over Talent & Jobs - Voice123. Royalty Free Music - Sound Effects - Stock Audio. Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park. Agriturismo farmhouse in Tuscany, holiday farmhouse in San Gimignano (Siena) Italy.

Oklahoma: An Authentic Wonder.


7/23/15. 7/2/15. Shoot Like a Pro Series - Interview Basics. 6/4/15. 6/2/15. 60 Minutes Video - Anderson Cooper reports on GoPro, the world's best-selling camera that's revolutionizing the world of video. Class for 8/6. Class for 8/5. Class for 7/31. Class for 7/25. Class for 7/19. Class for 7/18. Class for 7/16.

Class for 7/12. Class for 7/11. Class for 7/9. Reading. 50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood. Some Food for Thought. O2 'Be More Dog' advert is YouTube hit as canine-like cat becomes viral sensation. The multi-talented moggy stars in the new O2 'Be More Dog' advert, which has been viewed 385,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube less than 48 hours ago Hot on the hooves of the moonwalking Shetland Pony, the latest animal to become an overnight internet hit is a cat - that thinks it's a dog.

O2 'Be More Dog' advert is YouTube hit as canine-like cat becomes viral sensation

This ginger Tom has gone viral with his car-chasing, stick-retrieving, frisbee-catching antics. The multi-talented moggy stars in the new O2 'Be More Dog' advert, which has been viewed 385,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube less than 48 hours ago. The mobile phone network provider's new £10million campaign encourages viewers to "embrace their inner dog" and shun their more cynical 'cat-like' side. Set to the Flash Gordon soundtrack by Queen, the one-minute 11-second clip shows the fed-up feline living life as a dog, including digging holes, jumping into lakes and sticking its head out of a car window.

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