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Six New Tabata Workouts for Fast Fat Loss. By Nick Tumminello In many ways, Japan is an efficiency-lovers' Nirvana.

Six New Tabata Workouts for Fast Fat Loss

It has a population approaching 130 million, but it's barely the size of California- and roughly three quarters of its land mass is an uninhabitable mix of mountains, trees, and Karaoke bars full of drunken salarymen singing "Love Shack". So it's fair to say they know a thing or two about getting the most out of very limited resources. A few years ago, the strength and conditioning world was introduced to an interval training system called the Tabata Protocol. The system was a favorite of the Japanese speed skating team due to its rapid conditioning improvement capabilities, and it quickly became a darling of cardio-loathers everywhere because, well, it was over so damn fast — four minutes flat, excluding warm-ups.

Coach Nick Tumminello likes Tabatas a lot, but he's far too much of an out-of-the-box thinker to just stick with one simple Tabata protocol. Get ready to get lean — in four minutes! Four Minutes to Freedom 1. Tabata Protocol. Tabata Protocol – Complete Exercise Guide - Tabata Workouts Examples. Tabatas. You may have head of them, you not have heard of them. Either way in this article I want to show you a great addition to your training and/or give you some hints and tips to make your Tabata training better. I first learned about the Tabata protocol or ‘Tabatas’ back in 2004, in an article by strength coach Dan John. Here’s how the article opened: A couple of years ago, a company came out with an exercise machine that guaranteed results in only four minutes a day. Well, I’m going to save you a lot of money today because I’m going to show you how to do the same thing without an overpriced machine. But there’s a price to pay.

That’s gotta get your attention right? Vomit, Exhaustion, Pools of sweat….only 4 minutes? Get Real. In the article Coach John recommended that you use 1 of 2 exercises – thrusters or front squats. Whoa. So what did I do? A Tabata workout is a timed workout that is only 4 minutes long. This 4 minute training protocol seems magical, huh? Some examples are: Tabata Interval Training. WARNING: Tabata Workouts WILL Cause Fat Loss. A couple of days ago, I introduced you to one of my favorite training methods: Tabata Workouts… At the end of that post, I promised you a pair of Tabata style workouts.

WARNING: Tabata Workouts WILL Cause Fat Loss

And, seeing that I am a man of my word, I’m going to deliver… …but, before I dive right into the workouts, I should probably review some of the theory / rules behind these tabata workouts. Pre-Workout Checklist Pick an exercise that uses a lot of muscle – squats, power cleans, pull-ups, etc… To make that selection, you can choose from the list of exercises that I have provided or pick your own if you think my choices stink.Pick a weight that you can handle for at least 7 reps. Execution Perform as many reps as possible within 20 seconds - maintain good formRest for 10 secondsPerform 7 more setsMove on to the next exercise Note: Use a clock, stopwatch, workout buddy or a dedicated HIIT timer to keep track of your work sets and rest periods.

The GymBoss Interval Timer The Workouts Tabata Workout # 1 Tabata Workout # 2. ‪You Have 4 Minutes #1 : Fat Burning Tabata Workout - Music - Timer - Clock‬‏