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UK brands not responding to social media queries, claims research - PR and Public Relations news - PR Week. As part of the study by internet firm Auros, the UK's top 25 retailers were measured on their responsiveness level to customers across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and branded blogs, with each being allocated a score out of 100.

UK brands not responding to social media queries, claims research - PR and Public Relations news - PR Week

Retailers scored just 10% on average, with even the retailers at the top of the table – Thomas Cook (32%), easJet (24%) and Debenhams (22%) – failing to score anywhere near top marks. Only 52% of retailers have a blog on their website and 12% a YouTube channel. As with Twitter and Facebook, the research claims the retailers are using social networks as marketing channels, rather than using them to properly engage and enter into dialogue with both existing and prospective customers. The research also found that responsiveness on YouTube and on company blogs was low, with none of the retailers responding to questions posted in the comments section of blog posts or videos.

Notes on the 'next generation check-in' experience from Qantas. It was launched at Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD) about a month ago.

Notes on the 'next generation check-in' experience from Qantas

I was there on the day before launch, heading up to Brisbane, and noticed the newly installed check-in poles under cover. On the following day I was there again, horribly early to head to Melbourne, and the system was live. I'd been sent a new smart card and set of luggage tags a week before. The tags, and what looked like the packaging they arrived in, are designed by one of Australia's finest designers Marc Newson , and contain sensors that 'lock' my identity to the bags, meaning they the bags can just be dropped off rather than manually checked-in.

The tags are robust, and with pleasingly firm, rubbery tactility, like heavy-ish discs and with a simple loop to attach to bag handles. The other primary physical interaction is with new check-in 'poles' dotted throughout the entry to the terminal concourse. That the check-in poles are tall is important, with the light forming a beacon of sorts. 8 Social Media Treasures We Learned from Old Spice.

Posted on 16.

8 Social Media Treasures We Learned from Old Spice

Jul, 2010 by hilzfuld in iPhone inShare38 If you have been alive for the past few days and have come anywhere near anything that resembles the internet, you probably heard about the latest online campaign by Old Spice. It is being called by many the best use of social media ever, and Google’s CFO even called it “The future of marketing”. If you somehow did not hear about the brilliant campaign, let me sum it up for you. Isaiah Mustafa, AKA, “The Old Spice Guy” had a commercial, which you can see below, that became an instant hit. They took the campaign to the interwebs and opened an OldSpice Twitter account, in which Mr. With the growing number of spammers on social media combined with the millions who have no idea how to maximize its potential, I thought I would list some things that the Old Spice guy taught us all about how to use social media. Originality: Twitter and social media in general is a hot trend.

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